Splunk Wins 2015 Corporate Governance Award for Best Proxy Statement

CorpGov_TeamEarlier this month I was fortunate enough to represent Splunk at the 2015 Corporate Secretary Corporate Governance Awards gala event at Gotham Hall in NYC, alongside my colleagues Weilyn Wood and Ellen Swarthout. We were shortlisted for Best Proxy Statement in the small to mid cap public company category and were thrilled to win the award in front of hundreds of governance and legal professionals.
This award recognizes Splunk’s leadership in transparent and useful investor disclosure. The judges examined a number of general factors, including effectiveness of communication elements, readability, visual design and overall layout, as well as specific elements such as compensation discussion and analysis and director profiles. The awards are open to all corporate secretaries, general counsel, governance …

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The Insider Story: Splunk wins BigData-Insider and Security-Insider Awards


Splunk were recently invited to take part in the German IT-Awards 2015 run by Vogel IT-Medien. They own a number of online publications including BigData-InsiderCloudComputing-InsiderDataCenter-InsiderIP-InsiderSecurity-Insider and Storage-Insider. With an average of 850,000 page impressions per month they provide some of the most important sources of independent information to IT professionals in Germany.


Over a period of 4-5 months, the different publications asked their subscribers to vote for the “Readers’ Choice Awards 2015″. With over 27,600 votes it is one of the largest IT awards ceremonies in Germany.


Splunk was nominated in two categories and we’re delighted that we got so many votes from the readers of …

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Splunk wins “Big Data Innovation” at Computing’s Vendor Excellence Awards

ExcellenceIt is always nice to end a working week on a high and last Friday gave the Splunk EMEA team a great start to the weekend. We were nominated and won Computing’s Vendor Excellence Award for “Big Data Innovation”. The judges commented specifically on Splunk’s ability to democratize big data so that everyone can use it.


It was a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon and there was a lot of nervous anticipation over lunch as to who was going to win the various awards.


The ceremony started with something I’d never seen before. The pre-award entertainment was 25 year old rapper comedian, Chris Turner (@ChrisPJTurner). Dressed in a very dapper suit he explained how he was going …

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Splunk Enterprise Selected Best Fraud Prevention Solution in 2015 SC Awards

It has been an exciting week for all of us at Splunk who were fortunate enough to attend this year’s RSA Conference, focused on cybersecurity. From the wonderful Splunk stories by customers visiting our booth, to the engaging presentations from our partners and customers, RSA is always guaranteed to be a highlight on the Splunk Security calendar. (Our unique t-shirts never fail to build some buzz either!).

IMG_8660During the week we were also honored at the SC Magazine 2015 U.S. awards by winning the Best Fraud Prevention solution. A cross-section of SC Magazine readers selected the finalists and winners in the Reader Trust Award categories, and we are honored that this also marked the third consecutive year that …

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The best Christmas presents are surprises. Splunk wins “Best Business Application” at UK’s V3 awards.

SurpriseI hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas and nobody got injured in the madness that was black Friday. I’ve just got back from San Francisco where the festive season was in full effect. My Christmas shopping is nearly complete and the adoption of secret service level espionage tactics to hide presents from my children is underway. I’m fairly useless at keeping gifts a secret – I’ve nearly told my 8 year old son that he’s going to get an army of Star Wars Clonetroopers a number of times. I think it is important to try and keep presents a surprise to recapture some of the magic of the festive period when I was growing up and to try and …

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Splunk 2012 Revolution Awards—Winners!

When I was in Las Vegas last month for our Users’ Conference, I randomly threw twenty dollars into a pirate-themed penny slot machine. It was late at night, I might have had an adult beverage or two, and I was feeling lucky. Actually, I was resigned to losing my $20 and going to bed. To my surprise, after just a few minutes of randomly hitting buttons and playing all 30 lines like a Vegas VIP, I hit some kind of jackpot and walked away with $40. Vegas, I own you!

No doubt about it—everyone loves to feel like a winner! So, on Tuesday night during the Search Party, we distinguished the winners of this year’s Splunk Revolution Awards. The …

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APAC Partners “Splunk Apps of the Year” Competition

Use Cases, Use Cases and more Use Cases. During the APAC Partner Kick Off, we had recently crowned a few apps and named them as the “Splunk Apps of the Year”. Before that, we had a Call for Submissions back in December 2011, and had invited all our APAC partners to participate in this competition. The response was overwhelming, and we had received 15 best-of-the-breed apps that showcase just how Splunk can be used across the industries.

Bounded by a set of Judging Criteria, we began the arduous task of scoring the apps. There weren’t any firm conclusions as each and every one of the apps were stellar and we had to go thru 23 rounds of debates and discussions …

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Splunk won the Best of Interop Tokyo 2009

米スプランク社製ITサーチエンジン「Splunk for Enterprise」

Best of Show Award ネットワーク機器の輸入、開発、販売を手がける マクニカネットワークス株式会社 (以下 マクニカネットワークス、本社:神奈川県横浜市港北区新横浜1-5-5、代表取締役社長:宮袋 正啓)は、この度、2009年6月8日~12日に開催されたInterop Tokyo 2009において、マクニカネットワークスの取り扱う米スプランク社製ITサーチエンジン「Splunk for Enterprise」がBest of Show Awardプロダクト部門、アプリケーション部門においてグランプリを受賞したことを発表いたします。

  Interop Tokyo 2009では、300を越える出展社がネットワークに関するさまざまな製品やソリューション、サービスを展示します。その中から今年のテーマにふさわしい、最も優れたものを決めるのが、“Best of Show Award”です。 IT業界有識者による厳正な審査や、来場者の投票によって選ばれ、部門によっては「該当なし」も出る厳しい審査です。製品・ソリューション・サービスは、まさに今年を代表する、新しいネットワーク環境を牽引していくにふさわしいものと言えます。

Best of Show Award アプリケーション部門でグランプリに輝いた、ITサーチエンジン「Splunk for Enterprise」  アプリケーション部門でグランプリを受賞した「Splunk for Enterprise」は、ネットワーク機器やパソコン、サーバなど複数の機器や、アプリケーションから出力されるログデータやConfigデータをリアルタイムに収集・蓄積し、検索、アラート、レポーティングを行うITデータ全体を対象とした収集、解析ツールです。テキストデータであれば取り込みが可能で、ログフォーマット等を問わず、メールやシステムの起動、シャットダウン、アクセス権変更のログなど、あらゆる種類のデータを一元管理し検索や分析を行なうことができるため、ネットワーク監視をはじめ、IT全般統制で重視されるアクセス権やアプリケーションの変更管理など、さまざまな分野に活用することが可能です。

  ログ・ITデータの「管理」を超えて、自由に「検索」をするという新たなコンセプトをもって登場した『ITサーチエンジン』 という新テクノロジーが、今回高く評価されました。 2004年に米国で創設されて以来、米国でも数々の賞を受賞しており、2008年には米国のBest of Interop賞(ネットワークマネジメント、ソフトウェア&サービス部門)も受賞しています。 マクニカネットワークスは、2009年1月より米Splunk, Inc.と国内一次代理店契約を締結し、国内販売を展開しています。

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Splunk wins SC Magazine UK Award for Best Integrated Security Solution

Hot off the presses! Splunk won Best Integrated Security Solution at the SC Magazine UK awards this evening.

Our live correspondent, Elliott Clarkson, Account Manager for EMEA, tells us, “Best of all was that 99% of nominated companies have been cheered AND booed…but Splunk was ONLY cheered. Loudly, too.”

(See Elliott Clarkson and Tim Thorpe of Splunk flaunting the award below.)

It’s really great to receive this award in EMEA where we’re just getting warmed up. And this is the second big EMEA success in as many weeks.

More than 30 folks attended SplunkLive Norway held last week in Oslo. Henrik StrØm, Security Architect for Telenor shared how Splunk is helping them to do in minutes what used to …

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Splunk nominated for Information Week Startup 50–get your vote in now!

InformationWeek will unveil the Startup 50, the top tech companies shaking up IT. You can help decide which startups make the cut by voting for the most innovative, disruptive companies (ie Splunk!).

The link and directions to vote are here: http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2009/03/vote_for_your_f.html

Vote for Splunk!…

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