SplunkLive! DC: What Did You Miss?

SplunkLiveDCLast week more than 750 Splunk experts and newbies alike came together for SplunkLive! in Washington DC. They heard firsthand from our customers and participated in sessions that explored ways to use Splunk software to mitigate cyber risks, prevent fraud, improve performance and reduce costs. At the event there were breakout sessions highlighting different technology offerings, including a cyber-attack simulation. There were also a number of Splunk customers that shared their experiences such as Bob Nicholson, director of the Office of Information Security at the Social Security Administration (SSA), who talked about how Splunk is helping to support SSA operations and security. Gary Mikula from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) also presented on the benefits his organization has seen …

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SplunkLive! Zürich

Hello Splunker,

Swiss_ChoclateGreetings from lovely Switzerland. As well as their great chocolate, this week they also had a lot of Splunkers in town for SplunkLive! Zurich. For the 4th time SplunkLive! was in town eating up all the chocolate.

There were many existing Splunkers exchanging great ideas and growing their knowledge and maturity level in the Splunk curve year over year. There were also a lot of folks who were new to Splunk and got inspired.

As always at SplunkLive!, we have great customers who share the story of their journey with Splunk and what they achieved for their company by being smart and extracting the value out of machine data.

Graphmasters GmbH, Iulian Nitescu, Founder & CTO

Ijulian_GraphmastersGraphmasters is …

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London is going to get Splunked…


May 21st. 9:30am. Lancaster London Hotel. That’s when SplunkLive comes to London. Last year I was in the audience of more than 400 people as I hadn’t joined Splunk (although I was very close). I got to see Barclays, EE and WorldPay talk about what they were doing with their data and how they used Splunk. As you can tell by the fact I’m blogging for Splunk – I joined shortly after the event and being at SplunkLive London 2013 and hearing the great things customers were doing certainly played a big part in that. Here’s a picture from last year – I’m stood in the far right corner under the emergency exit sign (click to enlarge).

photo 4[1]

Enough …

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SplunkLive Experience

sl_orlandoAs a CIO in a high tech company, its always great to get the chance to either speak on behalf of the company or hear from customers who are excited about your products. Last week I had both experiences at SplunkLive Orlando. Best was to hear three customers Satcom Direct, Century Link, and PSCU.  Between these, we had a database architect, security architect and VP Technology & Development all share how much of a difference Splunk had made in solving problems they could not have addressed in the past.

Favorite quotes: David from PSCU noted that for security use cases they were able to laser focus on what interested them and eliminate background noise.  Khalid from Century Link noted …

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First Splunk live! events in Aotearoa

The “Land of the Long White Cloud” aka “Aotearoa” aka “Middle Earth” aka New Zealand is going to get Splunked at the end of September !

New Zealand’s first ever Splunk live! events are going to be held in Wellington on Sept 25 and Auckland on Sept 27..and yes, yours truly will be there talking and showing how to develop on the Splunk platform to create killer Big Data applications.
Furthermore we have some of our superstar Splunk team from Australia coming along as well as some presentations from customers that are doing some really amazing things with Splunk.

Looking forward to seeing you there !

Splunk > My Precious…

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Lights, Camera, Splunk!

To survive living in Los Angeles, I think you eventually have to develop an immunity to the weird glitziness of its everyday life—the movie premieres and the red carpets and the fact that the guy standing in line at Whole Foods who looks like Russell Brand probably is Russell Brand. When I still lived there, occasionally I’d still experience that initial thrill of recognition, that “OMG, isn’t that —…???” “aha!” moment. But, for the most part, I’m pretty much blasé about celebrity sightings.

So when I arrived at the Intercontinental in Century City the night before our recent SplunkLive! LA event on June 28, I wasn’t terribly shocked to see a flock of paparazzi and floodlights everywhere. Splunk is kind …

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#SplunkGovt Twitter Chat: A Sneak Peak at What We’ll Explore at SplunkLIVE! Washington, D.C.

If the White House’s recent Big Data Research and Development Initiative is any indication, big data is a big deal for government. However, collecting, analyzing and reacting to large amounts of machine-generated data can prove to be challenging for agencies

Yesterday we teamed up with Bob Gourley from CTO Vision to host a Twitter chat on how government can make sense of it all. From data analysis for operational intelligence to log management for cyber defense, we covered a number of ways agencies can make the most of their data. Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion

  • Determine how to deal with the data explosion. One of the most significant barriers to harnessing big data in government is
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Get to Know Splunk: Coming Live to a City Near You

All the buzz these days is about managing big data. Splunk has been helping organizations around the globe manage massive streams of machine data for years now. And it’s not just the size of the data, but the variety and velocity. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Join us for an upcoming SplunkLive event to learn from our customers why they’ve selected Splunk to manage massive streams of machine data, improve service levels, reduce IT operations costs, mitigate security risks, and drive new levels of operational intelligence across IT and the business.

April 24: SplunkLive Singapore: Featuring Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Nanyang Polytechnic, and Mobile Operating Systems

April 27: SplunkLive Hong Kong: Featuring Hutchison Global Communications, The …

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Real ROI using Splunk–from the Great White North to the Deep South

We wrapped up our SplunkLive events for 2011 by migrating to warmer climates–namely, deep in the heart of Texas.

We even had a few customers from the Great White North join us on our migration path. Josh Diakun from Interac/ Acxsys and Derek Mock of Ceryx flew from Toronto to wow the Texans with all the different ways they’re using Splunk. And for some local flavor, Bob Jones from the City of Corpus Christi rounded out the agenda with tips and tricks to help fledgling Splunkers get started.

<public service announcement>

First I must say, this. This is a trio of superstars in the Splunk community. They use Answers, attended .conf, post apps to Splunkbase, hold lunch and learns …

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Live from Deep in the Heart of Texas: It’s SplunkLive Dallas

SplunkLive Dallas was the perfect mix of up-and-coming Splunk users and veterans showing off some deep technical know-how.

A few highlights from the day:

Rachel Neal, Client Manager for Connectivity Services from DerbySoft kicked off the customer stories for the day. DerbySoft provides electronic distribution, reservation, financial, and marketing services for hotels and travel distributors. She supports 4 globally distributed data centers, with developers and customers all over the globe–needless to say it’s a challenging environment to manage. She was candid, funny and told a great story. (I happened to be at JCPenney to check out their holiday readiness war room the following day and they told me she was their favorite!) A few stories from Rachel:

  • Developers used to pick and choose from the error
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