SplunkLive! Zürich

Hello Splunker,

Swiss_ChoclateGreetings from lovely Switzerland. As well as their great chocolate, this week they also had a lot of Splunkers in town for SplunkLive! Zurich. For the 4th time SplunkLive! was in town eating up all the chocolate.

There were many existing Splunkers exchanging great ideas and growing their knowledge and maturity level in the Splunk curve year over year. There were also a lot of folks who were new to Splunk and got inspired.

As always at SplunkLive!, we have great customers who share the story of their journey with Splunk and what they achieved for their company by being smart and extracting the value out of machine data.

Graphmasters GmbH, Iulian Nitescu, Founder & CTO

Ijulian_GraphmastersGraphmasters is …

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SplunkLive! DC: Helping Government Make Sense of Machine Data

There are a select number of U.S. cities dominated by certain industries that ultimately help to define those cities. Detroit for cars, Nashville for country music, Pittsburgh for the Steelers and Primanti Brothers – and Washington, DC for government.

Considering there isn’t a single organization or entity in the world with more data than the U.S. government, Washington, DC has been home to annual SplunkLive! events for the past five years. Yesterday, we hosted our largest yet with nearly 750 attendees.

Our Chairman and CEO Godfrey Sullivan kicked off the event with an overview of Splunk’s capabilities in private and public sectors, touching on key points like the importance of machine data for verifying accuracy and how continuous monitoring is imperative …

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Philly Hackathon Winners

On March 6, 2013 after SplunkLive in Philadelphia, developers joined forces with Splunkers for a Hackathon at Seed Philly. Despite the weather that we were having in Philly, everyone did a great job on using Splunk and interesting data to create an innovative apps!

Jonathan Luste, Marquise Lee, Alem Abreha, Patrick Shumate, Sean Brown {team name: “Team Comcast”, spirit animal: “Mongoose”} won 1st place for Best App!  Bringing their creative minds together they Splunked Philadelphia Crime data to see violent vs non-violent crimes and incident rates that are displayed on the maps. Check out the pic of the team presenting and a couple screenshots of the app!

Chris Ly {team name: “Team Unfinished”, spirit animal: “Crippled Dodo”} …

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Splunk’s Hackathon at Seed Philly

On your mark! Get set! Hack! Splunk is hosting a hackathon at Seed Philly on Wednesday, March 6 from 4-9pm, after SplunkLive Philadelphia.  This hackathon gives developers a chance to build applications that make it easier and more effective to gain insights from machine data with Splunk.

Have you heard of Splunk, but don’t know how to get started using the product to build cool data mashups? Come and join! Splunk will provide food, beer and Splunk experts to help you get started. All skill levels are welcome. Join us whether you are a black belt Splunk ninjas or new to Splunk and wanting to apply your coding skills to build data apps.

Thanks much to Seed Philly for partnering …

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Lights, Camera, Splunk!

To survive living in Los Angeles, I think you eventually have to develop an immunity to the weird glitziness of its everyday life—the movie premieres and the red carpets and the fact that the guy standing in line at Whole Foods who looks like Russell Brand probably is Russell Brand. When I still lived there, occasionally I’d still experience that initial thrill of recognition, that “OMG, isn’t that —…???” “aha!” moment. But, for the most part, I’m pretty much blasé about celebrity sightings.

So when I arrived at the Intercontinental in Century City the night before our recent SplunkLive! LA event on June 28, I wasn’t terribly shocked to see a flock of paparazzi and floodlights everywhere. Splunk is kind …

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Launching Mobile Apps with Splunk and more at SplunkLive! New York City

Last week we held SplunkLive in New York City for the 4th time. I never tire of hearing about customer successes, visiting with our long-time and new customers, and watching the fantastic interactions between users. This year more than 200 folks joined us in Times Square.

More than 200 attendees at SplunkLive New York City

More than 200 attendees at SplunkLive New York City

DealerTrack is the nation’s first and largest credit application network for the automotive industry, connecting 17,000 dealers and over 1000 lenders. Senior Director of Technology Architecture, and one of the founding members, Chris DeMeo detailed DealerTrack’s complex environment, spanning multiple geos and data centers and with the diverse architecture that comes with multiple acquisitions over the course of several years. As is common with our …

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Buckeye State Blogging – SplunkLive Columbus

I had the opportunity to attend our SplunkLive event in Columbus the other day.  Before I even mention the event, let me go on record as saying that the Blue Ribbon Pot Roast at the Tip Top Kitchen is probably the best darn pot roast I’ve ever had.  Hopefully my mother doesn’t read this. Let’s talk SplunkLive.  For those of you who have never been to a SplunkLive, it’s an event we hold regularly in cities all over the world for Splunk customers, partners, and those interested in learning a bit more about what’s going on at Splunk to interact.  Having been in the tech industry for awhile, I’ve been to many vendor events where you get to hear one …

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All Business at SplunkLive Dallas

I had the pleasure of hosting SplunkLive Dallas late last week, with some of the best customer presentations yet from MetroPCS, Pegasus and Louisiana State University. 95 people attended, and nearly everyone stayed on for the afternoon technical sessions to dive deep into Splunk hands on.

What was remarkable about this event, to an even greater degree than other recent SplunkLives, is the extent to which Splunk deployments have evolved from simple search and break/fix – you could easily see an emerging maturity model for operational intelligence at work.

Lamar Holtzclaw, our local senior sales engineer in the Dallas area, gave a great demo showing exactly how Splunk can be used to quickly find SLA violations amongst transactions spanning multiple …

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SplunkLive Australia, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong

We just completed four SplunkLive events in four striking locations across Asia Pacific – the bayside cities of Sydney and Melbourne and the island cities of Singapore and Hong Kong. Interest levels were high at each event with packed audiences throughout. Companies attending included communications service providers, financial institutions, governmental institutions and educational institutions, all seeking to find out more about the ways they can use Splunk. A key part of SplunkLive is hearing from customers and at the Sydney and Melbourne events we were lucky enough to have Corporate Express present their story.

Shaun Butler and Luke Harris – Corporate Express

Shaun is Senior Technology Specialist and Luke is Senior Systems Engineer at Corporate Express, a leading supplier of …

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Splunk Live! Atlanta 2010

On a crisp and wet Wednesday morning, the W hotel played host to SplunkLive Atlanta 2010. 100 attendees packed the well-heeled conference room, all eager to learn more about Splunk, get burning questions answered and connect with peers.

As with other SplunkLive events, we invited customer speakers to share their experiences with Splunk. On this occasion we had three speakers and every one of them was stellar.

John Daniely – Atlanta Journal Constitution

The first speaker was John Daniely, from Atlanta Journal Constitution, the only major daily in Atlanta and somewhat of an institution enjoying a daily readership of 2.3 million visitors.

John and his team are responsible for all aspects of network security, including Active Directory auditing, security event …

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