Splunk as a Recipient on the JMS Grid

A number of years ago, I was fascinated by the idea of SETI@home. The idea was that home computers, while idling, would be sent calculations to perform in the search for extraterrestrial life. If you wanted to participate, you would register your computer with the project and your unused cycles would be utilized for calculations sent back to the main servers. You could call it a poor man’s grid, but I thought it of it as a massive extension for overworked servers. I thought the whole idea could be applied to the Java Messaging Service (JMS) used in J2EE application servers.


Almost a decade ago, I would walk around corporations at “closing” time and see a mass array …

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The 2014 CyberPatriot National Finals

This blog post was jointly written by Tolga Tohumcu and Bert Hayes… Tolga mentored the student teams before the completion, Bert was on-site at the competition to help out in person, and Enoch Long was working behind the scenes to build relationships with folks running the competition.


The 2014 CyberPatriot National Finals http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1828452 took place recently at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in National Harbor, Maryland with all of the spectator appeal of a competitive archeological dig.  Two shifts of high school aged students made up a total of twenty eight different “Blue Teams” and tested their mettle by defending their networks from a pack of active, aggressive, and skilled attackers (the Red Team). The CyberPatriot program …

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Masters of Machines – Operational Intelligence in EMEA


t800Firstly – apologies – this isn’t going to be a blog post about how Skynet wins and Terminators take over the earth. It also won’t be about how Keanu Reeves wearing cool sunglasses(AKA Neo) saves us, via The Matrix, from sentient robot squids. Splunk recently commissioned Quocirca to conduct a piece of market research about the state of machine data adoption in EMEA and where organisations are in getting Operational Intelligence from that data.

We have a webinar this Thursday, 3rd April at 10am UK time (11 CET) and we’d love to have you come along and hear Bob Tarzey, the Quocirca analyst who conducted the research go through the findings.

You can get a copy of the …

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It’s Valentine’s Day – love your date and your data

It’s Valentine’s day and I’ve just got back from Paris – the alleged “city of love”. I was there for SplunkLive! Paris so no romance but lots of alluring stories of how organisations are using their data.

It inspired me to think about the different stages of falling in love and how they relate to how we see people fall in love with their data using Splunk.


Think of that first meeting, a blend of nervousness, excitement, scope for unlimited embarrassment and imagination of where this is going to end. This could be a chance meeting, speed dating, mutual friend or downloading Splunk (bear with me on this!).

Hopefully the first meeting goes well. You click, you laugh at how …

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Splunk at the CMSWire Tweetjam

I recently “tweet jammed” with a panel of IoT professionals and CMSWire, a web magazine focused predominantly on customer experience and digital marketing. It was an interesting conversation, with opinions from all sorts of angles. You can check out the storify here. Please feel free to reach out to me at @BrianMGilmore if you have any comments or would like to keep the conversation going!

Approaching the Internet of Things from a customer experience perspective is an interesting topic, and not one I had really considered in depth until I began putting together an article, “The Next Step in Internet Evolution: The Internet of Things” for CMSWire as well. In this article I discuss how the Internet …

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Splunking the Signs of Labor

Time flies, and its time for a new financial year over here at Splunk. Not only that, it is also the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese, or Pony like what some of my western colleagues like to call it. Whatever the case, things have always been exciting working in this company.

Today, I had the most interesting email from my fellow colleague.

“Tat Wee,
I need to take my wife to the hospital for the 3rd time. This time, it does not seem to be a false alarm.


I was dumbfounded when I saw a dashboard of Splunk running to monitor the contractions interval, the number of contractions per hour, as well as additional notes to call …

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Splunk Alerts and Charts on Your iPhone

Now Splunk is EVERYWHERE!

Push alerts and charts to your cellphone from your Splunk servers, when you’re on the beach.  Get your Splunk data conveniently on the go.  Available now!

EVERYWHERE is a one-way data push from firewalled splunk servers to mobile devices, via a cloud-based service run by Splunk or your own organization.

Go here:  Get the app for your Splunk server, sign up for the cloud services, and get the iPhone app.

Not an official Splunk product, but a really useful skunkworks project.

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A sneak preview of TM Forum Big Data 2014

TMForumBigDataI’m lucky enough to be going to the TM Forum Big Data event in Amsterdam next week. It should be an interesting set of speakers and reference point for what telcos are doing with big data and also a great place to share best practice and practical experience.

I’m particularly interested to see the use cases for telco big data, looking at what data is being collected (from the network, handset, customer data) but also how that data is being used (customer experience, fraud, DevOps, marketing etc.)

We hear a lot about how big data allows better analysis, more informed decisions and identification of trends but in particular I’m keen to hear the presentation on how telcos are monetizing big …

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How to Stream Internet of Things Data into Splunk in Ten Easy Steps!

Inspired by Discovered Intelligence’s blog post “How to Stream Twitter into Splunk in 10 Simple Steps” last week, I began thinking about a simple Internet of Things example where we could demonstrate an easy integration of IoT platforms and data into Splunk that everyone could access. There are plenty of great examples of Internet of Things services we could poll with the REST modular input, but for this example we will be building a quick integration with LogMeIn’s Xively service using their “Test Drive” tutorial.

This walkthrough assumes you have a working install of Splunk 6 and have installed the REST API Modular Input App. If not, please follow the links and you should be up and …

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Business analytics, jam and social media – an eclectic but interesting mix

TweetjamHappy Monday everyone. I spent an hour on Friday attending the Gartner Business Intelligence Tweetjam. You may be disappointed to hear it wasn’t a 140 character discussion of the merits of strawberry vs. apricot or the right amount of sugar and fruit.  The Tweetjam took the format of a high-speed Q & A session around Business Intelligence with Gartner analysts and people interested in the topic.

What I found most valuable was the breadth of topics we managed to get through in an hour. Also, the obvious limitation in terms of what you could write meant that answers were thought through, concise and captured the key points very well. You can go back and see the full conversation by looking …

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