Splunk EMEA Partner Kick Off – Breakthrough, Barcelona, Beavis and Beaker

BB3As I write this, I’m somewhere over France on my way back from the Splunk EMEA Partner Kick Off (PKO). We’ve been to sunny Barcelona at the Rey Juan Carlos Hotel (a place I’ve spent many a happy corporate event). After confessing to being an A-ha fan in Oslo, having frozen hair in Stockholm and apologising for being English in Paris – I foolishly decided to confess to looking like the lovechild of Beavis and Beaker from The Muppets. I’ll let you decide and comment below. Be kind!

We had about 150 partners from across the region telling their stories, sharing experiences of how their customers are using their machine data and getting a comprehensive, and hopefully useful, update from …

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Splunk wins “Cloud Management Product of the Year” and I meet a Dragon


I was lucky enough to spend last week in San Francisco for the Splunk Annual Sales Kickoff – always nice to spend some time “Sitting by the dock of the bay” (or at least the Union Square Westin Hotel). Having watched Pacific Rim on the plane I was expecting something to come out of the fog and take out the Golden Gate Bridge…

While I was there, we had the great news that Splunk had been nominated for “Cloud management product of the year” at the UK Cloud Awards. The basis for the award was the work we’d done at UCAS and Cognia and how they manage their AWS, Azure and cloud based applications in Splunk.


The great news was …

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Announcing Splunk ODBC Driver

Most people using Splunk Enterprise today would probably agree that they’re getting valuable insights from the machine data their applications, technology and devices continuously generate. Splunk helps thousands of organizations use their data to drive higher service uptime, prevent cyber-security attacks and drive completely new and valuable insights for their business.

IT teams know the value of machine data and leverage it every day, but what about the other users in your organization. How do you share that data with them, without always being the go-to guy? What about users in your organization that are already using an analytics tool such as Microsoft Excel or Tableau Desktop? How can they start leveraging the data in Splunk Enterprise, without asking IT …

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A sneak preview of TM Forum Big Data 2014

TMForumBigDataI’m lucky enough to be going to the TM Forum Big Data event in Amsterdam next week. It should be an interesting set of speakers and reference point for what telcos are doing with big data and also a great place to share best practice and practical experience.

I’m particularly interested to see the use cases for telco big data, looking at what data is being collected (from the network, handset, customer data) but also how that data is being used (customer experience, fraud, DevOps, marketing etc.)

We hear a lot about how big data allows better analysis, more informed decisions and identification of trends but in particular I’m keen to hear the presentation on how telcos are monetizing big …

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New App: Arista Network Telemetry for Splunk Enterprise

Have you seen a cool new Network Telemetry App Arista Networks created for Splunk Enterprise? You can now analyze and visualize a wide range of network telemetry data from Arista switches in Splunk software. Just add a Splunk forwarder to your Arista switch for easy collection of these metrics. Since these switches are like having Linux boxes with a bunch of Ethernet ports, it is no different from installing your Splunk forwarder directly on any other Linux machine. Once it’s there you can take advantage of both real-time and historical switch statistics to make your networks more efficient.

Some might call this new breed of open switches and networks – SDN (and no it is not Splunk Defined Networking). No …

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Using Splunk Enterprise to Gain Visibility into Your NetApp Storage

How? Just download a new version of our Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP for free. We have updated our App with many new and exciting features. Now, you can centrally observe the health of your entire NetApp Data ONTAP environment in both Cluster-Mode and 7-Mode. We’ve made it easy for you to monitor the most important performance metrics such as latency or IOPS as well as log data from your NetApp storage systems.

Important Volume Performance Metrics

Combine our App’s storage log monitoring with Splunk software’s alerting capability to get notified of an issue the moment it arises.  Now, if you have a failed disk, you can immediately identify and remedy this critical impairment.

The fun does not stop there! We have added …

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Atlanta Splunkers: User Group This Wednesday!

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, be sure to attend the Splunk User Group happening tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 3rd at 11:30 AM in Dunwoody. Lunch will be served. Topics include:

  • What’s new in Splunk 6
  • App development best practices
  • Exploration of various techniques to get data out of other systems
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Cisco is bringing the Network to the Application—what does that mean in Machine Data terms?

This is a great day for computer networks! Today, Cisco announced their new Application Centric Infrastructure, which consists of a new Nexus 9000 switch product line, the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC), and major enhancements to their NX-OS embedded operating system. If you want to read between the lines of the press releases, the terms you need to understand are “open” and “ecosystem”. It’s these terms that are most interesting to us at Splunk, and help to paint a picture showing how our technologies and Cisco’s can combine in the future.

So let’s parse things a bit to help you understand how Open and Ecosystem will lead to greater operational intelligence for your data center. Open is about accessibility and …

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Splunk @ TMForum

Where has Splunk’s Business Development Team been lately?  This week we were present at TMForum 2013 Americas, held in San Jose, CA.  This is THE show to be at when you want to make a splash into the Service Provider or Telecom industry.  While we have a number of customers in this space, I wanted to find some creative ways that Splunk was being used in the field, and then demonstrate that to the TMForum audience.

So how creative can you get with Splunk and Service Providers?  How about identifying ‘at-risk’ customers in an effort to reduce customer churn, while at the same time being able to compare nodes within a network to allow operators to quickly determine root cause?

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Get Value Out of Your Data in Hadoop, Starting Today

For years we’ve been working with thousands of companies using Splunk for big data solutions that range from security to business analytics and everything in between. The best part is our customers often discover exciting ways to use Splunk and teach us what the product can really do. As you can imagine, all of the customer conversations, product implementations and ROI stories have given Splunk a treasure trove of experience with big data and big data solutions.

So when our customers let us know that getting large amounts of data into Hadoop is straightforward, but getting analytics out is the challenge, we knew there had to be a better way. Customers asked us to make it faster and easier for …

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