Splunk at TiVo: Watch your favorite shows when you want to

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.01.01 AMThis is a familiar refrain in my home: “What’s on TV? Nothing? Ok, what about Netflix? Or Hulu? Have you seen the latest on Amazon Prime?” If you’re like me, you’d go to each service and search through each programming guide until you found a program you like. Or, you could use TiVo and search across all of the programming guides at once, saving yourself lots of time and trouble switching from one service to another.

For TiVo, this search capability – as well as other TiVo features — is critical to providing a seamless user experience for their 5M+ customers worldwide. Not just on TVs, but on tablets and smartphones too!
TiVo uses Splunk to monitor the uptime …

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Indexing Video “Playlists” in Splunk

In my last blog post entry, I talked about indexing radio stations’ playlists and described my reference implementation. This brings up a question whether the same approach can be used for indexing playlists for videos, not just songs. The answer is yes. One thing to keep in mind is that most people don’t spend time wondering what was the last video played on a certain web site or cable channel so that they can purchase it. In other words, discovering new videos on TV channels is not as popular an activity as discovering new songs on the radio. Nevertheless, it is a popular activity on the web. To try this out, I created two reference implementations that you can …

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All My Regex’s Live in Texas

Put down that O’Reilly book about RegEx, quit googling, and saddle up!  Ninja’s going Texas style today with a new video on Regular Expressions, or REGEX.   Since Splunk is the ultimate swiss army knife for IT, or rather the “belt” in “blackbelt”, I wanted to share with you how I learned about Regex and some powerful ways to use it in your Splunk server.

I did have an O’Reilly book on Regex, and I have spent a great deal of time on the web looking up how to do regex. Still, I like the easy way, and since i’m a visual guy–to no surprise–I have found some great tools that help me.  RegexBuddy by JGSoft and Reggy (free

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Splunkin at Amazon Start-Up

Today, http://splunk.tv is live at Amazon Start-Up at the Austin Music Hall. Tune in, the SplunkNinja will be talking about what we’ve been doing with Amazon’s Web Services in a number of capacities. This will be recorded, so if you can’t make it–tune in later. 3:10 PM CST.

Update: The recorded video from yesterday’s presentation at Amazon Startup is here:


Note: There’s about 13 minutes of delay… sorry, so fast forward to about 13:30 and you’re good

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Return of the Ninja and his darn A.D.D.

Recently, I’ve been thinking long and hard about blogging. People get on my case because “the ninja hasn’t blogged lately”. They’re right. I do understand that when you have go so far as to actually establish some sort of audience–in my case–Splunk related content consumers, you owe it to them to keep the content up. In fact I do cherish the one thing any reader does give (which is the best possible gift)–your attention. You have my word I shall publish much more.

What I’d ultimately like to do is use something like Twitter to create microblog feeds that pipe directly in to WordPress, and are delivered to the blog as posts, or whatever. Technically Twitter competes–in a small way–with …

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Splunk Ninja – So You’re Interested in Video now?

This episode gives our faithful and inquisitive viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the Splunk Ninja’s ghetto-tech operation. Some viewers have been wondering, how I put all of these videos together, what equipment to use and what software or websites to get started with.  Covered in this no-holds-barred, blockbuster epic, multi-dollar budgeted, long form tutorial are:

  • My experiences in getting to this point.
  • Things for you to consider and many options.
  • Tools I use in my “anti-studio”.
  • Production, hosting, viewing and all that nonsense.

Its the longest video I’ve ever done. I really try to put content in front of the viewers that has substance, some level of staying power, relevance and most of all value for your attention–which I do …

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Mac Productivity with Quicksilver

Check out my sweet demo on productive you can be on your mac.

Update: Julius Eckert’s “SilverFlow, BezelHUD, and Showcase” Quicksilver UI plugins can now be found on his website.

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Splunk Ninja – Inside the Cloud

In the last episode of the Splunk Ninja series, Cloud Power, I gave a quick overview of Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Computing services and what they can be used for. In this episode I go in to a functional tour of where I’m at with EC2 today. As many know, I use EC2 for quick, flexible, full-control demos–a bit different of an approach and purpose than the demo’s we have on our website.

In response to the “Cloud Power” episode, Jeff Barr at the Amazon Web Services blog liked my demo video and pointed out how I made a comment the “there’s no pretty GUI” and I should check out the Elasticfox browser plugin. To Jeff@AWS, “thanks for the note, I …

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Splunk Ninja – Cloud Power – Splunkin’ with Amazon’s EC2

I’m a big fan of cloud computing. Amazon has put together a very usable pile of computing services with their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The ability to quickly provision server computing resources in a pay-to-play virtual environment is right up my alley! This video gives background on EC2, and demonstrates how fast I can get one of my Splunk Amazon EC2 images up and running. Having your own set of preconfigured images is very handy depending on your use case. I have one for the Interop data, one for Splunk Preview releases, and a few more for other configurations.

Anecdotally, I was out at a prospect and did a demo on my EC2 image in the cloud, as I often …

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theWilde goes video!

In my quest to increase the frequency of posting on all interesting things Splunkish, I’m going to be using Seesmic from now on. I’m thinking of doing at least a weekly Splunk update, covering new features, what’s in the release notes, things happening in preview releases and just generally magical I find along my trip down the Splunk rabbit hole, or cave, if you will.

Follow me on twitter as well at http://twitter.com/michaelwilde

(i’ll figure out a way to transcribe the videos to text a later date). Lastly, I know this post is very late, the lighting isn’t flattering, I’m a bit tired, could use botox.. but hey, I got the post out, didn’t I?…

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