Masters of Machines – Operational Intelligence in EMEA


t800Firstly – apologies – this isn’t going to be a blog post about how Skynet wins and Terminators take over the earth. It also won’t be about how Keanu Reeves wearing cool sunglasses(AKA Neo) saves us, via The Matrix, from sentient robot squids. Splunk recently commissioned Quocirca to conduct a piece of market research about the state of machine data adoption in EMEA and where organisations are in getting Operational Intelligence from that data.

We have a webinar this Thursday, 3rd April at 10am UK time (11 CET) and we’d love to have you come along and hear Bob Tarzey, the Quocirca analyst who conducted the research go through the findings.

You can get a copy of the …

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Splunk’s New Web Framework, Volkswagen’s Data Lab, and the Internet of Things.

There are many incredible features in Splunk 6. Pivot, Data Models and integrated maps really stole the show at .conf2013. But I really have to give credit to our developer team in Seattle for the massive leap forward in user interface possibilities with the addition of the integrated web framework, which is included in Splunk 6 but is also available as an app download for Splunk 5.

In the midst of all that Splunk 6 excitement at .conf, I was introduced (at the Internet of Things pavilion) to the team at Volkswagen Data Lab, and had some great discussions with them about their interest in using Splunk as a  platform for the management, analysis, and visualization of data from …

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Splunk EMEA Partner Kick Off – Breakthrough, Barcelona, Beavis and Beaker

BB3As I write this, I’m somewhere over France on my way back from the Splunk EMEA Partner Kick Off (PKO). We’ve been to sunny Barcelona at the Rey Juan Carlos Hotel (a place I’ve spent many a happy corporate event). After confessing to being an A-ha fan in Oslo, having frozen hair in Stockholm and apologising for being English in Paris – I foolishly decided to confess to looking like the lovechild of Beavis and Beaker from The Muppets. I’ll let you decide and comment below. Be kind!

We had about 150 partners from across the region telling their stories, sharing experiences of how their customers are using their machine data and getting a comprehensive, and hopefully useful, update from …

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Splunk wins “Cloud Management Product of the Year” and I meet a Dragon


I was lucky enough to spend last week in San Francisco for the Splunk Annual Sales Kickoff – always nice to spend some time “Sitting by the dock of the bay” (or at least the Union Square Westin Hotel). Having watched Pacific Rim on the plane I was expecting something to come out of the fog and take out the Golden Gate Bridge…

While I was there, we had the great news that Splunk had been nominated for “Cloud management product of the year” at the UK Cloud Awards. The basis for the award was the work we’d done at UCAS and Cognia and how they manage their AWS, Azure and cloud based applications in Splunk.


The great news was …

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A sneak preview of TM Forum Big Data 2014

TMForumBigDataI’m lucky enough to be going to the TM Forum Big Data event in Amsterdam next week. It should be an interesting set of speakers and reference point for what telcos are doing with big data and also a great place to share best practice and practical experience.

I’m particularly interested to see the use cases for telco big data, looking at what data is being collected (from the network, handset, customer data) but also how that data is being used (customer experience, fraud, DevOps, marketing etc.)

We hear a lot about how big data allows better analysis, more informed decisions and identification of trends but in particular I’m keen to hear the presentation on how telcos are monetizing big …

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Splunk EMEA end of year report: machine data goes mainstream

As we approach the end of the year, it seems like a good time to reflect on the last few weeks of travelling around Europe presenting at a number of events. It has been good to be out on the road across EMEA and it has been a smorgasbord of events, demonstrations, confessions relating to late 80s pop music, great public transport and a useful barometer of what people want to do with their data. To try and summarise it:

  • EMEA are starting to do interesting things with machine data for many different use cases
  • The Nordics have really got their data working for them on public transport
  • I’ve spent too much time looking at dashboards and analytics
  • I’m not
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How are we doing?

At Splunk, we are committed to providing the best product and customer service.  Feedback from our customers helps us identify areas that we are doing good and areas of opportunity. We love hearing from our customers and prospects on how we are doing as a company and from a product standpoint.  In addition to gathering feedback on an on-going basis, we run our annual Net Promoter Score Survey.

Starting today, we have initiated our third Customer Satisfaction Survey.  The two page survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.  The response is anonymous and will remain confidential.  A randomly selected set of customers should have received an email regarding the survey.

We truly appreciate your participation and look forward …

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South Africa is getting its Splunk On!

I’m sat in the airport waiting to catch a plane home having been in South Africa all week. It was my first time to South Africa but also the southern hemisphere. It has been a bit of a whistle stop tour but it has been great.

There were a number of non-work highlights – Table Mountain, Cape Town’s waterfront (including the swing bridge, a seal and the elephant), the perfectly timed power cuts and sitting next to Taylor Swift at breakfast (in Cape Town for a Rihanna concert apparently).

(The original Hadoop elephant?)

We were running Splunk Live in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We started with yours truly giving an introduction to Splunk and my colleague Andre Rossouw giving a …

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Customers, big data, mobile and cloud – Splunk.conf2013 – an EMEA perspective

I’ve just got back from Splunk’s .conf2013 in Las Vegas (my first .conf) and it was quite a week.

It was my first time to Las Vegas so after getting over the hot air balloon alongside the Eiffel Tower which was opposite a pirate ship which was next to a water volcano – the conference began in earnest on Monday.

There was a great buzz around the whole show. Splunk pretty much took over the Cosmopolitan Hotel so you ended up with an interesting mix of gamblers, people from the pool party and customers proud of their Splunk t-shirts stating “Data Models > Dating Models”.

The numbers

2000 – the number of people at the conference from all over the …

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Democratizing Digital Intelligence in Splunk 6.0

Earlier this week, we announced the general availability of Splunk 6.0  I am very excited about the release of Splunk 6.0.  Splunk 6.0 is a revolutionary product that will make analytics easy, fast and actionable across the organization . Splunk 6.0 makes analysis on machine data easy for everyone. To that end, I can speak for myself.  Having spent years doing digital analytics, I decided to give it a spin.  Over the last few days, I have been using the beta version of Splunk 6.0.  It has been nothing short of “wow…this is amazing”.

There are number of exciting features in the product.  From a Digital Intelligence and business analytics standpoint, I am very excited about the

  1. Data Model
  2. Pivot
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