HTTP Event Collect: a Python Class

splunktrust(Hi all–welcome to the first of what will be a series of technical blog posts from members of the SplunkTrust, our Community MVP program. We’re very proud to have such a fantastic group of community MVPs, and are excited to see what you’ll do with what you learn from them over the coming months and years.
–rachel perkins, Sr. Director, Splunk Community)


Happy Holidays everyone!

I am George Starcher, one of the members of the SplunkTrust.

I tend to make new code this time of year. So, I decided to make a python class after a lovely Thanksgiving with the family.
There is a lot of great content on the HTTP Event Collector thanks to Glenn Block and …

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Splunk at the Heart of a Critical SOC: Securing Operations and Winning New Business

Integra_sharing_logoSecurity professionals know that the ability to continuously monitor, analyze, and visualize data across from across the IT infrastructure is essential to combatting internal and external threats, including insider threats and advanced attacks. The ability to rapidly detect and respond to these modern day threats is essential to maintaining security for the organization. While having a high level of security is arguably critical for any business, some organizations rely on it not only to secure and maintain their customer base, in addition to maintaining the integrity of their own network.

Integra, one of the largest regional providers of networking, communications and technology solutions in the western United States, is one such company. Integra runs a security operations center (SOC) …

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SplunkLive Stockholm 2015. IKEA, Statnett and Klarna

A couple of weeks ago, I was in one my favourite cities for SplunkLive Stockholm. We had a couple of hundred people in one of the most impressive rooms we’ve ever had a SplunkLive in. It felt more like the setting of Romeo and Juliet (as far as I know, there weren’t any declarations of undying love – not even for machine data).


This year we were very happy to have Statnett, Klarna and IKEA presenting on how they use Splunk.



Statnett own, build and maintain the Norwegian power grid and “make sure the lights are on in Norway”. We had Linus from Statnett talking about how they “monitor all the things” using Splunk and how this feeds into their …

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Planes, Trains, Automobiles (and Shopping). European Business Analytics at .conf2015



So far in this blog series wrapping up .conf2015 from an EMEA perspective, we’ve explained how to bring sexy back to IT Ops whilst dropping your security breaches.


We wanted to wrap up with some of those exciting analytics use cases outside of IT Ops and Security. EMEA had some great customers talking about their use of Splunk for business analytics and we had case studies of planes, trains and automobiles (and very large omni-channel retailers).




As we’re increasingly seeing here at Splunk, one of the secrets to getting value from your data is to collect it once and use it for multiple purposes. Analytics plays a key part in enabling everyone inside a company …

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Using Splunk Solutions on Campus: EDUCAUSE 2015

educause2015In August, Splunk announced that more than 100 universities around the world are using Splunk software in their classrooms. Distinguished academic institutions including Georgetown University, Northwestern University, University of Colorado (UC) at Boulder and San Jose State University are teaching or researching with Splunk solutions to help build a foundation for the future of data analytics. Using big data analytics and cybersecurity tools enables faculty to better prepare undergraduate and graduate-level students with the crucial skills needed across private industry and public sector.

However, higher education institutions are not only teaching students with Splunk technologies, they are using Splunk solutions to support and strengthen their own networks too. Splunk’s data-driven analytics helps schools index, search and analyze machine data to …

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Technology to Protect Your Technology

orrstownbankdebitcardborderIf it hasn’t happened to you yet, it probably will. That moment when you instinctively check your online bank account only to discover several very recent ATM withdrawals you never made. In fact, you couldn’t have physically made them. The withdrawals were too close together in time, too far apart in distance. You call the bank and learn that they do have protective security measures in place, but the system hadn’t yet flagged the transactions as fraud. You’re relieved. You’ll get your money back. But, you’re discouraged that you discovered the fraud before the bank’s technology did.

According to a 2013 Forrester Report, online fraud costs merchants $200-250 billion per year and financial institutions $12-15 billion. 

At Splunk, our lifeblood …

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Using Splunk – It’s a Revolution!

Revolution awards

I’m still coming down from the high that I experienced at .conf2015 a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. It was an outstanding event—from the great customer presentations, to the new product updates and the Search Party (the silent disco was a highlight!). That said, not much can compete with the honor I had in presenting this year’s Splunk Revolution Award Winners.

If you’re not familiar with the Splunk Revolution Awards, the awards were established to distinguish the “best of the best” among our customers and hopefully inspire others in the process. These are folks who share their stories and I’m blown away by what they’ve been able to accomplish with the Splunk Platform.

There was so much goodness that …

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A Trifecta of Takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2015

Hat-trick. Trio. Trifecta. Three: The number of things most people can easily absorb and retell after hearing a story. So, while there were many memorable things from AWS re:Invent 2015, I’d like to share three key takeaways. (Sort of like, “Three Clicks and a Beer.”)

ThreeStarsIf you’re new to the cloud space, AWS re:Invent is Amazon Web Services’ annual user conference – hosting more than 19,000 people all looking to work faster, smarter, and cheaper with cloud-based solutions. At Splunk, we love being part of events like these because it’s in our DNA – the innate drive to continuously innovate and improve our solutions.

What does all this mean to organizations interested in moving more and more of …

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Bringing “Sexy Back” to IT Ops. An EMEA view on .conf2015

As I write this, I’m on a train into London and back in a cold, foggy, slightly chilly UK following September’s .conf2015 in Las Vegas. It was a pretty bumper week with around 4000 people in the MGM Grand hearing hundreds of fantastic customer stories, new product announcements, a huge partner pavilion and some great Splunk stories being shared over a drink (or two…). This year’s event generated some great buzz with #SplunkConf trending on Twitter during the keynote. From an EMEA perspective, we had three customer testimonials in the opening hour from BMW (using Splunk for IoT), Otto Group (using Splunk for business analytics) and Vodafone (using Splunk’s new IT Service Intelligence product). We also had customer speaking sessions from …

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Getting Smarter with Splunk; Lessons Learned in Higher Education

university-of-adelaide-logoSplunk has a lot of smart people working to bring you the best product experience and return on investment that we can. I am always humbled, however, when customers come back to Splunk with ideas that are brilliant, creative, and valuable… and something that we as a company would probably have never thought of ourselves. Splunk a train? We got that. Splunk a plane? We got that. Splunk an automobile? We got that too.

Which is why the potential of working with the best universities on the planet is so exciting – once these folks understand and explore the power of Splunk, the ongoing transformation of the research and teaching institutions will accelerate in ways we can …

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