Using Splunk Solutions on Campus: EDUCAUSE 2015

educause2015In August, Splunk announced that more than 100 universities around the world are using Splunk software in their classrooms. Distinguished academic institutions including Georgetown University, Northwestern University, University of Colorado (UC) at Boulder and San Jose State University are teaching or researching with Splunk solutions to help build a foundation for the future of data analytics. Using big data analytics and cybersecurity tools enables faculty to better prepare undergraduate and graduate-level students with the crucial skills needed across private industry and public sector.

However, higher education institutions are not only teaching students with Splunk technologies, they are using Splunk solutions to support and strengthen their own networks too. Splunk’s data-driven analytics helps schools index, search and analyze machine data to …

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Back to School with Splunk

As I travel the world and meet with Splunk customers and prospects, there is one question that I am guaranteed to get in every meeting, “Where do I go to find top Splunk educated talent, and how do I develop Splunk skills within my existing workforce?”

One significant sign of momentum behind any technology is the need for university-level courses on that technology. It shows a clear desire for—and the value of—skills for that technology platform. And, on a very practical note, I’m now seeing that people with authenticated Splunk skills are able to command a premium in earnings! That’s why the recent announcement that a number of universities are now teaching Splunk classes or using Splunk for research should …

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Simple steps to getting started with Splunk for Customer Experience

In the previous post, I shared an amazing use of Splunk at Comcast for improving user experience. You can also access a replay of the webinar: “How Comcast Improves Mobile App and Video Experience with Splunk.”

In this post, I will share with you some tips, tricks on how you could get started with using Splunk for Customer Experience.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.33.02 PMMany of you are already using Splunk for WebOps, Application Delivery or IT Operations by indexing weblogs – apache or IIS. Analysis of this data helps ensure website, mobile app or application uptime and performance. However, these data sources contain critical information that goes beyond the operational use. They contain customer ID, product information, platform, device, and transaction …

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Common Core Digital Assessment – Demystifying Your “Online” Readiness, and More With Splunk!

My family and I are very fortunate to live in one of the best school districts in Illinois, possibly the Midwest. This year Illinois became one of the 38 bold states to implement Common Core. Is it controversial or progressive? Dichotomous viewpoints for sure. Nonetheless, it necessitates assessments be realigned to these standards and states have chosen (or are gravitating) to employing one of the following three assessments: the SBAC (Smarter Balanced), PARCC (Pearson), or Aspire (ACT). All three have or are propelling states to replace traditional paper based exams with online assessments. Obvious benefits to online assessments include reduced test administration, automatic scoring, and instant diagnostic reporting for comparing results to other schools, districts, and …
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StudentRND’s 1st Code Day SF = success

Splunk4Good’s new intern, Carol Silva, told you recently how excited we were to be sponsoring and hosting StudentRND‘s 1st Code Day SF here at Splunk HQ over President’s Day weekend. I knew it was going to be great, but I had to blog myself to share how absolutely wowed I was at the epic success of this event!

Saturday morning as Tyler Menezes and Chris Engelbrecht from StudentRND finished setting up, the first few kids starting filtering into the Splunk Dev space, all with laptops and some with fancy gaming accessories or sleeping bags in hand. I had my first indicator things were going to be epic when before the keynote even began there was a rap battle …

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Splunk Challenge 2012 – A Competition in Operational Intelligence

“Put 40 students in a room, give them Splunk with some data sources and see what they can come up with”, suggested Lord Lau.

“Aye aye Chief”, I replied meekly. In front of Lord Lau, you have only one choice, and that is to take all these tasks with stride.

And so this was the beginning of a series of collaboration with Nanyang Polytehnic in Singapore to promote the awareness of machine data and Splunk as the platform for operational intelligence. The NYP (Nanyang Polytechnic) and Splunk team sat down and deliberated on the format of the competition, the type of questions, the type of data sources as well as the pre-preparation work that have to be done. Some of …

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Splunking Outside The Box @ .conf2012

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Wow! Splunk can do so many things! I wonder just how far I can go with it? How far can it really take me?" It's true. Your data may seem static from a literal perspective, but from a creative perspective, your data can take you places you never thought you could go. For example: - What if you could pick winning lottery numbers? - What if you could create an app that allows you to log human activity, not just machine activity? - What if you could easily normalize two or more different sets of data and then compare each of their distributions all on the same graph? Wow! Wouldn't your boss be impressed?! Come join me and the rest of the worldwide Splunkers and see just where your data can take you on your #datajourney of a lifetime @Splunk's users conference 2012. Sign up by 6/15, save $200
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Dallas Splunk Users Group – Feb 21 @ 6:00p CST

For the past couple months, Splunkers in the Dallas Metroplex area have been getting together to talk about all things Splunk. It's turning out to be a regular pattern with a user group meeting happening about once per month now. Our next meeting will be held at the Splunk Office in Plano, Texas on Tuesday, February 21 @ 6:00p CST.
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Splunking Outside The Box -v2.0

If you attended my technical presentation @ the Splunk 2010 users.conf event last called “Splunking Outside The Box“, then you’re probably aware of just how esoteric my thinking can be when it comes to creatively leveraging Splunk for the more non-sensible, yet highly educational use cases.

For example, I showed-off my Splunk for Texas Lotto App, which my team here @ Splunk uses each month to pick our “winning” numbers.

So far, we’ve won about $26…but we’ve spent ten times that amount along the way. But that’s beside the point.

Anyway, at this year’s conference I am hoping to avoid those everyday boring run-of-the-mill searches and get you thinking outside the box yet again.

Yes, I plan to …

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SplunkLive Singapore 2011

NTU gaining real-time visibility across all security relevant data

Aviva Splunking AS400 logs + Windows, Unix and Linux to meet compliance

Great China Telecoms company using Splunk to deliver Operational Intelligence for value added services

April 12 2011 marked the second SplunkLive in Singapore, with nearly double the number of attendees from just a year ago. The Splunk team in Asia has also doubled in size during the same time-frame, to better service customers and the appetite for Splunk.

Run jointly with our partner Systex, attendees got to see our latest product release in action – Splunk 4.2. They also got to hear about 2 in-depth customer case studies.

Nanyang Technological University

The first customer speaker was James …

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