Splunk at CiscoLive! Berlin

CiscoLive Europe is taking place next week in Berlin Splunk will be in attendance. Drop by the “World of Solutions” at Booth G10 to pick up a Splunk T-Shirt, learn more about the Cisco and Splunk Partnership and see Splunk and Splunk Cisco Apps in action.

We will also be offering the chance to walk through an incident response scenario. During this, we will demonstrate how Splunk and Cisco can support this process and explain what capabilities you would need to successfully respond to any incident.

Splunk Partner Session

We will also be hosting a Splunk Partner Session, focusing on the topic of: “Greater Operational and Security Insight Within & Across Your Cisco Environment (BRKGS-2607)”, so be sure

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Splunk Stream on a Raspberry Pi? YES!

As a network geek, I’ve always wanted to leverage sniffers and deep packet inspection programs to understand user experience and to secure networks. I have a home lab with many virtual machines. But let’s be honest, I really want to know what my household is doing on the Internet! I needed something light-weight, NOT an appliance as large as a data center!

Network Sniffers aren’t anything new. In fact, they’re old school. But, who would have thought a Raspberry Pi would be powerful enough to act as a real-time 24×7 sniffer? I embarked on this journey recently with the Splunk Stream App. And I must say, I’m pretty impressed.

Splunk Stream captures real-time streaming wire data and performs packet analysis …

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Splunk and the art of refrigerator maintenance.

Over the Australia Day long weekend here in sunny Brisbane, Queensland, a buddy of mine and I started noticing that his fridge didn’t seem very cold – meaning that the beer was not cold, clearly a drastic problem. No matter how far down we turned the thermostat, the fridge just wouldn’t cool down. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining it, or if it had always been that way. My buddy didn’t really want to go out and buy a new fridge and wanted to try and fix it himself, however had no idea if any of the changes we’d made to the fridge were making it better or worse.

My buddy works for a Splunk partner and IoT company

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How’s my driving?

It was the summer of 2014. I was well into my big data addiction thanks to Splunk. I was looking for a fix anywhere: Splunk my home? Splunk my computer usage? Splunk my health? There were so many data points out there for me to Splunk but none of them would payoff like Splunking my driving…

Rocky Road

At the time, my commute was rough. Roads with drastically changing speeds, backups at hills and merges, and ultimately way more stop and go than I could stomach. But how bad was my commute? Was I having as bad an impact on the environment as I feared? Was my fuel efficiency much worse than my quiet cruise-controlled trips between New York and Boston? …

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Absolute Beginner? Not for long. Join us for Splunk4Rookies across France and Italy

Hey all,

So you’ve heard about Splunk and want a quick overview of the solution? Come to one of our #Splunk4Rookies sessions that regularly take place all over France and Italy!

The hands-on evening sessions usually last for around three hours and cover the main principles of the Splunk machine data platform as well as helping you to build your own dashboards within minutes! Depending on the session, you may also find yourself installing Splunk across a distributed environment and setting up data collection in AWS.


We started these sessions months ago with a single format in Paris but given the event popularity, we quickly extended the event to other cities (Lille, Rome, Lyon, Toulouse, Milan) and to new subjects …

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How Brands Manage Data During the Super Bowl

You see servers and devices, apps and logs, traffic and clouds. We see data — everywhere. And with one of the world’s biggest sporting spectacles taking place just down the road from us in less than two weeks time, we thought we’d take a look at a few Splunk customers and how they’ve managed their data loads during the big game.

Coping with web traffic – Cars.com & Nissan
A few years ago, Cars.com used Splunk Enterprise to ensure its web environment could withstand the user load — and ensure a pleasant customer experience — during their Super Bowl advertisements. In years past Cars.com relied on aggregate data to determine their overall performance under Super Bowl levels of stress. …

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Data to Play Pivotal Role in the Fan Experience in Santa Clara

VenueNext_logoWhen fans of the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers enter Levi’s Stadium to cheer on their team, they are going to enjoy MVP-type services from beginning to end – regardless of the final score.

When the San Francisco 49ers started planning their new stadium, use of technology, particularly mobile technology, was at the core of delivering an amazing fan experience. By partnering with VenueNext, they built one of the best mobile apps for providing a delightful fan experience that has evolved how the nearly 68,000 fans enjoy games at Levi’s® Stadium.


Data is at the heart of operations in the stadium and Splunk is powering analytics in realtime at every stage of the fan experience. Splunk is used …

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What is Operational Intelligence? Real-World Examples

Having run through the four levels of Operational Intelligence (level 1, level 2level 3level 4) I thought it made sense to end this blog series with some customer examples. I’ve tried to pick an example from each industry and try to cover IT Operations, Security and Customer Experience. I’ve also included a link to a case study or press release where possible.


Financial Services

UniCredit uses Splunk Enterprise for real-time insights into multiple terabytes of operational data and to monitor key business metrics. Proactive incident management has resulted in about 40% of incidents managed before becoming evident to end users, while problem solving and troubleshooting time has been reduced by 70%. UniCredit has improved …

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What is Operational Intelligence? Level 4

We’re at level 4 of Operational Intelligence adoption (feel free to catch up level 1, level 2 or level 3) where data gives an organisation real-time insight in order to make key business and IT decisions.
OI Levels

At level 4, Operational Intelligence will be delivering value to many parts of a company and giving real-time analytics to support business decisions and planning. The amount of data may well be “big data” from potentially hundreds of different sources used for multiple use cases (IT operations, security and customer experience). The machine data generated by an organisation will be augmented with other data – relational sources, mobile devices and social network information. Operational Intelligence level 4 enables a data driven approach to transforming a business. 

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What is Operational Intelligence? Level 3

In part one of this blog series we spoke about Operational Intelligence adoption level 1 which is focused on searching and investigating your data. In part two we described Operational Intelligence adoption level 2 that enables organisations to become more proactive and be alerted to patterns in data in real-time.

OI Levels
Operational Intelligence adoption level 3 is where real-time analytics starts to play an important part in visualising your IT, security or customer focused operations. The amount and types of data that organisations analyse is typically larger and the intelligence will be accessed by a wider range of people. Let’s get into more detail on adoption level 3:


gears IT Ops

You’re likely to have delivered some form of real-time reporting and analytics from …

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