Smart AnSwerS #27

Hey there community, and welcome to the 27th installment of Smart AnSwerS!

You know you’re in the office later than usual when the central HVAC system shut off promptly at 6pm over an hour ago and the building is either full of boisterous conversations and laughter from hard working Splunkers unwinding, or an eerie silence if folks decided to unwind elsewhere. It’s been silent for the past hour, so I think it’s that’s my cue to wrap things up and crank out some of the awesome material I’ve hunted down for you, by you :)

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

Is there a list of Splunk apps that need developing?

rkent is new to developing Splunk …

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Meet the Splunkterns: Dillon Lew

DillonWelcome back to our Splunktern series! Maybe it’s just me but I feel like everyone always forgets about all the non-technical people at tech companies. Of course we have a large number of technical Splunkterns but we also have interns filling those vital but non-technical roles. With that in mind, I wanted to introduce you to Dillon Lew, a legal intern working out of our San Francisco HQ. Originally from Piedmont, CA, Dillon is an Economics major at Yale University. We asked Dillon a few questions and here is what he had to say:

What kind of experience do you hope to gain from your internship?
I’m interested in going to law school following the completion of my undergraduate …

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Smart AnSwerS #26

Hey there community! Welcome to the 26th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

This just in! The documentation for the join command has been recently updated by our very own senior technical writer Laura Stewart! I used to check that page every now and then, only to find a tumbleweed rolling by. Well, that didn’t really happen, but that’s what I imagined in my head. It was in need of some tender loving care, and it has finally undergone a complete overhaul. If you’d like to provide input about the new content, feel free to navigate to “Was this topic useful?” at the bottom of that page to leave positive constructive feedback :) After you’re done perusing through the join topic makeover…

Check …

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Smart AnSwerS #25

Hey there community, and welcome to the 25th installment of Smart AnSwerS.

Whistling Nerf ammunition has been flying all around me the past couple of days. Surprisingly, I’ve left the battlefield, a.k.a. the office, unscathed. Occasionally, I’ll find a stray bullet in the plant next to me, behind my desk, under the couch, you name it. I noticed folks engaging in this Nerf warfare recently have been scrounging for stray bullets more often than normal. Apparently, hundreds and hundreds of rounds have gone and continue to go missing every week until the numbers have dwindled to just a handful per gun. 200+ rounds have just been ordered to arrive within the next week. It’s about to get real!…

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Meet the Splunkterns

IHSphoto5School is officially out, (unfortunately though UC students still have a few more days before they’re set free) and summer is in the air. Intern season is back. However, for most college students the arduous process of looking for a summer internship began last fall, almost a year ahead of any potential internship.

My name is Katrina Swarthout and I am a Splunktern. Now you may be wondering, what is a Splunktern? Well, it’s pretty simple: Splunk + Intern = Splunktern. I count myself extremely lucky to be a Splunktern working in the marketing department based here in SF HQ this summer.

When it comes to a great place to intern, I may be a little biased. However, we’ve been …

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Smart AnSwerS #24

Hey there community, and welcome to the 24th installment of Smart AnSwerS!

Since I started a year ago as a contractor and just recently became full-time at Splunk, I’ve had to participate in new-hire onboarding the past couple of days. Most of the content has just been a nice refresher on all things Splunk, but hearing about the updated customer use cases has been amazing, especially the most creative ones. One user, for example, has been using Splunk to optimize smoked salmon perfection by analyzing data from a sensor placed in the smoker. Who knew?! Splunk products are only as awesome as the community that makes them worthwhile :)

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

Sideview Utils:

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Sssh…Splunk’s Partner Program is Changing


Can I let you in on a secret? A quiet evolution of Splunk’s partner program is happening.

Recently tweeted at SplunkLive! Toronto:

Maybe it’s not a secret, but in case you haven’t heard, Splunk has some big things happening for partners of all shapes and sizes. In my 10 months at Splunk, our partner team has grown with several industry leaders joining the team, we’ve launched new commercial distribution relationships with Arrow Electronics, we’ve released a new partner marketing automation platform, Splunk Partner Hub, and transformed our annual Partner …

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Smart AnSwerS #23

Hey there community and welcome to the 23rd installment of Smart AnSwerS!

This morning was filled with *drilling noise…more drilling noise…even more drilling noise* as several standing desks were installed for folks all around me. I sit here among towering giants, burning calories faster than me in my sedentary chair. Guess I should go take a walk! (after this post of course)

Check out this week’s featured Splunk Answers posts:

How to retrieve the latest related event from one sourcetype based on a common identifying field from another sourcetype?

arnol229 had 2 sets of events that shared common ID field values, but different field names, and needed to get a table of the latest event from one sourcetype …

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Smart AnSwerS #22

Hey there community and welcome back to Smart AnSwerS, the 22nd installment of its kind.

I just got back to the office from a two week vacation to find my desk surrounded by a jungle of plants, my chair wedged horizontally on the side of my desk, an inflatable giraffe with a St. Patrick’s Day hat, and a cardboard cutout of a snooty waiter. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised with the number of pranksters surrounding me, so it was expected haha. I also came back to 800+ posts that have gone live on Answers since my departure! I’m glad the community is as lively as ever, though, it will take me some time to sift through all that content, …

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SplunkLive! London: What did you miss?


Full disclosure: I work for Splunk in the Sales Engineering team and have done so for the last 11 months.

This week I attended my very first SplunkLive! in London and it completely vindicated my decision to join this fantastic company.

Since I joined last June Splunk has grown, matured and expanded its cloud offering, providing the industry’s first and only 100% uptime availability for our managed machine data analytics platform and now we’ve rolled it out across the globe.

We’ve also launched Splunk MINT our mobile analytics platform that can provide deep insights for mobile app development teams as well as correlating a mobile app user’s experience with the performance and availability of the backend infrastructure.

We’ve added

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