Smart AnSwerS #22

Hey there community and welcome back to Smart AnSwerS, the 22nd installment of its kind.

I just got back to the office from a two week vacation to find my desk surrounded by a jungle of plants, my chair wedged horizontally on the side of my desk, an inflatable giraffe with a St. Patrick’s Day hat, and a cardboard cutout of a snooty waiter. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised with the number of pranksters surrounding me, so it was expected haha. I also came back to 800+ posts that have gone live on Answers since my departure! I’m glad the community is as lively as ever, though, it will take me some time to sift through all that content, …

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SplunkLive! London: What did you miss?


Full disclosure: I work for Splunk in the Sales Engineering team and have done so for the last 11 months.

This week I attended my very first SplunkLive! in London and it completely vindicated my decision to join this fantastic company.

Since I joined last June Splunk has grown, matured and expanded its cloud offering, providing the industry’s first and only 100% uptime availability for our managed machine data analytics platform and now we’ve rolled it out across the globe.

We’ve also launched Splunk MINT our mobile analytics platform that can provide deep insights for mobile app development teams as well as correlating a mobile app user’s experience with the performance and availability of the backend infrastructure.

We’ve added

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Let’s Get Technical: Splunk Enterprise 6.2

Do You Know Splunk? Webcast Series Kick off! What’s New in Splunk Enterprise 6.2?

splunk_LogoLast week we launched our Do You Know Splunk? webcast series. The series will provide attendees with insight on the latest tips and best practices for optimizing your Splunk environment. Each webcast will highlight Splunk’s products and, together, we will dive into the weeds with users to help them better understand and harness Splunk’s platform within their organization. Plus, the online series will introduce Splunk users to new ideas and share how our solutions can help further increase visibility and intelligence for various data types and sources.

Our first webcast featured Splunk Enterprise 6.2.

With Splunk Enterprise 6.2, you can onboard, enrich and analyze …

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May the 4th Be With You: The Data Awakens.

SW_AWAKENSI’m sure, like a lot of you, the recent trailer for the new Star Wars film made you feel like a kid again. My first cinematic memory was going to watch a double bill of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi when I was about nine. Times have changed and last year I wrote a blog post about Splunking Star Wars Data with my 8 year old son (he’s pretty excited about the new Star Wars film but maybe not quite as much as me!). We used Splunk to investigate planets, lightsabers, Luke Skywalker etc.

To celebrate this year’s May the 4th, I’ve been investigating what Star Wars would have been like if a long time ago, …

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Smart AnSwerS #21

Hey there Community and welcome to the 21st installment of Smart AnSwerS.

I just got an email this week about a Cinco de Mayo party at the office, which would have been my first at the company. Sadly, with today as my last day as a contractor at Splunk, I’ll be missing out :( I’ll be entering funemployment…to start as a full-timer mid-May! *confetti* Smart AnSwerS will be on hiatus, so until I return, keep on keepin’ on, awesome Splunk Community!

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

How to use eval if there is no result from the base search and without the use of any subsearch?

MuS lives up to his reputation once again, finding common issues …

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Wednesday May 13th. London gets its Splunk on (and so does Carlton from The Fresh Prince)

CrazyForget the UK’s general election and the new Avengers movie, SplunkLive! London 2015 is the most interesting thing happening in London in May (OK maybe not, but it is going to be pretty great). After the success of last year with 450 attendees, Credit Suisse, John Lewis and Cognia, we’ve at least matched it this year with Paddy Power, Ticketmaster and Cert-EU as customer speakers. We’ve also got most of the Splunk executive team in London to take SplunkLive! up a gear. Not only that, but we’re also mixing the agenda up a bit to include a second day of Splunk University for the first time in EMEA. Finally, we’re also going to be running a Splunk London

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Splunk Enterprise Selected Best Fraud Prevention Solution in 2015 SC Awards

It has been an exciting week for all of us at Splunk who were fortunate enough to attend this year’s RSA Conference, focused on cybersecurity. From the wonderful Splunk stories by customers visiting our booth, to the engaging presentations from our partners and customers, RSA is always guaranteed to be a highlight on the Splunk Security calendar. (Our unique t-shirts never fail to build some buzz either!).

IMG_8660During the week we were also honored at the SC Magazine 2015 U.S. awards by winning the Best Fraud Prevention solution. A cross-section of SC Magazine readers selected the finalists and winners in the Reader Trust Award categories, and we are honored that this also marked the third consecutive year that …

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Smart AnSwerS #20

Hey Splunk Community and welcome to the 20th installment of Smart AnSwerS!

Almost every day in the Splunk documentation team Hipchat room, a conversation about cats comes up which isn’t surprising since a good number of the technical writers are cat owners. Through much discussion on our observations and exchanging of photos of our pets, the moral of the story usually ends up being that cats just want to be lazy, carry out revenge, and still be loved. Truly living the life. Now if only we could get them to help out with mice problem at the office 😛

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

How can I restrict a user to only search a specific

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Splunk Cloud Journey Continues with International Launch at AWS Summit

One of the things I always try to remember in our über fast-moving world is that the journey is often so much more valuable than the destination.  Whether it’s a road trip, raising kids, or launching a new product, I try to remind myself to soak in all the goodness along the way.  At Splunk, we have a destination:  To make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone—no matter where it comes from.  But, there’s a lot that takes place between here and there – and I’m thrilled to be on the ride.

Customer adoption is a key part of us getting to our destination, which is why I’m so excited that we reached another milestone on the cloud …

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Smart AnSwerS #19

Hey Splunk Community! Welcome to the 19th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

With Splunk HQ just 2 blocks away from the San Francisco Giants stadium, the bustle of game day foot traffic can be pretty disruptive–today some random jerk banged pretty hard on the street-level windows. There has been a home game every day this week and it’s always an interesting commute to and from the office through waves of black and orange and accompanying traffic car-mageddon. Luckily, facilities keeps us informed and forewarned on game day madness, about things like $50-$60 flat parking rates *jaw drops ensue* Tis the season!

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

Is there a way to separate the hot and warm bucket

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