Splunking the Signs of Labor

Time flies, and its time for a new financial year over here at Splunk. Not only that, it is also the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese, or Pony like what some of my western colleagues like to call it. Whatever the case, things have always been exciting working in this company.

Today, I had the most interesting email from my fellow colleague.

“Tat Wee,
I need to take my wife to the hospital for the 3rd time. This time, it does not seem to be a false alarm.


I was dumbfounded when I saw a dashboard of Splunk running to monitor the contractions interval, the number of contractions per hour, as well as additional notes to call …

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Splunking the Environment – Finding the relationships between Haze and Dengue

Just slightly over a month ago, Singapore has been hit by the worst haze crisis ever in history. This was due to the forest fire bellowing from nearby Indonesia caused by illegal slash-and-burn farming methods that were used to clear the crops.

On a particular day, the PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) reading hit 401, the highest ever reading since 1997, which had a reading of 226. There are several different ways of measuring and representing such readings, so YMMV (Your Mileage May Varies) depending on where you are and how these readings are taken.

Over here, readings above 300 are deemed as “hazardous”, and people are advised to avoid any outdoor activity and to wear 3M N95 masks if such …

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The 2nd Annual APAC Partner Kick Off

Before we knew it, it is almost time for our 2nd annual APAC partner kick off that will fall on 19th till 21st March 2013 at magnificent Bali, Indonesia. As a preview to all the partners who will be attending this kick off with us, we have lined up a series of rock solid business and technical tracks that will definitely keep their time away from the beaches and bars. I’m sure the partners will gain tremendous values out from these three days.

There are close to 30 tracks that will be delivered, and topics range from global deployment considerations to Splunk modular inputs and SDK to even a rare chance to hear what our legal has to say about …

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Splunk Challenge 2012 – A Competition in Operational Intelligence

“Put 40 students in a room, give them Splunk with some data sources and see what they can come up with”, suggested Lord Lau.

“Aye aye Chief”, I replied meekly. In front of Lord Lau, you have only one choice, and that is to take all these tasks with stride.

And so this was the beginning of a series of collaboration with Nanyang Polytehnic in Singapore to promote the awareness of machine data and Splunk as the platform for operational intelligence. The NYP (Nanyang Polytechnic) and Splunk team sat down and deliberated on the format of the competition, the type of questions, the type of data sources as well as the pre-preparation work that have to be done. Some of …

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The Future of Mobile NFC Grocery Shopping

What has Splunk got to do with Mobile Grocery Shopping? This is indeed an intriguing topic, and we have recently worked with the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore to have a working showcase to demonstrate how Splunk is used as the data engine to collect, index and report on the machine data that are generated from Near Field Communication (NFC) handsets where they are used to emulate mobile grocery shopping.

This showcase will be located at the iExperience Centre, which is located at Esplanade Xchange along the shortest underground linkway between Raffles City and Suntec City.

Some of the highlights for this year include:

  • Mobile NFC grocery shopping on a smart poster with real time dashboards powered by Splunk.
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    APAC Partners “Splunk Apps of the Year” Competition

    Use Cases, Use Cases and more Use Cases. During the APAC Partner Kick Off, we had recently crowned a few apps and named them as the “Splunk Apps of the Year”. Before that, we had a Call for Submissions back in December 2011, and had invited all our APAC partners to participate in this competition. The response was overwhelming, and we had received 15 best-of-the-breed apps that showcase just how Splunk can be used across the industries.

    Bounded by a set of Judging Criteria, we began the arduous task of scoring the apps. There weren’t any firm conclusions as each and every one of the apps were stellar and we had to go thru 23 rounds of debates and discussions …

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    Congratulations to the Newly Minted APAC Splunk Architects (Lab Exam)

    Time flashes past and as I get older, it suddenly dawns upon me that seriously; time and tide waits for no man. Just a week ago, the entire APAC partners met in Kota Kinabalu, which was really a superb place to hold our kickoff as well as to bring the families along. The idea was to maroon all the partners in an island, give them just a few drops of beer and force them to listen to our Big Data Strategy as well as our differentiators.

    Guess what? It worked! I didn’t see any partners strolling along the beach (except myself but that is another story..) and all of them were extremely attentive and stayed throughout the breakout sessions …

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    BigData.SG February Meetup in Singapore

    Below is a repost from the BigData.SG user group based in Singapore. If you are in town, feel free to roll over to the Singapore Marriott Hotel on the February 28th 2012 from 6:30 pm till 9 pm for a good session and get a deeper understanding on how some of the leading institutions are harnessing and dealing with Big Data. Click here to register your interest.

    We have a truly AWESOME roster of speakers and topics for this month’s BigDataSG meetup. Splunk has been kind enough to sponsor food and drinks. It’s going to be a really, really outstanding event–DON’T MISS IT!

    Speakers and Topics:

    Paul Stanford, Director of Product Management at Splunk: Turning Machine Data Into Insights

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    APAC Partner Kick Off – Are you Ready?

    As we draw closer to our inaugural APAC Partner Kick Off (PKO) that will be held high up in the heavenly mountains of Mount Kinabalu in East Malaysia from the 29th Feb till 1st March 2012, we can sense the excitement that has been building strongly throughout the APAC partner community. We have received a total of 15 nominations from our APAC partners who are competing in the “Splunk Apps of the Year” awards, and I just heard that my APAC colleagues are groaning away as they were tasked to polish the awards that will be given out during the event.

    Mind you, that is the easy part.

    The difficult part for me (I always get the difficult part) would …

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    Enabling Real-Time Backfill

    The funny thing about Splunk is how it just doesn’t stop surprising you. Even after years of using it, you still get surprises. Okay, I must confess I haven’t used Splunk for years, but you get the idea.

    Last week, I was in the land of Kimchis in a -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) room, wearing no gloves and a thin veil as my underwear. It was brutal as usual, especially when you are not in your own country. I was thumbing thru the Splunk User’s manual trying to look for some answers. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a few paragraphs that were new to me. In fact, there were so new that I believed …

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