Introducing the Hunk App for AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of a new member in the class of apps that integrate with the Amazon Web Services ecosystem: Hunk App for AWS Elastic Load Balancing. Other apps in the class include the Splunk App for AWS that collects, reports and visualizes data from AWS CloudTrail and the AWS Billing App that helps you gain greater visibility and assurance in managing your AWS-hosted infrastructure.

What is AWS Elastic Load Balancing? In Amazon’s own words,

ELB is an AWS product that automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances. It detects unhealthy instances and reroutes traffic to healthy instances until the unhealthy instances have been restored. Elastic Load Balancing automatically scales its request

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Announcing Splunk and Tableau strategic technology alliance

We’re very excited to announce the alliance between Splunk and Tableau Software that extends machine data insights to Tableau users. As part of a joint technology investment, the latest version of Tableau software (8.1.4) includes Splunk Enterprise as a native data source using Splunk’s recently launched ODBC driver. The integration provides Tableau users direct access to saved searches within Splunk Enterprise 6 from Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, using Splunk’s new ODBC driver, for further data exploration and visualization.

The joint investment supports the following needs:
• Makes it easier for Tableau users to gain machine data insights – Business users who are more familiar with Tableau can now explore machine data from Splunk Enterprise, enabling new business insights from …

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Using Splunk Enterprise to Gain Visibility into Your NetApp Storage

How? Just download a new version of our Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP for free. We have updated our App with many new and exciting features. Now, you can centrally observe the health of your entire NetApp Data ONTAP environment in both Cluster-Mode and 7-Mode. We’ve made it easy for you to monitor the most important performance metrics such as latency or IOPS as well as log data from your NetApp storage systems.

Important Volume Performance Metrics

Combine our App’s storage log monitoring with Splunk software’s alerting capability to get notified of an issue the moment it arises.  Now, if you have a failed disk, you can immediately identify and remedy this critical impairment.

The fun does not stop there! We have added …

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SplunkLive Experience

sl_orlandoAs a CIO in a high tech company, its always great to get the chance to either speak on behalf of the company or hear from customers who are excited about your products. Last week I had both experiences at SplunkLive Orlando. Best was to hear three customers Satcom Direct, Century Link, and PSCU.  Between these, we had a database architect, security architect and VP Technology & Development all share how much of a difference Splunk had made in solving problems they could not have addressed in the past.

Favorite quotes: David from PSCU noted that for security use cases they were able to laser focus on what interested them and eliminate background noise.  Khalid from Century Link noted …

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My experience of building Splunk application

I joined Splunk a couple weeks ago and my first challenge was to learn everything I could about how to build Splunk applications. The best way of doing that is just to write your own application – and this is exactly what I did.

Application which I wrote contains two parts. The first part of application is a very simple scripted input for Firebase, the second part of application is built with the Splunk Web Framework that shows you objects and their routes on Google Maps using both real-time or playback historic information.

I hope that my experience can give you some thoughts about how you can extend Splunk for your needs.…

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Fixing Windows Time Problems for Splunk

I’ve just been bitten. We all do, eventually. The case of the dreaded time sync problem. I had a Universal Forwarder sending my Indexer a whole bunch of data. But my searches were not seeing the data because I had a time synchronization error – my Universal Forwarder was a little in advance of my indexer – enough that it was a problem.

Of course, tracking this down is difficult, and there are various techniques you can use. My favorite is using the metrics.log file on the universal forwarder to see if data is being sent. You might also use the “All Time” approach, although I don’t recommend that if you have a lot of data.

So, how do you …

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Clustering Optimizations in Splunk 6

One of the new features we introduced in Splunk 6 is the Simplified Clustering Management. This allows administrator to setup and monitor the health of the cluster through an easy to use, intuitive UI. In addition to the cool new UI, many performance optimizations were added to handle peer failures and recovery from such failures blazingly fast. In this blog post, I’m going to highlight two such performance optimizations.

1. First Searchable Copy Optimization

This optimization is all about making sure that at least one, complete searchable copy exists in the cluster so that business users can continue to use the data while the cluster master is handling peer failures.

Let’s take a look at this with an example.  Assume …

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Cloudy with a chance of Splunk!

Along with a brand new shiny version of Splunk Enterprise, we took the wrapper off a brand new shiny cloud service, Splunk Cloud just last week at Splunk’s annual user conference, .conf2013.

Splunk Cloud, available on an annual subscription basis, provides access to all the features of Splunk enterprise, and can connect with your existing Splunk Enterprise deployments to provide views and dashboards that span all your applications and infrastructure.

This exciting news almost overshadowed the second sub-announcement we made around our developer-focused cloud service Splunk Storm – we have made Splunk Storm completely free, for up to 20GB of total storage and 30 days of data retention!

Both announcements outline just how important cloud is to Splunk – not …

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New version of Splunk App for Unix and Linux for Splunk 6!

Splunk 6 is now here and you are probably wondering how your large-scale Unix and Linux deployment can benefit from it? I am happy to announce that a new version of one of our most popular apps, Splunk App for Unix and Linux (also called the *nix App) is now here. And you can deploy it with Splunk 6. Check it out at

This app has all the makings of a crowd-pleaser, we think! We heard from you that you do not want to spend hours looking for those few misbehaving hosts among all the thousands you manage. Check out our fancy new visualizations we created for you to easily find the operational status across large scale*nix environments.

We …

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Splunk for Networking and SDN: In Action in Vegas!

Have you registered for Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference .conf2013 in Vegas? If not, please hurry up and register here Time is running out!

Come to our session “Splunk for Networking and SDN” on October 1st, 1:45 PM to learn how Splunk can help you gain get deeper visibility into your existing networking infrastructure as well as your Software Defined Networking rollouts. We will discuss how to utilize Splunk to optimize your networking resources to cater to dynamically changing applications’ needs, reducing the number of monitoring solutions in your network, increasing security and of course, saving you money!

To see Splunk in action in the networking space, please stop by the booths and/or sessions of our technology partners Arista Networks …

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