Everything You Need to Know About Splunk ITSI

ITSI_PointWith the latest version of Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), you can apply machine learning and advanced analytics to:

  • Simplify operations with machine learning
  • Prioritize problem resolution with event analytics
  • Align IT with the business with powerful real-time service-level insights

So how do you get started?

Learn More About Splunk ITSI’s Benefits and Features

Watch this 2-minute overview of Splunk ITSI:

Getting ready for a deployment? For a closer look at Splunk ITSI’s capabilities, check out these resources.

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Splunk your Google Analytics

Gain more insight into site performance and user activity by correlating Google Analytics data within Splunk.

A customer of mine recently wanted to understand more about the journey that retail consumers take when they arrive at its website. They recognized that consumers who have previously bought from the site will have more familiarity with the design and layout than those visiting the site for the first time. In addition, consumers who went directly to the site would have a greater brand engagement than those who were referred from an affiliate site.

If only we could implement a method to back up the data that gets submitted to  Google Analytics, also sending it back to the local Apache web server logs …

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SplunkZero, delivering value with Splunk at Splunk


I want to introduce you to our internal Splunk platform, SplunkZero. I’ll go into some detail on the philosophy of how we chose to deploy Splunk at Splunk, but what I hope to do is kick start the conversation about how we gain value with our own products.

A little bit about myself, in the 5+ years I’ve been here at Splunk, I have worked in both marketing and IT orgs and am excited to now be leading the SplunkZero team. I am passionate about our products and love seeing how excited our customers get when the talk about how they leverage Splunk.

The name SplunkZero came out of a request from our markets group that IT be driving internal …

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Splunk Light – Taking the Pulse of Healthcare Systems

analyticsMD_OnRamp-Blog-01As more and more of the healthcare industry goes online an interesting question arises. Who is monitoring the health of your healthcare system? Or to put it another way your health is increasingly dependent on the health of your healthcare system (say that three times fast and your lung function is just fine). Recently analyticsMD showed that Dr. Splunk Light is watching out for you (well indirectly at least). Stay with me, this will only hurt for a second and you’ll feel better after…

analyticsMD provides HIPAA-compliant SaaS software that empowers frontline teams at hospitals to make the right data-driven decisions regarding efficiency, patient safety and experience. In many ways analyticsMD is an “air traffic control” platform that boosts the …

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Grill Your Data… No BBQ Required

_uF9l4fF_400x400This is a guest post contributed by Wendi O’Neill, Splunk Platform Leader at Sirius Computer Solutions.

Do you ever wish you could gather up ALL your machine data, lock it in a room, and grill it for answers until you find all the faults in your IT infrastructure? Come on Big Data, I want to identify your problems, get answers, and find new business insights. Is that too much to ask?

Most IT management tools today are silo-based – locked in different departments and not designed to interact. To get real value out of machine data and leverage its power, data needs to make connections and correlations so you can use it for insight and visibility to see exactly …

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Operational Intelligence – Manufactured in Germany | SplunkLive! Germany events 2016


Spring has only just begun and yet we have already finished our SplunkLive! 2016 Tour across Germany. We began in Munich with further stops in Frankfurt and Hamburg. We had a fantastic tour and achieved our goal of getting Splunk Ninjas together to learn from one another how to achieve operational intelligence. We heard how a botnet is using hacked e-mail mailboxes for malicious activities, we saw how Splunk sends out Excel sheets to individuals across a business and learned what could be done with 10bn events and machine learning for business application monitoring.

Let’s get started on the highlights with Datev, the 4th largest German software company and Computerwoche’s second best

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Webinar: Learn How Equinix Uses Splunk as a Cloud-Based SIEM


We understand enterprise security teams have to deal with various challenges around threat detection, threat response and threat mitigation. A few years back, security solutions that merely reported and monitored security logs and events were considered good enough. But with the complex and changing threat landscape, the above legacy approaches lack the breadth and depth required to provide a comprehensive security solution. In addition to this, you also need broader insights from all data sources generated at scale across on-prem and hybrid environments.

Our cloud-based SIEM solution helps you to overcome the above challenges and realize value right out of the box with the help of pre-built dashboards, reports, incident response workflows, analytics, correlation searches and security indicators that simplify …

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Technology to Protect Your Technology

orrstownbankdebitcardborderIf it hasn’t happened to you yet, it probably will. That moment when you instinctively check your online bank account only to discover several very recent ATM withdrawals you never made. In fact, you couldn’t have physically made them. The withdrawals were too close together in time, too far apart in distance. You call the bank and learn that they do have protective security measures in place, but the system hadn’t yet flagged the transactions as fraud. You’re relieved. You’ll get your money back. But, you’re discouraged that you discovered the fraud before the bank’s technology did.

According to a 2013 Forrester Report, online fraud costs merchants $200-250 billion per year and financial institutions $12-15 billion. 

At Splunk, our lifeblood …

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Business Analytics at Splunk .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGBTime flies when you are having fun! With a blink of an eye, I am onto my second Splunk .conf event.

This years event is shaping up to be the best one yet! With amazing keynotes, customer led sessions, industry panels, expert sessions, etc. to name a few. Being a veteran of attending tech events, .conf is one of my favorite – the passion customers and fellow Splunkers bring to .conf is simply amazing!

This year we have a great round up of customers who have extended Splunk for Business Analytics use cases. These customer have leveraged the power of Splunk and applied their ingenuity to – improve customer experience, understand how customers use their products and engage with their …

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Five First Impressions of Splunk

As a newcomer to the Splunk family, I have been drinking through the proverbial firehose, learning about the company, its solutions, and its customers. It has been energizing, and an eye-opener for me. So for my first post on the Splunk blog, I would like to share my early impressions, as a way to give some insight into a company that some of you might not know all about.

1. The customers

The first thing I noticed was the excitement of (and for) our customers and community. Splunk has some of the most passionate customers I have ever seen, and one of the strongest communities too. You just need to check presentations from Splunk Live or our upcoming User Conference,

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