Notes From Splunk .conf 2015 Day Two

The Search party last night was a blast, but today it was back to business. And Day 2 of the global Splunk user group, .conf2015, was another excellent day.

I started with some good mates from the industry analyst community, talking Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) over breakfast. I gained intriguing insights into our customers and our market, and came away with all sorts of possible new use cases for ITSI.

But as Steve Jobs said, innovation sometimes it means saying ‘no’ to a thousand good ideas, so for now we are going to focus on fulfilling the enormous early demand from our customers for POCs. Still, we are always looking for new ideas from our customers and partners (and analysts too!), …

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Notes From Splunk .conf 2015 Day One

PartPavWhat a fantastic first day at my first ever Splunk global user conference, .conf15. Last night’s Partner soiree kicked off the fun, bringing our customers and partners together in the expo pavilion over some tasty conference food and free-flowing drinks. Demos everywhere, a gaming space, golf swing analytics, and even a race car – no wonder it was absolutely packed!

The first full day started today with the opening keynote in front of a visibly energized crowd in a packed hall. Over 4000 Splunk customers are attending this year, and .conf is still growing. Not surprising, since this year Splunk chalked up its 10,000th customer.

The keynote was fantastic, among the best I have seen. Dynamic and informative, with a bit …

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Splunk Enterprise 6.3 – Shaking It Up!


Today at the Splunk .conf2015 User Conference we literally shook thinks up with the announcement of Splunk Enterprise and Cloud Release 6.3.

The crowd shook their cell phones while the new HTTP Event Collector sent the data from every device to a central console that tracked the motion, mapped the results, and eventually fired a cannon using the new Custom Alert Action feature integrated into a Citrix Octoblu device controller.

It was a fun way to highlight several cool new features of 6.3:

The HTTP Event Collector directly onboards data from applications, DevOps and IoT devices in real-time, scaling to millions of events per second. Developers can use a standard HTTP/JSON API or logging libraries. Those that are using …

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Banking on Success at .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGBSplunk .conf2015 is here! Not just banks, but other financial services organizations will be attending and speaking as well!  We have an exciting lineup of over 165 sessions for you to choose from. If you have a role within financial services, be sure to check out the following sessions:

Tuesday, September 22

  • 10:00 – MetLife: How MetLife is Using Splunk to Improve Customer Experience of Our Sales and Servicing Websites; Speakers – Mariya Gilyadova, Bob Jones
  • 1:00 – Northern Trust Bank: Leveraging Splunk for Tracking Business Transactions; Speakers – Arijit Das (Northern Trust), Joseph Noga (Komodo Cloud)
  • 4:15 – FINRA: Leveraging Splunk to Manage Your AWS Environment; Speaker – Gary Mikula
  • 5:15 – Orrstown Bank: Using Splunk Cloud and Anomaly
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Under the Hood of Cisco Security Incident Response Team & Cisco at Splunk .conf15

As a follow-up to Under the Hood of Cisco IT, we highly recommend the recent Cisco on Cisco webinar focused on Threat Detection/IoE and the monitoring capabilities of Cisco’s Computer Security Incident and Response Team (CSIRT). This session provides a detailed overview of the scope of Cisco’s IT environment, threats, and how CSIRT uses various tools to monitor, identify and respond to threats.

Under the Hood of Cisco CSIRT - Webinar


Cisco at Splunk .conf15

And… did you register for Splunk .conf2015 ? Buttercup is packed and ready for Vegas, and will be joined by more than 30 of our favorite Cisco folks. buttercup

Robert Novak of Cisco just published a blog about Cisco & Splunk at .conf2015, so be sure to check it out.

Cisco …

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Business Analytics at Splunk .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGBTime flies when you are having fun! With a blink of an eye, I am onto my second Splunk .conf event.

This years event is shaping up to be the best one yet! With amazing keynotes, customer led sessions, industry panels, expert sessions, etc. to name a few. Being a veteran of attending tech events, .conf is one of my favorite – the passion customers and fellow Splunkers bring to .conf is simply amazing!

This year we have a great round up of customers who have extended Splunk for Business Analytics use cases. These customer have leveraged the power of Splunk and applied their ingenuity to – improve customer experience, understand how customers use their products and engage with their …

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Telecommunications and Media Companies: Your Guide to .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGBIf you’re a communications service provider, you know how important content is to your business. Well, at Splunk, we’ll have a lot of content for you at .conf2015! With over 165 sessions, here are a select few that may be of interest to you:


Tuesday, September 22

  • 4:15pm – Vertu: Deploying a Splunk Cluster to the Cloud with DevOps Tools and Using Splunk to Improve Reliability in a Fleet of Mobile Devices. Speaker: Rob Charlton
  • 5:15pm – Comcast: To Xfinity and Beyond: Mission-Critical Metrics and Tips for Managing Any Size Splunk Installation. Speakers: Joe Cramasta, Kate Lawrence-Gupta

Wednesday, September 23

  • 10:00am – Swisscom: Collaborative Security Model. Speakers: Christof Jungo (Swisscom), Haiyan Song (Splunk)
  • 10:00am
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DevOps and App Management at .conf2015? Yes, please!

LGO-conf2015-RGBWith Splunk .conf2015 just around the corner, you might be asking yourself where are all the insightful application management and DevOps sessions? Good news! There are some really cool sessions at .conf next week, be sure to check out some of these sessions:

DevOps – Splunk has customers and partners using DevOps to provide useful insights to developers and operations alike. Others are incorporating Splunk into their DevOps toolchain. Here are a few session I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

  • EnerNOC Grace Sumner is presenting “Splunk: Uniting Ops and Dev (Before DevOps was cool)” on Wednesday, 3:15
  • Infosys Belaji Venkatachari is presenting “Splunk for DevOps” on Thursday, 10am
  • Vertu Rob Charleton is presenting “Deploying a Splunk Cluster to the
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Retail Therapy: Your Guide to .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGB It’s the most wonderful time of the year – at least for Splunk, anyway! .conf2015 is less than two weeks away, and we have an amazing lineup of customers speaking. .conf2015 features over 165 sessions to choose from, and if you’re a retailer, you won’t want to miss these:

Tuesday, September 22

  • 3:00pm – Target: Robotics Analytics at Target: Utilizing Machine Data from Robots to Provide Data-driven Insights and Decisions. Speakers: Alex Sneedmiller, Adam McNeil
  • 4:15pm – Building an Enterprise-grade Security Intelligence Platform at Speaker: Gianluca Gaias
  • 4:15pm – Vertu: Deploying a Splunk Cluster to the Cloud with DevOps Tools and Using Splunk to Improve Reliability in a Fleet of Mobile Devices. Speaker: Rob
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Your Picture of Health at .conf2015

LGO-conf2015-RGB.conf2015 is fast approaching, and I’m really looking forward to this year’s event! We’ve carved out a healthcare track out of the 165+ sessions, jampacked with great content. Oh, and we have A NEW SPLUNK T-SHIRT too, just for healthcare! Come join us for these sessions:

Tuesday, September 22

  • 4:15pm – Healthcare Panel: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Innovative Use Cases in Healthcare: featuring demos on using Splunk to ingest and parse HL7 data for time-critical operational intelligence. Pick up your new Splunk t-shirt here!
  • 4:15pm – AdvancedMD: Using Splunk for IT Service Intelligence. Speakers: Tyler Girmer, Coby Nielsen

Wednesday, September 23

  • 10:00am – Cerner Corporation: Predict, Alert, Manage and Optimize an Ecosystem With Splunk. Speakers:
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