Syracuse University’s iSchool IT Girls want to change the world with data

This past Veteran’s Day weekend, I was in Syracuse, NY with fellow Splunker Christy Wilson, attending the 3rd annual IT Girls overnight retreat at Syracuse University’s iSchool. One of the goals of the retreat is to introduce the 100 selected high school girls from around the US to technology concepts, and to inspire them to pursue careers either in, or related to technology–but we were the ones who came away inspired.

The girls travel to the event from all over the country. Most are from neighboring cities including New York, Philadelphia, and the DC area, but the event is expanding its reach–some attendees were from further afield, coming from Texas and Georgia. Some parents also traveled to Syracuse …

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Splunk and Ford Test Drive Open Data Development in Connected Cars

Splunk Inc. and Ford Motor Company collaborated to analyze real-time automotive data to gain insight into driving patterns and vehicle performance.

Using Ford OpenXC to gather data from connected vehicles, Splunk employees hit the streets of San Francisco in a Ford Focus Electric Vehicle and a gas-powered Ford Escape. The data was indexed, analyzed and visualized in Splunk® Enterprise and is now publicly available.

Check out the Connected Car dashboards and watch the video to see all the fun we had!

Want to know more about how we built the project? Keep reading for the technical deep dive.

OpenXC – what it is?

OpenXC is open source hardware/software that allows you to pull a wealth of data off your …

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Splunking jQuery Conference: drive user experience online and on site!

jQuery Portland 2013 Conference

Last June, jQuery Foundation held their conference in beautiful Portland, Oregon. As a Diamond Sponsor, we wanted to build something that would be beneficial to the jQuery community part of our Splunk4Good initiatives. What’s better than Splunking the entire conference?

To see the end result, check out this interactive infographic showcasing Splunk-powered web analytics applied to the conference website. The complete Splunk dashboard can be found here.

The goal is to capture client-side data (e.g. pageviews, link/button clicks, hovers), and build powerful analytics & visualizations in order to tackle the following business questions:

  1. Which topics are visitors most interested in?
  2. What are the top traffic sources for visitors who purchase tickets?
  3. How are visitors interacting with the site, including
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Splunk at the Connected Car Expo

Splunk has teamed up with the LA Auto Show’s Connected Car Expo to sponsor the first ever FASTPITCH competition. The FASTPITCH takes place on the first day of the Expo – November 19, 2013 – and targets entrepreneurs and independent ventures in the seed, start-up or early stage of development within the automotive or technology sector and offer the opportunity to pitch their original business concept to a judging panel comprised of VCs, incubators and CEOs.

Splunk welcomes entrepreneurs and developers to enter the FASTPITCH for a chance to win a 12-month Splunk Start Program Enterprise License as well as great exposure to the automotive and technology industries.

Excited to say I will be on the FASTPITCH judging panel …

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OHI! Open Humanitarian Initiative Code Sprint

Splunk4Good is excited to sponsor the Open Humanitarian Initiative Code Sprint happening Sept 9-13 in Washington, DC, Birmingham, England and remotely via the Humanitarian Toolbox.

The Open Humanitarian Initiative (OHI) is working to revolutionize how information is shared in humanitarian response by engaging ngos, academic institutions, private sector technology companies, donors and governments in a shared vision that advocates for open data.

The OHI Code Sprint will gather technologists and subject matter experts the week of Sept 9-13 to work on data, mapping and visualization problems in the humanitarian and disaster response space.

Interested in mapping, data structures, humanitarian assisted disaster relief, design++? Check out the OHI Eventbrite page to learn more about how you can participate in DC, UK …

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Build a Splunk App by end of Aug, you could win something cool

Splunk’s Annual User Conf is coming up in just six weeks (Sept 30-Oct 3) and is seriously one of my favorite times of year.

I am especially excited .conf2013 has so much awesomeness for developers.

In addition to the Hackathon we are holding during .conf2013 and the Splunk Revolution Awards we are giving out at .conf2013 – there is also the Splunk App Dev Contest! Chief Legal Counsel suggests I refer you to the official rules (tl;dr = Build a Splunk App by end of Aug, you could win something cool.)

We’re holding a contest to see what amazing projects can be built in the Splunk community. Build something awesome with Splunk software and you can win a prize …

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Splunk .conf2013 Revolution Awards: Nominate your favorite use of Splunk for good

Splunk Revolution Award Nominations are almost closed! Read and act quickly as nominations are still being accepted thru the end of August!

We’re always excited to hear about the cool, inspiring ways our customers are using Splunk® software. That’s why we established the Splunk Revolution Awards—to distinguish individual Splunk users and recognize their achievements in multiple categories. So here’s your chance to nominate yourself or one of your colleagues! Fame and glory (okay, a nifty awards plaque) could be yours!

Splunk Revolution Awards will have winners in 5 categories: Developers Award, Do-Gooder Award, Enterprise Award, Innovation Award and Ninja Award. You can read all about the Awards, make your nominations and see full contest rules here.

Through Splunk4Good …

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SXSWi PanelPicker now open! Vote Big Data = Big Save: Innovation in Emergencies

Big data is saving lives around the globe by changing the way we prepare for and respond to emergencies. Splunk4Good works year around to support innovation in emergency management and Christy Wilson has paired with Greg Albrecht (@ampledata + CTO of OnBeep) to submit a talk on the topic to SXSWi’s PanelPicker.

In our talk “Big Data = Big Save: Innovation in Emergencies” you can learn about:

- Real-time analysis of river sensor data allowed for evacuation alerts that saved lives in Thailand.

- FEMA’s Innovation Team used social media feeds from Twitter & Foursquare to create operational intelligence that can improve disaster response and recovery.

- Dispatch directors of local Emergency Medical Services are using big data …

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Detecting Fraud

I sometimes get asked if Spunk can detect fraud. The answer is yes, but the question is broad and needs an understanding of the situation that needs to be detected before making a generalization. Fraud here means using deceptive techniques for gains, which for the most part may be illegal. The two textbook ways to detect fraud usually involve pattern matching or statistical anomalies (or a combination of each).

Let me describe a real-life fraud detector. A few years ago, I used to work for an enterprise software company that used Mantas (which has since been acquired by Oracle) as a partner to detect money laundering activity. The software would load financial systems data into a database and run algorithms …

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There’s Still Time to Enter the Splunk App Dev Contest

The inaugural Splunk App Dev Contest is heading into the home stretch but there’s still plenty of time to enter and win. The Splunk App Dev Contest is a chance to show off your development chops and win up to $10,000! What kinds of things can you build and enter into the contest? You can build a Splunk App using JavaScript and Django with the new Framework (requires Splunk 5.0+) or with Advanced XML. You can integrate Splunk functionality and data into a web, mobile, desktop or server application using the Splunk REST API or Splunk SDKs for Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, Ruby and PHP. You can build something else amazing that we haven’t thought of and blow away …

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