Improve your DevOps-driven App Delivery with Ansible Data in Splunk

AnsibleI am happy to announce the latest addition to our DevOps ecosystem – the Ansible Tower App for Splunk, developed by our technology partner Ansible by Red Hat. Ansible Tower by Red Hat, a framework for complete automation, app deployment, orchestration, configuration management, and provisioning, is becoming very popular. In fact, a recent survey rated Ansible among the top container orchestration systems right along Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm.

With today’s rapid adoption of containers and microservices, as application updates are released continuously, and your deployments are constantly changing, you need current and up-to-date insight into the state of your jobs and apps at all times. This visibility is essential for large scale enterprises where manual analysis of changes …

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#splunkconf16 preview: DevOps sessions you don’t want to miss

SCL-Splunk-conf2016-preview-BigDataIdeas_twtr1-440x220DevOps is hot and at our 7th Annual Splunk Users’ Conference .conf2016! in Orlando it will be sizzling! We have an entire sub-track dedicated just to DevOps. Our customers, technology partners, and Splunkers will be presenting a plethora of DevOps use cases suitable for newbies as well as DevOps ninjas. Below are some of the highlighted sessions.

Tuesday, September 27:

Building the Pipeline Presented by CSAA: Featuring DevOps and Splunk (12:40pm -1:25pm)
In this session, Doug Erkkila from CSAA Insurance Group and Domnick Eger, Splunk SE with prior developer experience will describe how CSAA uses Splunk software to manage their automated build pipeline. Spoiler alert! Star Wars fans will really love this session.

Splunk of War: Creating a Better

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2016 State of DevOps Report: Release 200x and Recover 24x Faster

D1339Sponsor_Graphics_600x300I am happy to announce that Splunk is a proud sponsor of  2016 State of DevOps 2016 Report authored by our technology partner Puppet and DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA). With more than 4,600 responses from IT professionals around the world, this report is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. It examines important trends in the DevOps community today. Key results include:

  • High-performing organizations deploy 200x more frequently than low performers, with 2,555x faster lead times and 24x faster recovery times
  • High performers spend 22% less time on unplanned work and rework, and 29% more time on new work than low performers
  • High performers spend 50% less time remediation security issues than low performers
  • Employees in
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DevOps Metrics: Measuring Team Productivity – Yes or No?

In my last blog post, I talked about the importance of measuring the business impact of DevOps-driven application delivery. At the DevOpsDays Seattle Open Space discussion on metrics, we also explored measuring DevOps teams’ performance and people productivity. I was glad to see that Nancy Gohring from 451 Research joined our session (check out her insights). Below are some of the key highlights from that Open Space discussion.

For DevOps leaders, knowing if DevOps teams are making progress toward meeting their organizational goals are important. Often these teams seem to have conflicting objectives. And, since DevOps practice involves a cultural shift, in our discussion it was concluded that it is crucial for Dev and Ops teams to …

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DevOps Metrics: Measuring Business Impact

A few weeks ago, I attended DevOpsDays Seattle. As a big fan of Open Space, I was happy when my session proposal on DevOps metrics was accepted. And as it turns out, this is an important subject for DevOps community, as my colleague, Splunk Chief Technology Advocate, Andi Mann also noted in his blog. Below are some of the highlights from those discussions among 30+ DevOps practitioners.seattle 3

Measuring Business Impact

Since the audience was from a variety of organizations of different sizes and maturity, it was great that a common theme/metric bubbled up: knowing and measuring the business impact of DevOps activities. The first step is to identify a business or customer success goal. Other relevant parameters stem …

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Zillow Improves DevOps-Driven App Delivery Using Analytics

If you are like many San Francisco Bay Area residents, real estate is a hot topic and having up-to-date and correct property info is essential. We rely on products such as Zillow’s online marketplace for the latest data on what’s happening in local real estate markets. Zillow Group is using the Splunk platform to help deliver that amazing customer experience we love in their products. Zillow is using the Splunk platform to get real-time visibility across IT operations, application delivery, and business analytics. One important aspect I’d like to explore more is Zillow’s success with the Splunk platform within its DevOps environment.

Before Splunk, Zillow’s app delivery teams spent a lot of time collecting and piecing together various data silos, as …

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Remove Cultural Obstacles in DevOps Adoption

It’s widely recognized that adopting DevOps principles can lead to many business benefits, including more agile and higher quality releases, and better alignment with customer needs. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges in DevOps adoption is the cultural divide between teams.

Also, container technology is gaining the attention of many in the dev community, due to the acceleration of continuous deployment and automation, and this doesn’t make the life of operations teams that much easier. I recently attended Container World Santa Clara, and the consensus is that in the next 5-10 years, containers will still be running in parallel or on top of virtualized infrastructures. So, the current or old systems are not retiring at the same pace as …

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DevOps, Analytics and Mental Health: Notes from DevOpsDays Vancouver

IMG_45431Going back to Canada is always a pleasant experience for me. And when you visit Vancouver in April, it is easy to be mesmerized by this city’s majestic beauty. It includes the snow-covered mountain peaks, cherry trees in full bloom and crisp, clean air. And it is in sponsoring DevOpsDays Vancouver that brought us to this beautiful place.

Mining Machine Data for App Delivery

In my Ignite talk, I shared how using analytics for real-time insights into app delivery could help organizations have a measurable business impact. Mining machine data can help DevOps practitioners improve the velocity and quality of their applications across the entire build pipeline.

Gender in Organizations

In her captivating …

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Increase Visibility of Your DevOps Environments With New Puppet App For Splunk

Puppet-Logo-Amber-smOur DevOps partner ecosystem is growing rapidly with new integrations from leading DevOps solutions. I am happy to announce that Puppet just released the Puppet Enterprise App for Splunk, now available on Splunkbase.

The new app collects and analyzes performance data from Puppet Enterprise. Customers get instant visibility into critical services, such as PuppetDB, the Puppet Serve, and console services. The app also helps to reduce troubleshooting times and proactively fix health issues in the Puppet environment, and includes the following insights:

  • Console services response times to benchmark and actively plan console resources
  • The number of request errors by Puppet clients to help recognize potential code or infrastructure issues
  • Role-based access control dashboards to monitor user activity, including authentication
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Participate in the 2016 State of DevOps Survey

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 1.06.00 PMAs confirmed by leading research, the adoption of DevOps is helping IT organizations deploy applications faster, have fewer outages and recover from them quicker. We are excited to be a part of the latest DevOps research and sponsor this year’s State of DevOps survey. Our technology partner Puppet Labs, Inc., in cooperation with the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) group, founded by IT and development experts Gene Kim, Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren is conducting the 2016 State of DevOps survey.

This year’s survey explores the following areas:

  • The impact of quality and stability measures on the bottom line
  • The role of security and compliance in DevOps environments
  • The influence of DevOps practices on quality
  • The extent of containers’
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