Digital Intelligence at .conf2013 – A Reflection

Last week, I had the opportunity to look at the proposed sessions for .conf2014 – Splunk’s annual user conference.  I was very impressed by the variety of topics and the interesting use cases that many of the customers have proposed. Well I can’t share details about the topics, however I can promise that it is going to be simply amazing!

While we are on it, let’s talk about some of the sessions that were focused on digital intelligence at .conf2013.  We had great use cases from ADP, Lincoln Financial Group, and in-depth discussion about data capture and tag management from the CTO of Tealium. Lincoln Financial Group shared how they are improving user experience by combining …

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Customers, big data, mobile and cloud – Splunk.conf2013 – an EMEA perspective

I’ve just got back from Splunk’s .conf2013 in Las Vegas (my first .conf) and it was quite a week.

It was my first time to Las Vegas so after getting over the hot air balloon alongside the Eiffel Tower which was opposite a pirate ship which was next to a water volcano – the conference began in earnest on Monday.

There was a great buzz around the whole show. Splunk pretty much took over the Cosmopolitan Hotel so you ended up with an interesting mix of gamblers, people from the pool party and customers proud of their Splunk t-shirts stating “Data Models > Dating Models”.

The numbers

2000 – the number of people at the conference from all over the …

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Democratizing Digital Intelligence in Splunk 6.0

Earlier this week, we announced the general availability of Splunk 6.0  I am very excited about the release of Splunk 6.0.  Splunk 6.0 is a revolutionary product that will make analytics easy, fast and actionable across the organization . Splunk 6.0 makes analysis on machine data easy for everyone. To that end, I can speak for myself.  Having spent years doing digital analytics, I decided to give it a spin.  Over the last few days, I have been using the beta version of Splunk 6.0.  It has been nothing short of “wow…this is amazing”.

There are number of exciting features in the product.  From a Digital Intelligence and business analytics standpoint, I am very excited about the

  1. Data Model
  2. Pivot
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Hunk Setup using Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox

Hortonworks Sandbox is a personal, portable Hadoop environment that comes with a dozen interactive Hadoop examples. Recently Hortonworks and Splunk released a tutorial and video to install and connect Hunk with the Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox version 1.3

This blog summarizes the configurations used as part of the Hunk setup.

Configurations for Hadoop Provider:

Key Value
Java Home /usr/jdk/jdk1.6.0_31
Hadoop Home /usr/lib/hadoop
Hadoop Version Hadoop version 1.x, (MR1)
Job Tracker sandbox:50300
File System hdfs://sandbox:8020
Splunk search recordreader,


Configurations for Hadoop Virtual Indexes:

Key Value
Name hadoop_sports
Path to data in HDFS /user/hue/raanan/…
Whitelist \.csv$



For more Hunk details and examples go to the blog:



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Splunk for Networking and SDN: In Action in Vegas!

Have you registered for Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference .conf2013 in Vegas? If not, please hurry up and register here Time is running out!

Come to our session “Splunk for Networking and SDN” on October 1st, 1:45 PM to learn how Splunk can help you gain get deeper visibility into your existing networking infrastructure as well as your Software Defined Networking rollouts. We will discuss how to utilize Splunk to optimize your networking resources to cater to dynamically changing applications’ needs, reducing the number of monitoring solutions in your network, increasing security and of course, saving you money!

To see Splunk in action in the networking space, please stop by the booths and/or sessions of our technology partners Arista Networks …

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conf2013: What sessions am I attending?

I can feel the excitement for conf2013 in the air.  Many of the attendees are planning their trip and what sessions to attend.  With 100+ sessions and so many good sessions, it’s challenging to decide which sessions to attend….a good problem to have for sure!

I have been focused on the BeyondIT track and more specifically sessions for Business Analytics and Digital Intelligence.  I am leading three sessions:

More Comprehensive Digital Intelligence - Correlating Client and Server side Data: An exciting line up of speakers for this session.  Mike Anderson, CTO & Co-founder of Tealium and Sondra Russell Sr. Sales Engineer at Splunk are going to speak about client side capture, tag management and Allan Tomkinson, Sr. Developer at Lincoln Financial

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Splunking jQuery Conference: drive user experience online and on site!

jQuery Portland 2013 Conference

Last June, jQuery Foundation held their conference in beautiful Portland, Oregon. As a Diamond Sponsor, we wanted to build something that would be beneficial to the jQuery community part of our Splunk4Good initiatives. What’s better than Splunking the entire conference?

To see the end result, check out this interactive infographic showcasing Splunk-powered web analytics applied to the conference website. The complete Splunk dashboard can be found here.

The goal is to capture client-side data (e.g. pageviews, link/button clicks, hovers), and build powerful analytics & visualizations in order to tackle the following business questions:

  1. Which topics are visitors most interested in?
  2. What are the top traffic sources for visitors who purchase tickets?
  3. How are visitors interacting with the site, including
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What’s in Store for Developers at .conf2013

We’re a week away from .conf and attending developers have a lot to be excited about. Last year, we held our first ever Splunk Hackathon that produced some pretty amazing winners.

This year we’re doing it again, Monday evening from 5:30-10:30pm. We’ll have special guests, Splunkers ready to help and plenty of food and beverages to power you through the hacking. Sign-up now and get ready for another great time.

Before we get hacking, Splunk University will hold two days of classes on Sunday and Monday, including classes on Building Splunk Apps and Developing with the Splunk SDKs for Java and Python. These classes will be a great way to build skills and warm up for the …

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Blurred lines – digital intelligence, application management, big data and customer experience

Firstly – no references to Robin Thicke – there’s only trouble going down that route (though I do wonder how much big data has been generated by that video – maybe I’ll try the Splunk Twitter App to find out…). Onto less trivial things, I’ve been spending a lot of time with customers over the last couple of weeks talking about the blurring lines between four things – application management, digital intelligence, big data and their impact on customer experience.

Clean lines

The customer experience management subject is a hot topic right now and there’s a correlation between that and digital intelligence.  The better the information and intelligence you have on your customer – the better the …

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Realtime alerts of mobile app crashlog

In the previous articles, we discussed about how to include the library to forward crashlog from iOS and Android mobile apps into Splunk Enterprise, install a Splunk app to aggregate the forwarded logs from mobile devices and then perform some simple analytics with the indexed data. If you have been following closely the write-ups and Splunk-ing the valuable data from iOS and Android mobile apps, you might be interested to know how to setup an alerting mechanism in the event of a crash.

We are going to discuss in particular how to configure realtime alerts via email with PDF attachment using Splunk Enterprise. It takes very little time …

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