Smart AnSwerS #39

Hey there community and welcome to the 39th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Playing catch up with work after .conf2015 last week in Las Vegas has been hard, but well worth it. It was great getting to meet many Splunk users for the first time in person, and I have to say, you’re pretty awesome ;D The folks I had the chance to speak to were excited to see old faces, network with other users passionate about our various products, and learn everything and anything possible. Even just overhearing conversations over meals at the same table or in passing, I could feel good vibes all around as the community of users got value not only from the content of …

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Smart AnSwerS #38

Hey there community and welcome to the 38th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

It’s almost time for .conf2015, Splunk’s worldwide user conference in Las Vegas in t-minus 4 days! Unless, of course, you’re going to Splunk University to level up your Splunk skills, then the action starts for you in less than 48 hours :) This will be my very first year attending, so it’ll be great to finally put faces to usernames I see on Splunk Answers all the time. If you happen to be around the Answers booth, gamer lounge, or other community spaces where I’ll be hanging out with support folks, don’t be a stranger!

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

How can I assign

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Smart AnSwerS #37

Hey there community and welcome to the 37th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

martin_mueller asked me if I ever Splunk the Smart AnSwerS blog posts for a score board, and I knew exactly where this was headed. Both him and acharlieh made a fun afternoon of it, using wget to download the blog posts, and grep to search how many times certain users were featured for their awesome answers. acharlieh got the raw data to use for searching in Splunk to generate a list of how many times each user appeared among all blog posts, and another list showing mentions of users by post. This mini project of theirs is just one of the many reasons why I am …

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Smart AnSwerS #36

Hey there community and welcome to the 36th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

While searching and writing up content for this post, all I could hear behind me was “Jess, duck. Hey Jess, can you duck really quick? Jess? Cool.” Docteam rockstar Jess finally obliges. *nerf guns go pew pew pew galore* Just another late afternoon in the middle of the week. The nerf wars have gotten more intense lately. I’ve had to put up a temporary barricade behind me to avoid accidental head and neck shots from the crossfire. There was even plastic debris around piebob’s desk earlier this week from a lamp shade 2 desks away. The horror! However, I’ve emerged from this war a survivor …

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Smart AnSwerS #35

Hey there community and welcome to the 35th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

For all the hard work put into making all things Splunk as awesome as possible, a group of Splunkers were taken on a day trip to Sausalito, CA for some kayaking and paddleboarding action in the bay. The morning was chilly, cloudy, and windy, so most folks avoided falling into the water like the plague, but of course the overcast gloom cleared up to show off some sun and blue skies AFTER we were done. It’s just good ole San Francisco Bay Area weather teasing us in its true, unpredictable form. Nonetheless, folks had a great, and well deserved, time :) Great job and big thanks to …

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Smart AnSwerS #34

Hey there community and welcome to the 34th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

An exciting announcement just went out earlier this week, and that was the launch of the Community MVP Program, the SplunkTrust. The Splunk community is full of amazing leaders that are passionate about our various products and actively share their knowledge with other users to grow and learn, whether that be through active participation on Splunk Answers, Splunk User Groups, writing blogs, and many more avenues. These helpful leaders are what being a SplunkTrust member is all about. Read through the SplunkTrust blog announcement by Rachel Perkins, the Sr. Director of Community, to learn more about the program, the awesome perks of being a …

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Smart AnSwerS #33

Hey there community and welcome to the 33rd installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Yesterday, two teams of Splunk interns presented their Splunk4Good Hack projects in a contest where they had to create an app using public open source data in a way that could highlight issues affecting different communities, build awareness, and spark constructive conversations. I had the opportunity to help judge the contest and see what awesome work some of the Splunkterns put together throughout their time at Splunk for the Summer. BIG congratulations to the winners Brooke Wenig and Aamir Goriawala for their app using public San Francisco crime data to find trends for certain types of criminal activity throughout different districts in San Francisco. They made …

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Smart AnSwerS #32

Hey there community and welcome to the 32nd installment of Smart AnSwerS.

The SF Bay Area Splunk User Group met up this week at Splunk HQ which opened up a lot of great discussion between fellow Splunkers and customers alike. Octavio Di Sciullo, Principal Supportability Engineer at Splunk, covered a presentation on the Distributed Management Console and also facilitated a discussion between everyone present. It was a great opportunity to pick their brains on how they currently manage and monitor their Splunk deployments, but also hear their woes with current built-in features, including the DMC. The takeaways from the meeting were constructive and helpful in how to improve the long term supportability of the product, making the lives of …

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Smart AnSwerS #31

Hey there community and welcome to the 31st installment of Smart AnSwerS.

An awesome event transpired last week in Splunk HQ’s courtyard that was hosted by Women in Tech @ Splunk. It was a panel featuring 5 of our very own Splunkers speaking on their background, the journey to Splunk, pivotal moments that helped steer their career path into the tech industry, and advice for breaking through barriers that women often face in the workplace. A  much needed reality check and discussion surfaced on the lack of diversity in tech from various underrepresented communities in regards to gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc. This was just one of many possible opportunities to make positive change in the …

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Smart AnSwerS #30

Hey there community and welcome to the 30th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Splunk HQ’s kitchens underwent a total makeover last week, and this beast of an automated hot drink machine appeared on the 1st floor. Splunkers have been frequenting the new big shiny toy, taking all the mugs, bringing them back to their respective floors, and leaving us first floor dwellers with nothing *cries*. Fortunately, this new installation has brought comic relief. Some new signage was placed on the machine saying “”OK Coffee” I am voice activated, please try me.” The machine is not voice activated, serving some occasional amusement 😉

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

Real Time Search Performance Considerations: Are there any

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