Splunkers Braved The Shave for Childhood Cancer Research

When my colleague, Eric Scher, asked me if I would help raise awareness for Team Splunk’s participation in St. Baldrick’s Brave the Shave Silicon Valley event last week, I told him I’d do one better – I’d join him – and 120 other men, women and children who came together for the event at the SAP Palo Alto campus.

St. Baldricks is the largest private fundraiser for children’s cancer and funding from St. Baldricks has led to breakthrough techniques and medicines. They are making a difference and need to keep pushing.

When I explained to my daughters what I was planning on doing, there was what can only be described as an extremely negative reaction from both, and my eldest …

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Splunk builds and donates kids’ bicycles for San Francisco community event

Splunk_BikesOn Saturday, December 12th, SFPD held a community event where 5,000 K – 12 students were eligible to compete in an essay competition designed to promote “Peace on the Streets”; if you were a San Francisco Police Officer, how would you promote peace on the streets? Thanks to the generous donation of Splunk, two winners per grade were eligible to win a bicycle as part of the contest. In total, 26 bicycles and helmets were donated to the cause. The fun part for the Splunk team was the bike building activity that took place the previous day. Here we got a chance to work alongside Park Station – SFPD and an energetic local bicycle shop “Avenue Cyclery” to …

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Meet the Splunkterns: Anne-Marie Chun

CJlc7DXUYAAKzOIWelcome back to our Meet the Splunkterns series! To recap some of the fun we have been having, last Friday the Splunkterns got to spend a little more time getting to know one another during our day of community service. We started the day learning more about Splunk4Good and and the organization Meals on Wheels, which we had the opportunity to partner with for the day. After we had our orientation and signed away our lives (just kidding!) we headed out to 6th and Mission. We spent half of the day handing out around 200 Emergency Food Kits to home-bound seniors and talking to them about emergency preparedness. I thought it was awesome spending time helping some of the residents …

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Meet the Splunkterns: Aamir Goriawala

IMG_0463Thanks for joining us for the latest in our Splunktern highlight series! Before we get to the good stuff, here’s a little update on what’s happening in the Splunktern world. All of the Splunkterns have finally started (WOOHOO!), so Splunk’s summer intern program is officially in full swing meaning lots of fun and exciting stuff is in store for us. To celebrate everyone finally starting, we recently had an intern welcome lunch in SF HQ. We got a chance to mingle and meet our fellow Splunkterns from different departments and even a few from different offices.

Even more exciting was the kick off of the Splunk4Good Splunktern App contest. All the Splunkterns were invited to participate in the summer long …

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Smart AnSwerS #14

Hey there and welcome to the 14th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Here at Splunk, we’re not only building a community of users through user groups as highlighted in last week’s Smart AnSwerS blog, but we also participate in some cool projects for various communities at large through our corporate social responsibility program Splunk4Good. What better way to make a difference than through using our very own products to analyze and visualize big data for positive social impact? You can check out live projects at www.splunk4good.com to see the potential and possibilities. Aside from just using Splunk to do good, we ourselves engage with local (and not so local) communities too. Just this past Tuesday, piebob and …

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#tbt: 5 of My Favourite Splunk Projects

Splunk Aircraft Monitoring

Not being one to look back at the past I usually hate the throwback Thursday hashtag.

That said, when you take a moment to look back and see some of the things our awesome customers are doing with Splunk there are occasions where I’ll consider it acceptable – this being one.

And with this justification, here are 5 of my favourite Splunk projects.…

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Splunk4Good – Splunking one person’s (long) kayaking journey to raise money & awareness for Autism


For those of you that don’t know, Splunk has an initiative where we try and show the things we can all do with data to have a positive social impact – Splunk4Good. There have been a number of projects under the Splunk4Good banner and you can find out more at the Splunk4Good blog.
My fellow Splunker, Andrew Morris, is undertaking a pretty significant physical challenge. He’s going to be sitting down for three days… kayaking 150 miles down the Thames to raise money for Autism. He starts 7th May in Cricklade, Wiltshire and if it all goes to plan he might make it to Tower Bridge (150+ miles). Andrew’s daughter, Betsy, was diagnosed with Autism and it is …

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Splunking the Environment – Finding the relationships between Haze and Dengue

Just slightly over a month ago, Singapore has been hit by the worst haze crisis ever in history. This was due to the forest fire bellowing from nearby Indonesia caused by illegal slash-and-burn farming methods that were used to clear the crops.

On a particular day, the PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) reading hit 401, the highest ever reading since 1997, which had a reading of 226. There are several different ways of measuring and representing such readings, so YMMV (Your Mileage May Varies) depending on where you are and how these readings are taken.

Over here, readings above 300 are deemed as “hazardous”, and people are advised to avoid any outdoor activity and to wear 3M N95 masks if such …

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Oakland International High School Visit

On Thursday 5/30 Oakland International High School had a blast visiting the Splunk HQ as part of Splunk4Good‘s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) educational outreach. Splunk UI Dev Kate Feenney, who volunteers with Oakland International in her spare time, did an awesome job acting as host and at making sure that the students visit was a great learning experience.

The Splunk4Good volunteers had the day planned out for these young talented minds. Nick Key intrigued our guests with the Splunk demo and implemented a little bit of coding during his presentation, Eric Grant did a great job at covering the demo, while Splunk intern Ross Lazerowitz covered the What It’s Like to Work at Splunk!

After the …

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LPS High School Gets Splunk-ducated

As the Notorious B.I.G said, “If you don’t know, now you know” that on Tuesday, May 21st, there were some young’ns roaming Splunk’s SF building. Splunk4Good invited LPS High School for a visit as part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) educational outreach. Splunk4Good volunteers had previously mentored LPS HS students as part of the Technovation App Challenge. On this occasion LPS High School visited Splunk as part of their Week Without Walls that encourages their students to learn outside the school and gives them the opportunity to engage with their community.

After the high schoolers belly’s were full from the open taco bar, the day continued with Splunk-ducated fun! Introductions were made, then Splunk Sr Product Manager …

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