Splunk Selected as Jabil’s Global Security Nerve Center

Jabil_50We know how important the ability to quickly detect, investigate and respond to security threats is in protecting the organization from cyberattacks. We also know that investing in security solutions is a careful and meticulous process. This is why we’re honored that global manufacturing services company, Jabil Circuit, Inc., has selected Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) as its global security nerve center and expanded its use of Splunk Enterprise for IT Operations across its global infrastructure.

With more than 100 facilities in 28 countries – and more than 180,000 employees, Jabil has been using Splunk Enterprise for a number of years to monitor the health of those global networks. Adopting Splunk ES as the security nerve center at Jabil was …

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Cheers to Customer Growth: MindTouch Receives $12 Million in Funding

mindtouchBack in 2014 I wrote a blog post about an innovative new Splunk Cloud customer, MindTouch, that was increasing its customer retention and had tripled its customer count with the help of our cloud platform for Operational Intelligence. When I first heard about MindTouch and then met some of the employees and executives, I knew they were onto something big. You see, MindTouch does something pretty cool. They’ve developed a cloud service that helps organizations better engage with their customers by delivering insights into how customers consume the organization’s self-service product and help content. Much like Splunk Cloud, MindTouch helps its clients use data in a way that can give them incredible insight into customer interests and behavior. Some …

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How Brands Manage Data During the Super Bowl

You see servers and devices, apps and logs, traffic and clouds. We see data — everywhere. And with one of the world’s biggest sporting spectacles taking place just down the road from us in less than two weeks time, we thought we’d take a look at a few Splunk customers and how they’ve managed their data loads during the big game.

Coping with web traffic – Cars.com & Nissan
A few years ago, Cars.com used Splunk Enterprise to ensure its web environment could withstand the user load — and ensure a pleasant customer experience — during their Super Bowl advertisements. In years past Cars.com relied on aggregate data to determine their overall performance under Super Bowl levels of stress. …

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Data to Play Pivotal Role in the Fan Experience in Santa Clara

VenueNext_logoWhen fans of the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers enter Levi’s Stadium to cheer on their team, they are going to enjoy MVP-type services from beginning to end – regardless of the final score.

When the San Francisco 49ers started planning their new stadium, use of technology, particularly mobile technology, was at the core of delivering an amazing fan experience. By partnering with VenueNext, they built one of the best mobile apps for providing a delightful fan experience that has evolved how the nearly 68,000 fans enjoy games at Levi’s® Stadium.


Data is at the heart of operations in the stadium and Splunk is powering analytics in realtime at every stage of the fan experience. Splunk is used …

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What is Operational Intelligence? Real-World Examples

Having run through the four levels of Operational Intelligence (level 1, level 2level 3level 4) I thought it made sense to end this blog series with some customer examples. I’ve tried to pick an example from each industry and try to cover IT Operations, Security and Customer Experience. I’ve also included a link to a case study or press release where possible.


Financial Services

UniCredit uses Splunk Enterprise for real-time insights into multiple terabytes of operational data and to monitor key business metrics. Proactive incident management has resulted in about 40% of incidents managed before becoming evident to end users, while problem solving and troubleshooting time has been reduced by 70%. UniCredit has improved …

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Splunk at the NRF BIG Show 2016

Splunk is excited to sponsor the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show being held in New York at the Jacob K. Javits Convention center from Jan 17 – 20th.
IT in Retail is undergoing a major transformation with increasing focus on a number of core initiatives. These include:

  • Security/PCI: With the recent breaches at major retailers in the US, security is top of mind as IT takes a closer look at what they have in place to secure sensitive customer data.
  • Customer Experience / Insights: The rapid growth of mobile devices has transformed how customers engage with retailers. As a result, retailers need a much richer understanding of their customers in order to provide the seamless shopping experience that their customers
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.conf2015 Highlight Series: Tracking Business Transactions with Splunk – Northern Trust Bank

Continuing with our theme around Business Process Analytics, this blog highlights how Northern Trust Bank leverages Splunk to gain an end-to-end view of their financial transactions. They presented at .conf 2015 and you can listen to their amazing story here or download their presentation by clicking the title slide below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.26.25 AM

Headquartered in Chicago, Northern Trust Bank is a “Bank for the Banks”. With over $120 billion in banking assets, $6 trillion in assets under custody, and $887 billion in assets under management, the bulk of its business is to provide services to other banks and institutional clients. While they have a retail presence it is minor subset of their business.

As a result, most of their transactions are …

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.conf2015 Highlight Series: EnerNOC uses Splunk to Get a Grip on Power

This post is inspired by our most recent announcement with EnerNOC, but read on for more details.

From cruising altitude, the modern energy industry seems like an island of calm. But as your metaphorical jet gets closer to land, the messiness begins to unfold around you. Be it government regulation, evolving technology, spikes in fear relating to nuclear energy, or even the ability to harness solar or wind power to put energy back into the grid and, gosh, get paid by the power company, there’s a dizzying amount of complexity behind every power bill that increases or decreases your price per kilowatt hour. And that complexity affects your bottom line.

So, in this chaotic world, how can you

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IT Service Intelligence – A Bridge between Business and Technical Teams

Recently, after working with a Business Team and the Technical Team that supports them at one of our customers, we had an opportunity to witness, first-hand, the struggles each of us in IT Operations has felt at some point. In the words of a wise man, they were experiencing “Mutual Mystification.” The Business Team was concerned with a Product Line and multiple business processes. The Technical Team was trying to translate the technical details of the underlying micro services and how they were related to the Product Line. Within the first 15 minutes, both teams were becoming frustrated and didn’t feel like they were communicating well. This led to a consensus that the meeting was not going to achieve the results …

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.conf2015 Highlight Series: Splunk Cloud Keeps Orion Talking

At .conf2015, Orion Labs’ Dan Phung showed how his company brings together the cloud, wearable technology, and the Internet of Things with Splunk. We take a look at what he shared during .conf below, but feel free to check out the session recording and his presentation slides for even more detail. And don’t miss the video overview below too.

Science fiction is the stuff of dreamers, but these dreams sometimes come true. Author Arthur C. Clarke envisioned using geostationary satellites for telecommunications relays. Edward Bellamy, in 1888, envisioned the concept of credit cards. Even Aldous Huxley, back in 1931, envisioned a pill that could make unhappy people happy. Crazy stuff!

With that in mind, we couldn’t help but

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