How Splunk Can Help You Prevent Ransomware From Holding Your Business Hostage

A group of hackers recently cost Madison County, Indiana $200,000 and another group demanded $73,000 from the San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency (SFMTA) over the Thanksgiving holiday to decrypt frozen data. What was the common factor connecting the two attacks? A popular form of malware known as ransomware.

Why You Should Care About Ransomware

Ransomware is often used to extort funds directly from victims. Ransomware literally takes systems hostage, requiring a “ransom” to free those systems back to a usable state. This can be a very lucrative business for cyber criminals.

Ransomware, like other malware, gets into your network via bad actors who figure out a way to deliver it into your environment without “sounding an alarm” – for example, …

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SF Muni Hacked. Learn How to Detect Ransomware in Your Environment

Join security expert James Brodsky for our How-to Webinar: Detection of Ransomware and Prevention Strategies on December 13.

SF Muni was hit with a Ransomware attack last week, just as the prime holiday shopping season was kicking off. For many, the free fares for the weekend while Muni assessed the damage probably seemed like a holiday gift or customer service bonus.

But the lost revenues and potential $73K ransom they were asked to pay was no bonus for the IT and security teams.

News of Ransomware attacks are becoming much more common these days, with a reported $209M paid to ransomware criminals in Q1 2016 and the FBI anticipating ransomware to be a $1B source of income for cybercriminals this year.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Ransomware attacks

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GovSummit 2016: Elevate Data for Mission Success

GovSummit2016_RGB-Blue-w-DarkBlueOn Tuesday, November 15, hundreds of government, education and industry IT, security and program professionals will come together at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel to explore new public sector innovations and share trends, experiences and lessons learned. This year’s Splunk GovSummit theme, Elevate Data for Mission Success, will focus on modern strategies and solutions to transform how government leverages data to drive mission success.

Our impressive roster of speakers will explore strategies and solutions for leveraging an organization’s data to gain real-time, enterprise-wide visibility and enable support for diverse missions, including cybersecurity, homeland defense, citizen services delivery and experience measurement, crime and fraud prevention, datacenter operations and consolidation, compliance and transparency and more.

This year’s distinguished speakers …

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Countdown to AWS re:Invent — Looking for Real-time AWS Cost Management?

Learn all about Splunk at AWS re:Invent 2016.

reinvent-logo-2x-centeredThe conclusion of .conf2016 means one thing for the cloud team here at Splunk –  time to prepare for AWS re:Invent. We’re just a month away, so let me welcome you to the first post of a re:Invent preview series about how AWS agility + Splunk visibility = customer success.

This week’s topic is a throwback to my presentation last year with Gary Mikula and Siddhartha Dadana of FINRA – talking about end-to-end visibility in a large-scale AWS environment – particularly with regard to cost management.

If you use AWS, you know the challenges with managing cost. Your developers spin up instances and forget to spin them down.  You leverage on-demand instances …

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National Center for Women & Information Technology Presents on Workplace Bias at Splunk WiT Event

NCWITlogo_squareOn July 21 at Splunk HQ, Splunk WiT hosted Dr. Catherine Ashcraft, senior research scientist with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), who led an interactive presentation on “Unconscious Biases: Addressing Underrepresentation and Stealth Barriers to Innovation.”

Splunk’s executive team has prioritized attracting and retaining diverse talent, and we have joined the NCWIT Workforce Alliance to support these efforts. According to the NCWIT, women make up 57% of professional occupations in the U.S., but we hold only 25% of computing jobs. A concerning trend is that many women in technical jobs are leaving tech for other professions. The reasons for this shift likely include biases, subtle dynamics and micro-inequities that chip away at women’s sense of belonging …

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Splunk WiT Presents Operationalizing Machine Learning

WiT_VancouverThe Splunk Women in Technology group hosted its first international event in Vancouver on May 24th with fantastic attendance at the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA). The event provided the opportunity for technology professionals and students to hear from Splunk experts on Splunk and machine learning.

Carola Thompson, Chief Experience Officer at Splunk, kicked off the event with a brief history of the company and introduced Splunk Research Engineer Dr. Lilian Wong.

Dr. Wong, comes to Splunk with a PhD in Mathematics from Caltech and a passion for computer science. She provided an engaging overview of machine learning and how Splunk can easily perform a wide variety of tasks, including outlier detection, predictive analytics, event clustering, and anomaly detection.…

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Webinar: IT Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.31.05 AMYou’ve got a small IT team trying to address many problems across IT ops, web site system administration, and application development. The solution to that is a better way to manage and analyze all of your system logs. The issue is that many of the industry-leading tools are pricey and budgets are tight and only getting tighter. You’re not alone. Spiceworks’ market research in their State of IT Report for 2016 shows this to be the trend.

What if you could centralize all of your logs and then search, analyze, report, monitor and alert on them in real time and do it all for a price starting at $3 a day*? That’s pricing for either an on-prem or cloud solution. Would …

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Be strong, Be Smart, Be Beautiful. Girl Power at Splunk

I was fortunate to moderate a panel of intelligent and charismatic technical Splunk leaders here at HQ last week. The panel featured:

  • Haiyan Song, SVP of security markets
  • Margaret Lee, VP of product management
  • Katrina Reid, VP of program management
  • Carola Thompson, Chief Experience Officer

Splunk_WomeninTech_PanelThey all had different backgrounds coming from places like the United Kingdom, mid-western US, and China. Some had remarkable journeys at big names like Oracle, HP and Yahoo while others tried their hand at start-ups that were later acquired (some did both!). Their careers started in academia, management consulting and engineering and now they all lead technical teams that are core to Splunk. In discussing pivotal moments in their careers, Haiyan, Carola, Katrina and Margaret hit …

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SplunkLive! DC: What Did You Miss?

SplunkLiveDCLast week more than 750 Splunk experts and newbies alike came together for SplunkLive! in Washington DC. They heard firsthand from our customers and participated in sessions that explored ways to use Splunk software to mitigate cyber risks, prevent fraud, improve performance and reduce costs. At the event there were breakout sessions highlighting different technology offerings, including a cyber-attack simulation. There were also a number of Splunk customers that shared their experiences such as Bob Nicholson, director of the Office of Information Security at the Social Security Administration (SSA), who talked about how Splunk is helping to support SSA operations and security. Gary Mikula from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) also presented on the benefits his organization has seen …

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