Building a Software/SaaS Business on AWS – 5 Steps to Success

The following is an excerpt from a contributed blog post made to the AWS Partner Network blog:

As AWS increasingly becomes the preferred deployment model for enterprise applications and services, it’s never been more important for a software or AWS SaaS provider to effectively work with AWS. Splunk recognizes this, and has been building software that runs on AWS as well as a globally available AWS-based cloud service delivered through nine AWS worldwide regions.

We are thrilled with the success of our SaaS business on AWS, so we shared some of our learnings in the form of best practices!

Read our 5 steps to success in detail on the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog.


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Top Five Insights about Splunk Cloud


One of the things I really like about attending industry events and conferences around the world is the opportunity to speak with certain members of the press face to face in small group settings.  We get to share some really good information and I get valuable insight into their world.  Recently, I met with a few reporters just prior to the international launch of Splunk Cloud and to share a bit more about what we are doing to help accelerate the adoption of cloud-based solutions and how Splunk is tapping into the growing market need. Here’s an inside look at what many reporters and analysts were interested in learning:


  1. Splunk Cloud recently launched internationally through its partnership with Amazon
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Splunk App for Salesforce

Do you manage a Salesforce environment and would like to analyze who is accessing what? Would you like to find out who is exporting sensitive data? Would you like to detect any Salesforce related suspicious activities or any slow running reports, dashboards, SOQL queries?

If the answer to the above is yes, you should check out the Splunk App for Salesforce which has been recently released as a service on Splunk Cloud. This App relies on the Salesforce Event Log File that exposes Salesforce access logs. In addition to that, you can also leverage this app to collect and index any data from the standard Salesforce objects. In other words, you can use this app to index structured and unstructured salesforce data.
For …

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P=MV. Splunk Cloud Momentum

In the cloud as well as in the physical environment, P=MV.

Momentum=Mass x Velocity

Today, Splunk announced major momentum for Splunk Cloud.  We announced the industry’s first 100% uptime SLA for machine data analytics AND a 33% price reduction for Splunk Cloud AND new plans up to 5TB/day AND bursting flexibility up to 10x licensed data volumes AND the free Splunk Online Sandbox.

How are we able to gain so much momentum?  You guessed it… by multiplying Mass x Velocity.


At last count, we had over 7,400 organizations using Splunk in over 90 countries. Leading enterprises such as Intuit, Cisco, and Domino’s Pizza, relying on Splunk to fuel their success across IT and the business. Add to …

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Splunk Cloud at MindTouch: From the Corner Office to the Cafeteria

I’ve blogged previously about the value customers tell us they get from Splunk Cloud and I’m thrilled to be sharing more. In a freshly minted press release, customer case study, and video, MindTouch talks about all the different ways they use Splunk Cloud across their business.

Some amazing nuggets include, how they:

  • Exceeded all customer SLAs using Splunk Cloud for real-time monitoring
  • Tripled customer count without any additional DevOps headcount
  • Increased customer retention by using machine data insights to demonstrate Mindtouch value to their customers
  • Display Splunk Cloud dashboards in the company cafeteria, so the entire company has visibility into the health of the Mindtouch cloud-based software

Testimonials like this are amazing … customers relying on …

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Evaluating Cloud ERP

Will be speaking Thursday, July 21, at a Netsuite panel as part of the webinar titled “Keys to Evaluating Cloud ERP.” At Splunk we graduated from our initial accounting package to Netsuite a couple of years ago, and are now expanding our implementation to establish legal entities globally, after completing a second study this year to determine that we are on the right platform for the company. ERP to us encompasses Financial business applications including core accounting modules, plus order entry. For these applications our primary concern was to select and implement comprehensive, secure, flexible, solid software that would last us 3-5 years and beyond as we grow rapidly, worldwide. Netsuite fit that profile and was the clear …

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SplunkLive on our home turf with and Cisco TelePresence

In 2010, more than 68 customers shared their stories of success with more than 2600 Splunk initiates at 33 SplunkLive events in 13 countries. That's a lot of IT folks using Splunk in a myriad of ways. From network troubleshooting at Visa, to recovering stolen laptops at large universities, to diagnosing flash crashes at a large financial organizations to providing deep intelligence and operational visibility at a large media provider--our customers are finding ever increasing ways to use Splunk.
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Security and Compliance in the Cloud

I recently returned from ISACA’s Information Security and Risk Management Conference in Las Vegas and of the 36 sessions offered on security and compliance, seven were on the topic security and compliance for cloud services.  There were several key take-aways that I found interesting:

  • Cloud computing is analogous to the 1800s when every factory had to generate it’s own electrical power for manufacturing.  Once electricity generation was moved to a utility (in the cloud), economies of scale drove generation costs out of the business and gave the business on-demand elasticity for electricity.
  • Gartner is predicting that (due to the spread of cloud computing) 25% of companies will no longer have IT departments in 2012.
  • Cloud security will be baked into
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Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS)?

I recently attended a local ISACA event here in San Francisco and was blown away by a presentation by Ali Golshan with PWC. The name of the presentation was Advanced Cyber Threats.  In it he provided a deep dive into the new types of malware being developed and used the Aurora incident in 2009 as an example.  He went on to say that Aurora utilized social engineering, a Zero-day vulnerability, and gaps in traditional IPS, firewall, and web proxy security solutions.  It targeted email archives and other confidential data.

What I was most impressed and amazed by was his description of the modular nature of the malware.  It could accept new payloads for further compromises, had a mechanism for updating …

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Savio Rodrigues: Open Source Won’t Prevent Cloud Lock-in

My fellow blogger and roustabout Savio Rodrigues has posted something interesting over at the Open Sources blog:

One of open source’s promises is to minimize vendor lock-in. However, it’s not so apparent that this value proposition holds when using software as a service (SaaS) or cloud-based platform services.

This is a great point and one we discussed at great length at last night’s Open Cloud Meetup here at Splunk HQ. One of the topics we covered was how open source seems less relevant in a cloud-y, saas-y world. Sure, everyone loves to participate in Open Source communities. While Splunk has never defined itself as an Open Source company or released an open source product, we are Open Source-friendly …

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