Splunk Integrations with Cisco Security Expand with new AnyConnect NVM App

Together, Splunk and Cisco have collaborated to deliver out-of-the-box visibility for more than dozen security products and platforms including multiple Cisco firewalls, Identity Services Engine (ISE), pxGrid, Sourcefire IDS, Advanced Malware Protection, IPS, and various email and web security offerings.

Cisco has just released a new app for Splunk that focuses on user and endpoint usage data by Cisco AnyConnect. Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility Module (NVM) enables organizations to monitor users on the network while providing additional contextual information such as users, applications, devices, locations and destinations. This rich data can be used by networking, application and security teams to support application capacity planning, troubleshooting, and advanced threat detection.

Cisco-AnyConnect-NVM-App-Home-MedThe Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility (NVM) App for Splunk streamlines the collection and reporting …

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Under the Hood of Cisco Security Incident Response Team & Cisco at Splunk .conf15

As a follow-up to Under the Hood of Cisco IT, we highly recommend the recent Cisco on Cisco webinar focused on Threat Detection/IoE and the monitoring capabilities of Cisco’s Computer Security Incident and Response Team (CSIRT). This session provides a detailed overview of the scope of Cisco’s IT environment, threats, and how CSIRT uses various tools to monitor, identify and respond to threats.

Under the Hood of Cisco CSIRT - Webinar


Cisco at Splunk .conf15

And… did you register for Splunk .conf2015 ? Buttercup is packed and ready for Vegas, and will be joined by more than 30 of our favorite Cisco folks. buttercup

Robert Novak of Cisco just published a blog about Cisco & Splunk at .conf2015, so be sure to check it out.

Cisco …

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Under the Hood of Cisco IT

IT Operations Analytics with Cisco & Splunk
Do you know which technology is under the hood of Cisco IT?

Do you know what Cisco uses to monitor the health of 70+ of their apps and to respond to security incidents?

We bring you the answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

At the recent SplunkLive! SF and in front of a packed room, Robert Novak, , Quinn Zuo and Ruby Chiang of the Cisco IT team, , uncovered the mystery and gave us a good look under the hood.  They showed how Splunk powers their operations and solves some of their critical IT challenges.

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