Popular Cisco Networks App Recognized with Splunk “Revolution Award”

The first inkling I had of the usefulness of the Cisco Networks App for Splunk Enterprise (formerly Cisco IOS) came from a Cisco field team who helped their customer get the app working and immediately identified multiple issues with flapping ports. In the months that followed I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Datametrix senior consultant, Splunk app developer and general rock star Mikael Bjerkeland.

At .conf2014 Mikael was recognized with a much-deserved Splunk 2014 Revolution Award. ComputerWorld Norway profiled the award and the Cisco networking app in a fantastic article (“Norsk programvaresuksess”) that anyone using Splunk and Cisco networking gear should read.

For folks who don’t speak Norwegian, here’s a quick recap …

Several years …

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Social Media Roundup

Because Splunk can index any kind of data, many of our customers have found it useful for indexing and analyzing social media events like Tweets, Facebook posts, and blog posts.


Hurricane Sandy

Tweets posted during Hurricane Sandy from the affected regions were indexed and analyzed. They were used to track how many people left the area and when they left relative to the arrival of the storm, people’s sentiment regarding levels of critical supplies, and people’s levels of anxiety and fear.

eRegulations Insight

Using built in Splunk analytics capabilities combined with add-ons like Sentiment Analysis, this site indexes and correlates data from regulations.gov to better understand public sentiment as it relates to specific regulations. The site provides insight on …

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She’s on a Mission: Dana Le

Dana Le profile

It’s not everyday that Splunkers head to Uganda by themselves. Much less to serve on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic halfway around the world.

But Dana Le is clearly no average Splunker.

In February 2015, Dana will be traveling to Uganda with Rescue Widows, Elderly, Youth and Orphans With AIDS (RWEYOWA), a Kampala, Uganda-based organization that works to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and improve the lives of those affected.

And not only is Dana donating her time for this trip – where she will provide education programs to local primary schools about HIV prevention, HIV counseling, and conduct home visits to those infected with HIV/AIDS – she also donates 100 percent of her weekend on-call …

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Smart AnSwerS #2

Hey there Splunk community!  Welcome to the 2nd installment of Smart AnSwerS!

We’re in the last month of the year and entering prime holiday season, but big data waits for no one ;D — Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

Is there a guide or map to understand Splunk’s internal indexes and their log content?

This topic is a great read and points you in the right direction to a better understanding of what Splunk logs about itself. ChrisG references a helpful page from the Splunk Troubleshooting Manual that contains a list of the various internal logs and a description of each one. However, the poster of the question (feickertmd) needed to dig a bit deeper into …

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Splunk Challenge 2014 – Bringing data to the next level.

It is just another day at Nanyang Polytechnic. But at one of the lab in this award winning school of IT, gathers a group of about 30 students who are competing in a splunk challenge. Yes, it is the annual Nanyang Polytechnic splunk challenge 2014.


Using data from the US mid term election 2014, the challenge comprises of 2 parts:

Part 1 – Standard Tasks assesses the students skill, speed and accuracy in developing dashboard
Part 2 – Challenge Tasks assesses the students proficiency, resourcefulness and creativity in producing dashboards with more advance features.
In the room, I see students who are awe of the power of data analytics and attracted by the unlimited possibility of transforming these machine data …

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SplunkTalk – #70 – New, Improved & Back for the Attack!

This episode of SplunkTalk finds Hal and Wilde chatting it up about something special that was announced at Splunk’s 2014 User Conference, that being an itty-bitty little point release known as Splunk 6.2 ;) A ton of new features and other really cool stuff is discussed in this slightly longer than normal SplunkTalk episode. Splunk Dev Ecosystem has a contest for Splunk App Developers called Splunk Apptitude running from Nov 18, 2014 – Jan 20, 2015! You can earn some serious prizes for building apps. Over $50,000.00 (USD) in cash and prizes. Now that’s a reason to get up in the morning, hit dev.splunk.com and build yo self a kickbutt app. More fun than human beings should be allowed to have, SplunkTalk is here.

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Making Sense: Manufacturing, Splunk and Industrial Data

Recently, in the online publication Manufacturers Monthly, Denise Carson published a piece called “Harnessing Operational Intelligence”, and really made the case for using big-data and platforms like Splunk to deal with “rising costs and the tyranny of distance”. Denise explained that operational intelligence has the potential to help manufacturers do things smarter and remain competitive in the face of massive volumes, velocity, and variety of data.

In the same week, in the “Smart Business” section of the Chinese language ITHome.com, Yu Zhihao wrote about how a Korean semiconductor company was using Splunk and big data to perform real-time analysis of the semiconductor production line, and was quickly getting to the bottom of production issues through advanced analytics …

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Preparing users for phishing attacks with Splunk

Why waste time and energy trying to crack passwords or hack through some obscure and complex vulnerability when there is a much easier way to breach a computer network?

Want a break in? Just ask for an invitation.

Phishing is probably the simplest way to get reliable, authentic access to a target network. By baiting users into visiting a website or downloading code, hackers can persuade them to hand over valuable access to vital data stored in even the most secure environments.

One Splunk customer in the healthcare industry found an ingenious way to fight back. Techniques they developed with Splunk have helped them harden their network against social engineering attacks and better protect patient data. The tactic has been …

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Monitoring Network Traffic with Sysmon and Splunk

Every IT guy has a set of tools that they use every day. One of mine is sysinternals. It’s a set of Windows utilities made available by Microsoft that do a whole slew of things. You can install them with chocolatey (another in my toolset) or downloaded and unpacked from their website. If you use Windows and this toolset isn’t in your arsenal, maybe it’s time.

Back in August, I got a request from one of our engineers asking me if we had any plans to support the collection of Sysmon data. Sysmon is a Windows system service (yes, another agent) that logs system activity to the Windows Event Log. However, it places all the important stuff in the …

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Smart AnSwerS

Hello, and welcome to the debut of Smart AnSwerS, a weekly blog series featuring posts from Splunk Answers on trending issues, interesting use cases, and more!

For the last couple of months, I’ve been reviewing incoming content on Answers and selecting high-value postings to summarize and email weekly to my compadres on the mighty Splunk Support team. Pretty quickly, we realized that this information wasn’t just useful to Support–it is useful to everyone who uses Splunk–so here we are. This first installment is a bit of a best-of from the previous emails, but look for a new blog post each week chock full of specially-curated Answers for you to expand your brainmeats with.

Answers? What’s that?

If you aren’t familiar with Splunk

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