DevOps Metrics: Measuring Team Productivity – Yes or No?

In my last blog post, I talked about the importance of measuring the business impact of DevOps-driven application delivery. At the DevOpsDays Seattle Open Space discussion on metrics, we also explored measuring DevOps teams’ performance and people productivity. I was glad to see that Nancy Gohring from 451 Research joined our session (check out her insights). Below are some of the key highlights from that Open Space discussion.

For DevOps leaders, knowing if DevOps teams are making progress toward meeting their organizational goals are important. Often these teams seem to have conflicting objectives. And, since DevOps practice involves a cultural shift, in our discussion it was concluded that it is crucial for Dev and Ops teams to …

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The Disintegration of IT

SplunkGov LogoWith President Obama’s proposal of a $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund, there has been increased discussion around the government’s struggle to manage its aging IT infrastructure, while simultaneously trying to introduce modern technology.

I recently spoke with FedTech Magazine and Federal Times about the need for government to unify its fragmented IT systems and ease the associated financial and security risks. As I note in both pieces, the problem is not that government still relies on antiquated technology; it’s that instead of federal agencies fully replacing legacy systems, they are adding in layers of new technology, such as mobile and cloud, directly on top of older technology like distributed systems, desktops and mainframes. This debilitating practice has led to the …

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DevOps Metrics: Measuring Business Impact

A few weeks ago, I attended DevOpsDays Seattle. As a big fan of Open Space, I was happy when my session proposal on DevOps metrics was accepted. And as it turns out, this is an important subject for DevOps community, as my colleague, Splunk Chief Technology Advocate, Andi Mann also noted in his blog. Below are some of the highlights from those discussions among 30+ DevOps practitioners.seattle 3

Measuring Business Impact

Since the audience was from a variety of organizations of different sizes and maturity, it was great that a common theme/metric bubbled up: knowing and measuring the business impact of DevOps activities. The first step is to identify a business or customer success goal. Other relevant parameters stem …

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The 4-minute mile challenge and securely moving to the Cloud

roger-bannister_YaXSaAs a runner, I am always fascinated by Dr. Roger Bannister’s achievement of shattering the 4-minute barrier to run a mile. Even though, I was not around to witness this landmark feat, the 4-minute barrier holds a special significance.

Splunk is excited to share with you a new interactive, sub 4-minute video, in which Splunk’s Senior Vice President of Security Markets, Haiyan Song, takes you on a journey to discover how cloud-based SIEM services can cut costs, help security teams reduce remediation cycle times, and demonstrate regulatory compliance, without the hassle of setting up and managing complex hardware.

Within this interactive video, you can access additional customer videos, peruse white papers, listen to a webinar and much more!

The …

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Join Splunk at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2016

Gartner-SummitsThe Splunk Security markets team is excited to attend the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit from June 13-16 in National Harbor, Maryland. This Summit is one of the premier events in the security industry and it provides an opportunity to learn from leading thought leaders but also meet the most innovative companies and understand their challenges.

Splunk will be at the event in full force! Stop by booth #821 to:

  • See live demos of Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk User Behavior Analytics and learn how to accelerate the detection, investigation and response to threats , cyber attacks and a wide range of security use cases.
  • Understand how Splunk’s analytics-driven security solution helps you discover relationships across all security-relevant data,
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Splunk Light – Taking the Pulse of Healthcare Systems

analyticsMD_OnRamp-Blog-01As more and more of the healthcare industry goes online an interesting question arises. Who is monitoring the health of your healthcare system? Or to put it another way your health is increasingly dependent on the health of your healthcare system (say that three times fast and your lung function is just fine). Recently analyticsMD showed that Dr. Splunk Light is watching out for you (well indirectly at least). Stay with me, this will only hurt for a second and you’ll feel better after…

analyticsMD provides HIPAA-compliant SaaS software that empowers frontline teams at hospitals to make the right data-driven decisions regarding efficiency, patient safety and experience. In many ways analyticsMD is an “air traffic control” platform that boosts the …

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Splunking Euro2016 – an analytics approach to who’s going to win

EurosSo it is football time again with the upcoming Euro 2016 football (soccer for those US readers) so prompted by my colleague Emanuele, I thought I’d try and use Splunk for some analysis into the last Euros and the players in this summer’s competition. A couple of caveats – I was pretty awful at football when I was a kid. Secondly, I did an appalling job trying to predict the winner of the last World Cup (embarrassment here – I went for Spain).

However, I’m not good at learning from previous mistakes so I’m going to try and use Splunk to predict the winner again this time.

First thing I did was find a couple of sources of data – …

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Going to Dockercon16? We’ll be there!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.09.01 PMIf you have been experimenting with or are deploying your apps in containers, chances are, it’s using Docker. And if you’re using Docker, Dockercon16 is a great place to learn more about Docker – from “getting started” and composing apps to orchestrating complex apps across many containers. Splunk will be at Dockercon, and we’re looking forward to talking to you!

What’s Splunk doing with Docker? Lots! In February, Docker users started using the Splunk Logging Driver for Docker to take advantage Docker 1.10.1 capabilities and beyond to send log data from containers to Splunk. In March, we delivered the Splunk Add-On for Google Cloud Platform, allowing people to consume data from containers in Google Cloud Platform.

At Dockercon16, …

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Splunk WiT Presents Operationalizing Machine Learning

WiT_VancouverThe Splunk Women in Technology group hosted its first international event in Vancouver on May 24th with fantastic attendance at the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA). The event provided the opportunity for technology professionals and students to hear from Splunk experts on Splunk and machine learning.

Carola Thompson, Chief Experience Officer at Splunk, kicked off the event with a brief history of the company and introduced Splunk Research Engineer Dr. Lilian Wong.

Dr. Wong, comes to Splunk with a PhD in Mathematics from Caltech and a passion for computer science. She provided an engaging overview of machine learning and how Splunk can easily perform a wide variety of tasks, including outlier detection, predictive analytics, event clustering, and anomaly detection.…

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Smart AnSwerS #66

Hey there community and welcome to the 66th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Splunk HQ now has an open room with giant Lego like blocks for Splunkers to take a creative escape from the daily grind. Some folks have already constructed some pretty epic stuff. In the first week, someone built a “conference room” with a fully functional table and bench seating that could be used for gaming, eating lunch, and quick meetings…possibly. When I checked out the space again last week, there was a 30+ foot long bridge and some sort of igloo maze fort of sorts. Who knows what architectural feats people will come up with next!

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

Splunk Add-on for

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