Splunk your Google Analytics

Gain more insight into site performance and user activity by correlating Google Analytics data within Splunk.

A customer of mine recently wanted to understand more about the journey that retail consumers take when they arrive at its website. They recognized that consumers who have previously bought from the site will have more familiarity with the design and layout than those visiting the site for the first time. In addition, consumers who went directly to the site would have a greater brand engagement than those who were referred from an affiliate site.

If only we could implement a method to back up the data that gets submitted to  Google Analytics, also sending it back to the local Apache web server logs …

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I’m sensor-ing that the fourth industrial revolution is going to be data driven

I was lucky enough attend the IoT World conference this week in Berlin. Everyone who is anyone in Industrial IoT and the associated software industry was present. The list of speakers included Bosch, GE and Vodafone among many others.

During the course of the two days at the event I had a conversation with a robot (see below), I visited a pre-war ballroom and I received a cocktail from two juggling bar tenders! However the most memorable moment came during the key note speech from Professor Whalster, one of the founders of Industry 4.0 movement – which is alternatively known as the fourth industrial revolution.


In simplistic terms, Industry 4.0 is focussed on the “smart factory” i.e the computerisation of manufacturing. …

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Detect IoT anomalies and geospatial patterns for logistics insights

In part 1 of this blog series we spoke about how to turn sensor data into logistics insights. In this part we outline one approach for anomaly detection and enrich our sensor data with location information to discover geospatial patterns.

Anomalies? Find them with a few lines of SPL.

Anomaly detection can be tricky and implementations vary from simple thresholding and baselining to highly sophisticated approaches based on machine learning. In this example we leveraged the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit to detect numeric outliers using a sliding window approach to check against multiples of the standard deviation in this time series to spot anomalies.


And that’s how the SPL looks like:

| timechart span=1s avg(ax) as avx avg(ay) as

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Turn IoT sensor data into Operational Intelligence for logistics

The Internet of Things (IoT) wave may impact businesses and industry verticals differently but with the same potential: IoT opens new doors to interesting use cases that have immediate business impact and value. Splunk has delivered Operational Intelligence and Analytics in IT and Security for years, so why not apply Operational Intelligence and Analytics to IoT?

IoT_logistics_overviewReferring to the general definition of IoT we consider an object that is connected to the internet, in our case data coming from a sensor which measures acceleration. One use case I want to walk through here is not new to logistics, but a great example to show the value in IoT. As the diagram above depicts the globalized delivery of goods takes place …

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If your plants could speak to you, what would they say?


I’m pretty sure mine would say “Hey Bozo, thanks for drowning me to death” or “Must… have… water… What is this, the Sahara?” Oh, and also “I hate it here, what’s it take to get some morning sun?”

I decided it was time to apply my inner nerd to reduce my plants suffering. That and happier plants mean a happier fiancé. Enter Splunk! The goal was:

  1. Keep track of moisture level in the soil.
  2. Determine best location for light intake.
  3. Combine current weather data, future forecasts and 1 and 2 above to create some machine learning models that predict when is best to water. (I’m still working on this part)

I shall call it… Operational Plantelligence! When first said aloud, …

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DevOps, Analytics and Mental Health: Notes from DevOpsDays Vancouver

IMG_45431Going back to Canada is always a pleasant experience for me. And when you visit Vancouver in April, it is easy to be mesmerized by this city’s majestic beauty. It includes the snow-covered mountain peaks, cherry trees in full bloom and crisp, clean air. And it is in sponsoring DevOpsDays Vancouver that brought us to this beautiful place.

Mining Machine Data for App Delivery

In my Ignite talk, I shared how using analytics for real-time insights into app delivery could help organizations have a measurable business impact. Mining machine data can help DevOps practitioners improve the velocity and quality of their applications across the entire build pipeline.

Gender in Organizations

In her captivating …

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VenueNext and Splunk at Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2016

VenueNext_logoThe following is a guest blog post from Ronak Bhatt, VP of Data Products and Customer Enablement at VenueNext.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the BI and Analytics industry. With constant innovation and new entrants, it is in a constant state of re-imagining. I look forward to being a part of the Gartner BI Event to be held in Grapevine, Texas from March 14 – 16. I am delighted to be presenting and talking about how VenueNext is leveraging Splunk technology to help venue operators gain real-time visibility into venue operations and understand event-goer behavior to transform the in-stadium fan experience.

Levis_MobileVenueNext is a technology company on a mission to transform the …

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Operational Intelligence a ‘shoe-in’ at Kurt Geiger

KG_Shoe2Firstly, let’s get the apologies for the pun in the title out of the way. It was a choice of ‘shoe-in’, ‘perfect fit’ or ‘Kurt Geiger puts best foot forward with Operational Intelligence’. In EMEA, we’ve got a lot of online retailers (John Lewis, Tesco, Otto Group, IKEA to name a few) turning their machine data into Operational Intelligence. I’m delighted to announce that we can now add Kurt Geiger to the list of leading e-commerce companies benefitting from real-time answers to critical business questions around sales performance.

If you don’t know Kurt Geiger, they have been a global luxury footwear and fashion retailer for over 50 years. They have multiple stores and presence in many …

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Splunk at Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2016

Gartner_SummitsI am very excited to attend the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit to be held in Grapevine, TX from March 14 – 16. It is one of the premier events in the industry that provides an opportunity to learn from leading thought leaders but also meet the most innovative companies. As evidenced by the changes in the latest Gartner BI MQ, the industry is going through a seismic shift. It is safe to say the nexus of the following trends is leading this:

Cloud – Cloud has been a game changer. Back in the day when we had to test a version of our software on multiple OS, it was a lengthy process – request, procure, wait, install, configure

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Splunk Joins Forces With Verizon to Advance Enterprise Threat Detection

Verizon_EnterpriseIt’s a well-known fact that organizations are facing an astonishing number of cyberthreats ⎯and that number continues to grow on a daily basis. No organization is immune to malicious threats, whether it is a private enterprise, government agency, educational institution or non-profit. That’s why Splunk and Verizon Enterprise Solutions are teaming up to arm clients with the tools and systems they need to battle cybercriminals.

Our weapon of choice? Analytics-driven security.

Together, Verizon and Splunk are addressing a pressing need for better-managed security operations center (SOC) solutions. Verizon now offers Splunk-powered, analytics-driven predictive threat detection to enterprises and government agencies.

By integrating analytics from Splunk Security solutions, Verizon has enhanced its flagship Managed Security Services platform. Leveraging massive …

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