We’re All Part of a Winning Team

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.12.34 PMI think we all love the feeling of winning something – even if it’s simply the $5 lottery scratch ticket or the March Madness office pool. For me, those can be really fun moments of over-exaggerated boasting. But I always have mixed emotions around sharing bigger wins or awards. I guess it’s because no one likes to be on the losing side of the win. The good news is that today the awards I’d like to share are wins that were made possible by teams of people demonstrating massive effort, innovation, and commitment to the development and evolution of Splunk software.

It’s not often we can say that we’re all part of a winning team. Thanks to Splunk employees, Splunk …

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Splunk wins Leading Edge Award from Healthcare Informatics

HCI-InnovatorAwardsWinnerSeal-2015I’m pleased to announce that Splunk was selected for the 2015 Leading Edge Award for Interoperability from Healthcare Informatics! This is truly exciting for us, as healthcare is an area that we’re deeply passionate about.

Recent headlines and legislation have forced a conversation about the best ways to rein in healthcare costs, while keeping in mind patient privacy and security concerns. From an IT perspective, it’s easier to manage costs if you have visibility into your overall operations. Having that single pane of glass view enables you to determine the gaps or overlaps in processes, technologies and controls. But oftentimes, the data resides in disparate silos across the enterprise.

Typically, healthcare organizations must use vendor-specific solutions or create their …

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Common Core Digital Assessment – Demystifying Your “Online” Readiness, and More With Splunk!

My family and I are very fortunate to live in one of the best school districts in Illinois, possibly the Midwest. This year Illinois became one of the 38 bold states to implement Common Core. Is it controversial or progressive? Dichotomous viewpoints for sure. Nonetheless, it necessitates assessments be realigned to these standards and states have chosen (or are gravitating) to employing one of the following three assessments: the SBAC (Smarter Balanced), PARCC (Pearson), or Aspire (ACT). All three have or are propelling states to replace traditional paper based exams with online assessments. Obvious benefits to online assessments include reduced test administration, automatic scoring, and instant diagnostic reporting for comparing results to other schools, districts, and …
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Downhill Splunking (Part 1)

Splunk GPS

Last month I took some time off and hit the slopes in Jackson Hole, WY.

Yes, it was awesome. And yes, I want to be back there. However things need to be Splunked… starting with the data I collected whilst shredding the mountain.

I used an app called Ski Tracks to collect GPS data, and used Splunk examine it.…

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Recycling and Re-tooling by building with RAFT

By Stephanie Han


Splunk’s own Revenue and OM team spent a warm March morning working at RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) in San Jose, assembling activity kits for teachers and students throughout the Bay area. The team constructed more than one hundred Breadboard Circuit kits, used to teach 1,500 students about electricity and creating basic circuits, and 41 Motorized Shake Table kits, which will be used to teach 1,640 students about earthquakes and structures.


But we were doing much more than building educational tools for Bay Area students. Each of these learning kits was comprised of recycled materials donated by companies throughout the Bay Area.

We weren’t only helping to build important resource kits for Bay Area students, …

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Customer Survey: the results are in!

Hello Splunkers,

In November 2014, we launched our fourth annual Net Promoter/Customer Satisfaction Survey. We’ve been tabulating the results, and we’re now excited to announce that for the last four years, our NPS score ranks Splunk among the top software companies in the world. Over 280 customers responded this year—thank you to everyone who participated!

We received some great feedback and we hear your requests loud and clear. Below are the highlights from the survey and a sneak peek at what you can expect based on the results.

Background: What is a Net Promoter Survey?

NPS is based on the fundamental perspective that every company’s customers can be divided into three categories—promoters, passives, and detractors—by asking one simple question: How …

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Splunking the Leftovers

By Billy Priest

From time to time, you may have seen me scuttling out the front door in the evening, toting a heavily loaded Instacart or caterer’s bag. You might have wondered what it was I was carrying out of the building in so carefree a manner.

Wonder no more: It’s the leftovers!

Despite detailed tracking of food and beverage consumption by floor, it’s impossible to buy exactly the right amount of food here at HQ. So when groceries arrive for the third floor, it had been my habit to simply throw away anything that had reached its “sell by” date (I got emails complaining about “expired” food if I didn’t). But since the “sell by” date is often a week or more ahead …

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FIRST Robotic Competition combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology


By Al Myscich

I have talked with my son’s McKinney High School FRC crew, Team 4300, about what is important during their current competition Recycle Rush. I discovered they need a way to organize the data collected during matches. Splunk could help them organize this information into user friendly dashboards that would allow them to make decisions quickly with the visualizations.

The critical data they need access to is during the autonomous period of the matches. They need to know if the other teams can move to the autozone, move totes to the autozone, move containers to the autozone, or stack totes.

The other detail they need to understand is how successful the other teams are at completing all …

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.conf2014 Highlight Series: Using Selenium and Splunk for Transaction Monitoring Insight

Planning continues here at HQ for .conf2015: The 6th Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference in Las Vegas in September. In the meantime, we’re excited to share the latest in our .conf2014 highlight series. This week, we revisit Elias Haddad’s presentation detailing the capabilities and benefits of the Synthetic Monitoring App.

Skill Level:
Good for all skill levels
Solution Area:
Application Management
Splunk Enterprise

Presentation overview:
The Synthetic Monitoring App enables you to monitor your Web application and measure critical KPIs such as application performance and availability. This session showcases how this app can simulate user interactions around the clock and set up alerts when your application breaches its performance and availability SLAs. Elias Haddad shows how you can proactively …

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Splunk 0 – 1 Journalists. Team Fortress 2 Smackdown!

TF2To tie in with the recent news that Valve have standardized on Splunk, we hosted a Team Fortress 2 Smackdown event in the Splunk London office. A team of journalists faced off against a group of UK Splunkers. As a bit of background, Team Fortress 2 (or TF2) is one of Valve’s most popular games. Valve are also creators of some of the best-selling game franchises including Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal as well as leading technologies Steam and Source. Valve have over 100 million active accounts and they are using Splunk to get Operational Intelligence into how games are being played, uptime of servers and ensuring the security of Valve and Steam games. Valve will …

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