Women in Technology: Meet Synchrony’s Jennifer Middleton

Jennifer Middleton Splunk Operations Manager Synchrony Financial

Jennifer Middleton
Splunk Operations Manager
Synchrony Financial

On the heels of Women’s History Month, it’s a great time to honor women’s contributions and launch our Women in Technology (#SplunkWiT) Q&A blog post series. I’m excited for our inaugural post, which features my conversation with Jennifer Middleton, Splunk Operations Manager at Synchrony Financial and a valued Splunk customer.

Middleton attended a Splunk Women In Technology panel at .conf2015, which included women leaders and Splunk customers from Comcast and Zappos. When we heard Middleton’s question to the panelists regarding women supporting other women, we knew we wanted to stay in touch.

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I sat down at a computer for …

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SplunkLive! Arrives in the Nation’s Capital

SplunkGov LogoLast week we hosted one of our largest SplunkLive! events of the year. More than 1,100 people came together in downtown Washington, DC to learn how more than 11,000 companies, federal agencies, universities and service providers worldwide use Splunk software and platforms to mitigate cybersecurity risks, prevent fraud, improve performance, reduce costs and deepen business insights and customer understanding.

With 16 breakout sessions to choose from, attendees were able to hear from a wide range of different customers and Splunk experts, and learn how our platforms help address and solve challenges in any environment. From sessions on Operational Security Intelligence and how to take Splunk to the next level for management, to hands-on tutorials on Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA

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Operational Intelligence – Manufactured in Germany | SplunkLive! Germany events 2016


Spring has only just begun and yet we have already finished our SplunkLive! 2016 Tour across Germany. We began in Munich with further stops in Frankfurt and Hamburg. We had a fantastic tour and achieved our goal of getting Splunk Ninjas together to learn from one another how to achieve operational intelligence. We heard how a botnet is using hacked e-mail mailboxes for malicious activities, we saw how Splunk sends out Excel sheets to individuals across a business and learned what could be done with 10bn events and machine learning for business application monitoring.

Let’s get started on the highlights with Datev, the 4th largest German software company and Computerwoche’s second best

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Splunk and Moviri – driving Italian Operational Intelligence at UniCredit, Yoox/Net-A-Porter & Saipem

SplunkLiveMilanLast week we ran SplunkLive! Italy in Milan and Rome. I was lucky enough to be in Milan and spend some time with the Splunk team but also one of our key partners, Moviri. We’ve been working with Moviri for many years and together we have delivered some outstanding examples of Operational Intelligence using machine data. Moviri is a leader in IT optimization in Italy, focusing on security, analytics, and monitoring operations. The customer speakers in Milan were UniCredit, Yoox/Net-A-Porter and Saipem. UniCredit presented their excellent story on delivering IT Operational Analytics, Yoox presented real-time security intelligence and Saipem presented on how they use the platform for multiple use cases in Oil and Gas. All three customers have gained significant …

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Building add-ons has never been easier

Speaking from personal experience, building add-ons had never been the easiest task for me. There are numerous steps required, and each step may come with its owns challenges. Worse, I might spend time on a solutions just to hear it wasn’t best practice.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make this process easier by equipping developers, consultants, and Splunk Admins with the right tool to build their own add-ons? To take it a step further, wouldn’t it be even better if this tool actually helps you build the add-on by following tried and true best practices?

Allow me to introduce you to the Splunk Add-on Builder that helps to address the challenges highlighted above. Splunk Add-on …

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Webinar: Learn How Equinix Uses Splunk as a Cloud-Based SIEM


We understand enterprise security teams have to deal with various challenges around threat detection, threat response and threat mitigation. A few years back, security solutions that merely reported and monitored security logs and events were considered good enough. But with the complex and changing threat landscape, the above legacy approaches lack the breadth and depth required to provide a comprehensive security solution. In addition to this, you also need broader insights from all data sources generated at scale across on-prem and hybrid environments.

Our cloud-based SIEM solution helps you to overcome the above challenges and realize value right out of the box with the help of pre-built dashboards, reports, incident response workflows, analytics, correlation searches and security indicators that simplify …

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Creating the optimal customer journey using analytics

Understanding the customer journey is currently a hot topic. This is because being able to deliver the right information and messaging to all consumers at every touch point is now a critical element of brand success.

Tracking customer journeys is an omni-channel challenge, but in many journeys there is some form of online interaction – which makes this channel a pivotal element in the process.

For me, the most interesting thing about online customer journeys is the fact that there is typically a divergence between how brands design and perceive the customer journey and the actual route taken by consumers. This is why being able to accurately track each interaction during the customer journey is critical.

The work that Splunk …

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How Splunk Helps Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Achieve its Customer Goals

PNNLsplunkThere is no better way to demonstrate the remarkable, impactful work we do at Splunk, than through our customers’ success. When Splunk solutions help our customers achieve their objectives and become more efficient, effective and innovative organizations – we know we are doing our job right.

GCN recently spoke with Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNNL) to discuss how their IT department overhauled the lab’s entire customer experience with the help of Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). By implementing Splunk ITSI, PNNL is now able to manage the 400 gigabytes of data from 30 to 40 sources and about 13,000 devices through one single dashboard. According to PNNL, the Splunk ITSI software helped achieve the IT staff’s two primary objectives; to better …

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VenueNext and Splunk at Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2016

VenueNext_logoThe following is a guest blog post from Ronak Bhatt, VP of Data Products and Customer Enablement at VenueNext.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the BI and Analytics industry. With constant innovation and new entrants, it is in a constant state of re-imagining. I look forward to being a part of the Gartner BI Event to be held in Grapevine, Texas from March 14 – 16. I am delighted to be presenting and talking about how VenueNext is leveraging Splunk technology to help venue operators gain real-time visibility into venue operations and understand event-goer behavior to transform the in-stadium fan experience.

Levis_MobileVenueNext is a technology company on a mission to transform the …

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Splunk Light – SMS Masterminds’ Proactive Cloud Based Insurance Policy

Let’s talk insurance (hey, wake up, seriously, this is interesting). No not insurance for your car, or your home or even your favorite body part (no kidding – Julia Roberts insured her smile for $30 million and Bruce Springsteen insured his voice for a measly $6million – now who’s boss!?) No, I’m talking business operations insurance. Oh, sure, you could take out an actual policy for that as well—but recently, a Splunk customer, SMS Masterminds, talked about how it actually insured its business operations using the Splunk Light cloud service.

As background: SMS Masterminds focuses on digital loyalty and text message marketing. Being consumer facing, the company has over five million subscribers and thousands of retailers on its …

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