Can Big Data Predict and Prevent Your Next Outage or Breach? Discover the answer at Splunk Booth, CIsco Live San Francisco!

Can you guess what Internet of Things, big data, SDN, virtualization, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure and FlexPod have in common? No, it’s not that they’re all the latest industry buzzwords. Find the solution at our Splunk booth (#2011) at Cisco Live World of Solutions in San Francisco from May 19th through the 22nd. That’s four days, packed with brand new sessions and demos. Check out our theater sessions schedule here.

Yes, we are also known for our cool Splunk t-shirts. Come by and grab one, but also have fun learning all the new ways of getting Operational Intelligence from your machine data. Not to mention a chance to travel home peacefully with a new pair of Bose headphones. Or …

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Splunk App for VMware v3.1: Transforming operational visibility into virtualized datacenters with built-in storage correlation

Earlier today, we announced the general availability of the latest release version 3.1 of the Splunk App for VMware. This release is monumental providing radical cross-tier insights into your virtual infrastructure. In this latest release, we’ve focused on improving time-to-value with 3 important features – correlated insights, adaptable reporting and enhanced topology map. Let’s delve a little deeper into each area.

1. Built-in correlation between VMware and storage environments:

If you’re running a virtual datacenter, storage latency in virtual environments is one of the most common performance issues you are likely to deal with. Storage I/O latencies impact performance of VMs because read/write operations can cause performance issues to the shared resources in your datacenter; as VMs contend with each …

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Correlating Windows and VMware Host Information

When you install a new virtual host on VMware, you get to give it any name you want. The name has nothing to do with what is running on the host. How can we go from the Windows information to the VMware information? We’re here to help.

Let’s take a look at the VMware side of things for a moment. If you have the Splunk App for VMware installed, then you likely already have this information. The sourcetype is “vmware:inv:vm” and there is one event for every virtual host in there. Since we need a common field on which to correlate, I’m going to choose the network interface MAC Address. The “vmware:inv:vm” event is JSON data, so we need to …

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Using Splunk Enterprise to Gain Visibility into Your NetApp Storage

How? Just download a new version of our Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP for free. We have updated our App with many new and exciting features. Now, you can centrally observe the health of your entire NetApp Data ONTAP environment in both Cluster-Mode and 7-Mode. We’ve made it easy for you to monitor the most important performance metrics such as latency or IOPS as well as log data from your NetApp storage systems.

Important Volume Performance Metrics

Combine our App’s storage log monitoring with Splunk software’s alerting capability to get notified of an issue the moment it arises.  Now, if you have a failed disk, you can immediately identify and remedy this critical impairment.

The fun does not stop there! We have added …

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What’s New In The Splunk App for VMware

Since the launch of the Splunk App for VMware, we’ve received some great feedback on how to use the data collected by the App. Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of the Splunk App for VMware v2.0 and with your help we’ve introduced some fantastic reports and visualizations. Here are some highlights:

Health reports: These reports provide a real-time view of the health of your VMware environments. You can quickly identify which VMs and hosts have system resources that are in a critical state, datastores that are under- or over-utilized, alarms that have been triggered from your environments and more. You can then logically navigate from these summary pages to detailed pages. And to do that, …

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In the Cloud at .conf12

Attending .conf for the first time this year, I was reminded of the lyrics from Elvis’s song Viva Las Vegas

” How I wish that there were more
Than the twenty-four hours in the day
Cause even if there were forty more
I wouldn’t sleep a minute away”

I didn’t want .conf12 to end. Hearing our customers talk about their usage of Splunk, meeting some of you face-to-face and learning all that’s going on in Splunk put me in a high trance – one that I’ve not quite experienced in Vegas before.

Speaking specifically about virtualization – we had multiple sessions – for VMware, for Citrix solutions such as XenDesktop, XenApp, Server Virtualization and more. Here is quick …

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Learn about Splunk for Cloud and Virtualization at .conf

Are you virtualizing your environment? Is your organization soaking in all the buzz around Cloud? Are you virtualizing your infrastructure or adopting cloud solutions? Want to gain efficiencies and learn how Splunk can help? Come join us in our various Cloud and Virtualization sessions at .conf.

We have a solution for VMware  (but of course!). Come join us to learn about how to best configure the App, a demo and various use cases discussed over 3 sessions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak directly to the experts who created this App. Learn why all our customers are excited about the solution that provides them unprecedented levels of granularity on their virtualization data with the ability to relate it with …

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Are you going to be at VMworld, San Francisco next week? Catch Splunk in action.

Server virtualization brings about tremendous benefits in gaining efficiencies, minimizing infrastructure footprint, effectively sharing resources and cost savings; however, its dynamic and distributed nature raises some new challenges in managing capacity, understanding your security posture and troubleshooting. Virtualization demands a new approach to monitoring. Capturing virtualization data, persisting and analyzing it together with data from the rest of your IT stack (like applications, storage, network…) becomes critical to go back in time and understand the root cause of any issue, trend an event and report it in full fidelity.

As you are aware, the goal at Splunk is to make machine data (structured and unstructured) accessible and usable to everyone. We’ve extended the core functionality of Splunk to capture virtualization …

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Scripting Your Way with Splunk for VMware

As you might have heard, we recently released a new product: Splunk for VMware.

As you are going through the install guide, you’ll come to a step where you are required to assign a list of twelve privileges to a user account by using the vSphere Client. In order to save time and to reduce the risk of errors due to manual entry, I wrote a script that does the work for you. This script is especially useful if you have multiple vCenter servers and will need to apply the permission across several datacenters.

The script was tested against vSphere 5 with vCenter Server. This script will not work against an ESXi environment without vCenter, due to the …

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Splunk App for VMware(beta) now supports vSphere 5

If you’re participating in our beta program for the Splunk App for VMware, and are upgrading to vSphere 5 shortly, we have good news for you. We’ve released an updated beta with support for vSphere 5!

You may be wondering—what have we heard from our beta customers so far?

The first thing we hear is, “Wow, this is a lot of data!”—and it is. One of the reasons for this, is that we pull metrics data directly from the ESX hosts and with a much deeper level of granularity than is available with vCenter.

“What’s the use of this deeper level of granularity? ”, you might ask

Well—have you had that experience as a user of VMware virtual machines, where …

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