Healthcare and Machine Data—What’s Not to Love?

Splunk at HIMSSIt’s February, the designated month of love, so I thought it fitting to share the Splunk slogan I love the most: “I like big data, and I cannot lie.” And I’m not the only one—healthcare organizations around the world are loving how big data, especially machine data, is helping them to improve their systems.

The healthcare industry has tons of machine data, not only from their infrastructure and applications, but also from sources like EHRs and connected medical devices. Now they can leverage this data to achieve unique insights that can help standardize infrastructure, improve diagnostics, meet regulations and even tailor medical care. Here’s some real world examples:

  • Myriad Genetics collects biologic samples from doctors all around the
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Ransomware Threat in Healthcare

Throughout the past decade, various institutions have fallen victim to the ransomware threat. Most situations were not publicized by the media. Institutions usually address the situation privately. If you are the victim of ransomware, attackers lock your computer or keyboard or data until you pay a ransom. These attacks are on the rise. One of the main reasons why this type of malware targets hospitals and other medical facilities, is because these organizations need immediate access to their files. As a result, there is a much higher chance of getting the ransom paid in Bitcoin relatively quickly. A few weeks ago,  Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center confirmed it had paid hackers $17,000 worth of bitcoin to release its computer systems, which …

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Insights to Catch Healthcare Fraud and Protect the Privacy of Patient Information

The holidays of 2015 may seem like a distant memory for most, but I am just now feeling the repercussions of having been a victim of credit card fraud. I’m fairly sure it had to do with me throwing away a credit card receipt in a public trash can that had an “old-school carbon copy” swipe of my card number while I was in the East Coast during the holidays.   Someone made some purchases a few weeks ago from an East Coast electronics store. While the situation was a nuisance, the good thing is that my credit card company alerted me before the unauthorized purchases grew out of hand. Better yet, I was not going to be responsible for any …

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Your Picture of Health at .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGB.conf2015 is fast approaching, and I’m really looking forward to this year’s event! We’ve carved out a healthcare track out of the 165+ sessions, jampacked with great content. Oh, and we have A NEW SPLUNK T-SHIRT too, just for healthcare! Come join us for these sessions:

Tuesday, September 22

  • 4:15pm – Healthcare Panel: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Innovative Use Cases in Healthcare: featuring demos on using Splunk to ingest and parse HL7 data for time-critical operational intelligence. Pick up your new Splunk t-shirt here!
  • 4:15pm – AdvancedMD: Using Splunk for IT Service Intelligence. Speakers: Tyler Girmer, Coby Nielsen

Wednesday, September 23

  • 10:00am – Cerner Corporation: Predict, Alert, Manage and Optimize an Ecosystem With Splunk. Speakers:
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