Technology to Protect Your Technology

orrstownbankdebitcardborderIf it hasn’t happened to you yet, it probably will. That moment when you instinctively check your online bank account only to discover several very recent ATM withdrawals you never made. In fact, you couldn’t have physically made them. The withdrawals were too close together in time, too far apart in distance. You call the bank and learn that they do have protective security measures in place, but the system hadn’t yet flagged the transactions as fraud. You’re relieved. You’ll get your money back. But, you’re discouraged that you discovered the fraud before the bank’s technology did.

According to a 2013 Forrester Report, online fraud costs merchants $200-250 billion per year and financial institutions $12-15 billion. 

At Splunk, our lifeblood …

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Splunk Enterprise 6.3 – Shaking It Up!


Today at the Splunk .conf2015 User Conference we literally shook thinks up with the announcement of Splunk Enterprise and Cloud Release 6.3.

The crowd shook their cell phones while the new HTTP Event Collector sent the data from every device to a central console that tracked the motion, mapped the results, and eventually fired a cannon using the new Custom Alert Action feature integrated into a Citrix Octoblu device controller.

It was a fun way to highlight several cool new features of 6.3:

The HTTP Event Collector directly onboards data from applications, DevOps and IoT devices in real-time, scaling to millions of events per second. Developers can use a standard HTTP/JSON API or logging libraries. Those that are using …

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Splunk at Infosecurity Europe 2015

Hello Folks,

Infosecurity Europe Logo_RGBA few weeks ago Splunk attended the Infosec conference in London. It was a busy event full of great security gurus on a mission to protect their environment with state of the art defences.

Enterprise Security 3.3

Security experts got to see live demos at the Splunk booth of the Splunk Enterprise platform as well as key apps including the Splunk App for Enterprise Security, PaloAlto, Fireye, Cisco Security and many more. They learned how to quickly identify, investigate, and respond to internal and external threats throughout their organization. Attendees of the conference were particularly interested in the STIX/TAXII and OpenIOC integration. If you want to learn more – here are some resources:

Bright Talk – What keeps

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ESG Report: An Analytics-based Approach to Cybersecurity

esg-logoIn their report, “An Analytics-based Approach to Cybersecurity,” Enterprise Strategy Group explains why organizations continue to experience costly data breaches and how some lack the right cybersecurity strategies, skills, processes, and technologies needed to best tackle cyberattacks. The report highlights two key areas of weakness – incident response and limitations of legacy SIEM solutions.

Incident response is a simple concept yet many companies felt they were weak in capabilities such as performing root cause analysis, scoping an outbreak to contain and remediate the infection and then determining how to prevent similar attacks in the future. This means that any attack that gets into the organization will have a good change to persist within that organization, and once the …

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.conf2014 Highlight Series: Getting Deeper Insights into your Virtualization and Storage with Splunk


.conf2015 registration is open!
.conf2015 call for papers and speakers ends tomorrow – May 8!

As we get closer to .conf2015: The 6th Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference in Las Vegas in September, we’re excited to continue our series of .conf2014 #TBT highlights. This week we revisit Stela Udovicic and Michael Donnelly’s presentation focused on Splunk insights into virtualization and storage.

Skill Level:
Good for all skill levels

Solution Area:
IT Operations, Application Management

Splunk App for VMware
Splunk App for NetApp
Splunk Enterprise

Presentation overview:
Virtualization and storage technologies go hand-in-hand. If performing poorly, they can have a serious impact on your applications’ performance and users’ experience. This presentation shows how Splunk can help you get unified visibility …

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Splunk at Ubisoft: Play on, player!


One of my all-time favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one where George will do anything to maintain his top score status on Frogger. But power supply and traffic get in the way – literally. Fast forward to today, and you have the same roadblocks, with different names — downtime and latency.

ubisoft-PR-img-06The Online Technology Group at Ubisoft (which makes popular games like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry) uses Splunk Enterprise to help them monitor how Ubisoft game developers use their API to call various services, so they can identify the applications that are running slowly. The visibility that Splunk provides enables the Online Technology Group to identify and fix issues more quickly, enabling the game developers to deliver a better …

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Splunk at TiVo: Watch your favorite shows when you want to

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.01.01 AMThis is a familiar refrain in my home: “What’s on TV? Nothing? Ok, what about Netflix? Or Hulu? Have you seen the latest on Amazon Prime?” If you’re like me, you’d go to each service and search through each programming guide until you found a program you like. Or, you could use TiVo and search across all of the programming guides at once, saving yourself lots of time and trouble switching from one service to another.

For TiVo, this search capability – as well as other TiVo features — is critical to providing a seamless user experience for their 5M+ customers worldwide. Not just on TVs, but on tablets and smartphones too!
TiVo uses Splunk to monitor the uptime …

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Indexing Video “Playlists” in Splunk

In my last blog post entry, I talked about indexing radio stations’ playlists and described my reference implementation. This brings up a question whether the same approach can be used for indexing playlists for videos, not just songs. The answer is yes. One thing to keep in mind is that most people don’t spend time wondering what was the last video played on a certain web site or cable channel so that they can purchase it. In other words, discovering new videos on TV channels is not as popular an activity as discovering new songs on the radio. Nevertheless, it is a popular activity on the web. To try this out, I created two reference implementations that you can …

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All My Regex’s Live in Texas

Put down that O’Reilly book about RegEx, quit googling, and saddle up!  Ninja’s going Texas style today with a new video on Regular Expressions, or REGEX.   Since Splunk is the ultimate swiss army knife for IT, or rather the “belt” in “blackbelt”, I wanted to share with you how I learned about Regex and some powerful ways to use it in your Splunk server.

I did have an O’Reilly book on Regex, and I have spent a great deal of time on the web looking up how to do regex. Still, I like the easy way, and since i’m a visual guy–to no surprise–I have found some great tools that help me.  RegexBuddy by JGSoft and Reggy (free

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Splunkin at Amazon Start-Up

Today, is live at Amazon Start-Up at the Austin Music Hall. Tune in, the SplunkNinja will be talking about what we’ve been doing with Amazon’s Web Services in a number of capacities. This will be recorded, so if you can’t make it–tune in later. 3:10 PM CST.

Update: The recorded video from yesterday’s presentation at Amazon Startup is here:

Note: There’s about 13 minutes of delay… sorry, so fast forward to about 13:30 and you’re good

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