Splunk and Ford Test Drive Open Data Development in Connected Cars

Splunk Inc. and Ford Motor Company collaborated to analyze real-time automotive data to gain insight into driving patterns and vehicle performance.

Using Ford OpenXC to gather data from connected vehicles, Splunk employees hit the streets of San Francisco in a Ford Focus Electric Vehicle and a gas-powered Ford Escape. The data was indexed, analyzed and visualized in Splunk® Enterprise and is now publicly available.

Check out the Connected Car dashboards and watch the video to see all the fun we had!

Want to know more about how we built the project? Keep reading for the technical deep dive.

OpenXC – what it is?

OpenXC is open source hardware/software that allows you to pull a wealth of data off your …

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Splunk at the Connected Car Expo

Splunk has teamed up with the LA Auto Show’s Connected Car Expo to sponsor the first ever FASTPITCH competition. The FASTPITCH takes place on the first day of the Expo – November 19, 2013 – and targets entrepreneurs and independent ventures in the seed, start-up or early stage of development within the automotive or technology sector and offer the opportunity to pitch their original business concept to a judging panel comprised of VCs, incubators and CEOs.

Splunk welcomes entrepreneurs and developers to enter the FASTPITCH for a chance to win a 12-month Splunk Start Program Enterprise License as well as great exposure to the automotive and technology industries.

Excited to say I will be on the FASTPITCH judging panel …

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OHI! Open Humanitarian Initiative Code Sprint

Splunk4Good is excited to sponsor the Open Humanitarian Initiative Code Sprint happening Sept 9-13 in Washington, DC, Birmingham, England and remotely via the Humanitarian Toolbox.

The Open Humanitarian Initiative (OHI) is working to revolutionize how information is shared in humanitarian response by engaging ngos, academic institutions, private sector technology companies, donors and governments in a shared vision that advocates for open data.

The OHI Code Sprint will gather technologists and subject matter experts the week of Sept 9-13 to work on data, mapping and visualization problems in the humanitarian and disaster response space.

Interested in mapping, data structures, humanitarian assisted disaster relief, design++? Check out the OHI Eventbrite page to learn more about how you can participate in DC, UK …

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Build a Splunk App by end of Aug, you could win something cool

Splunk’s Annual User Conf is coming up in just six weeks (Sept 30-Oct 3) and is seriously one of my favorite times of year.

I am especially excited .conf2013 has so much awesomeness for developers.

In addition to the Hackathon we are holding during .conf2013 and the Splunk Revolution Awards we are giving out at .conf2013 – there is also the Splunk App Dev Contest! Chief Legal Counsel suggests I refer you to the official rules (tl;dr = Build a Splunk App by end of Aug, you could win something cool.)

We’re holding a contest to see what amazing projects can be built in the Splunk community. Build something awesome with Splunk software and you can win a prize …

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Splunk .conf2013 Revolution Awards: Nominate your favorite use of Splunk for good

Splunk Revolution Award Nominations are almost closed! Read and act quickly as nominations are still being accepted thru the end of August!

We’re always excited to hear about the cool, inspiring ways our customers are using Splunk® software. That’s why we established the Splunk Revolution Awards—to distinguish individual Splunk users and recognize their achievements in multiple categories. So here’s your chance to nominate yourself or one of your colleagues! Fame and glory (okay, a nifty awards plaque) could be yours!

Splunk Revolution Awards will have winners in 5 categories: Developers Award, Do-Gooder Award, Enterprise Award, Innovation Award and Ninja Award. You can read all about the Awards, make your nominations and see full contest rules here.

Through Splunk4Good …

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SXSWi PanelPicker now open! Vote Big Data = Big Save: Innovation in Emergencies

Big data is saving lives around the globe by changing the way we prepare for and respond to emergencies. Splunk4Good works year around to support innovation in emergency management and Christy Wilson has paired with Greg Albrecht (@ampledata + CTO of OnBeep) to submit a talk on the topic to SXSWi’s PanelPicker.

In our talk “Big Data = Big Save: Innovation in Emergencies” you can learn about:

– Real-time analysis of river sensor data allowed for evacuation alerts that saved lives in Thailand.

– FEMA’s Innovation Team used social media feeds from Twitter & Foursquare to create operational intelligence that can improve disaster response and recovery.

– Dispatch directors of local Emergency Medical Services are using big data …

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Splunk4Good partners with Geeks Without Bounds

I am happy to announce Splunk4Good is formally partnering with Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB) in 2013! The partnership will lend broad support to GWOB’s mission and encourage the use of Splunk products in humanitarian projects.

GWOB is a non-profit organization with a mission to apply technology as an accelerator for humanitarian projects. In order to achieve this mission GWOB hosts humanitarian hackathons around the globe and also works with humanitarian startups in an accelerator program with 2 cohorts per year.

Read a bit more about GWOB in the words of their Executive Director, Willow Brugh, (and click thru to read their full Theory of Change):

Geeks Without Bounds works towards positive change by bridging the gap between technological capabilities and

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San Francisco one step closer to appointing Chief Data Officer

Yesterday marked an important next step in San Francisco’s Open Data journey.

Back in October, through cooperation with President David Chiu’s office, Mayor Lee’s new Office of Civic Innovation submitted a revised Open Data ordinance to the Board of Supervisors.

This legislation was scheduled for review yesterday, Thursday, March 28th at 10:00am, before the Government Audit and Oversight Committee. The proposed legislation would allow the City to appoint a new Chief Data Officer (CDO) and would compliment the CDO position with department-level Data Coordinators throughout the city.

Jay Nath, the City’s Chief Innovation Officer who has been  leading this effort, in addressing the Supervisors Thursday described open data as “Machine readable raw data sets freely available …

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Splunk4Good presents at the White House! #FEMAThinkTank wrapup


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StudentRND’s 1st Code Day SF = success

Splunk4Good’s new intern, Carol Silva, told you recently how excited we were to be sponsoring and hosting StudentRND‘s 1st Code Day SF here at Splunk HQ over President’s Day weekend. I knew it was going to be great, but I had to blog myself to share how absolutely wowed I was at the epic success of this event!

Saturday morning as Tyler Menezes and Chris Engelbrecht from StudentRND finished setting up, the first few kids starting filtering into the Splunk Dev space, all with laptops and some with fancy gaming accessories or sleeping bags in hand. I had my first indicator things were going to be epic when before the keynote even began there was a rap battle …

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