Splunking Outside The Box @ .conf2012

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Wow! Splunk can do so many things! I wonder just how far I can go with it? How far can it really take me?" It's true. Your data may seem static from a literal perspective, but from a creative perspective, your data can take you places you never thought you could go. For example: - What if you could pick winning lottery numbers? - What if you could create an app that allows you to log human activity, not just machine activity? - What if you could easily normalize two or more different sets of data and then compare each of their distributions all on the same graph? Wow! Wouldn't your boss be impressed?! Come join me and the rest of the worldwide Splunkers and see just where your data can take you on your #datajourney of a lifetime @Splunk's users conference 2012. Sign up by 6/15, save $200 http://bit.ly/splconf
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My Data Makes Me Healthier

Did you know that my data mames me healthier? Yeah, I exported my year-long history of daily caloric intake, weight measurements, and amount of water consumption from my LiveStrong.com account and splunked it all.
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My Data takes me back to HD Videos

Last month I wrote about indexing video feeds and Vimeo was the site I featured for HD videos. The idea was to use the Vimeo REST API to gather all the meta data about your favorite Vimeo HD video channels and then index this into Splunk for historical look up or simply to have it available as a one stop dashboard where you can not only view the information that got indexed, but also use a workflow action to actually view the video.


Click on Show Video

Then, what happened was that the REST API called from Python changed in that I was getting one huge line per channel instead of nicely formatted XML. My code had logic to skip …

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Splunking Outside The Box -v2.0

If you attended my technical presentation @ the Splunk 2010 users.conf event last called “Splunking Outside The Box“, then you’re probably aware of just how esoteric my thinking can be when it comes to creatively leveraging Splunk for the more non-sensible, yet highly educational use cases.

For example, I showed-off my Splunk for Texas Lotto App, which my team here @ Splunk uses each month to pick our “winning” numbers.

So far, we’ve won about $26…but we’ve spent ten times that amount along the way. But that’s beside the point.

Anyway, at this year’s conference I am hoping to avoid those everyday boring run-of-the-mill searches and get you thinking outside the box yet again.

Yes, I plan to …

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Forbes and Fortune Identify Splunk as Next Big Thing—Learn How Splunk Can Transform Your Business at Splunk’s 2nd Worldwide Users’ Conference

Register before May 13 to save $200 on .conf 2011 the 2nd Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference.


Splunk is helping thousands of organizations like yours every day to leverage the gold in their machine-generated data to grow and innovate.

Join us at Splunk .conf 2011 and learn how Splunk can make maximum business sense of your machine data. Whether you are a wet behind the ears newbie or power user looking for guru status, .conf has something for you. Fortune, Forbes and CIO Magazine are calling us the “Next Big Thing.”  That’s because Splunk and our customers are quickly growing to the next level—creating better products, better insights, better opportunities. Now’s the perfect time to join us, take …

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