Remove Cultural Obstacles in DevOps Adoption

It’s widely recognized that adopting DevOps principles can lead to many business benefits, including more agile and higher quality releases, and better alignment with customer needs. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges in DevOps adoption is the cultural divide between teams.

Also, container technology is gaining the attention of many in the dev community, due to the acceleration of continuous deployment and automation, and this doesn’t make the life of operations teams that much easier. I recently attended Container World Santa Clara, and the consensus is that in the next 5-10 years, containers will still be running in parallel or on top of virtualized infrastructures. So, the current or old systems are not retiring at the same pace as …

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DevOps, Analytics and Mental Health: Notes from DevOpsDays Vancouver

IMG_45431Going back to Canada is always a pleasant experience for me. And when you visit Vancouver in April, it is easy to be mesmerized by this city’s majestic beauty. It includes the snow-covered mountain peaks, cherry trees in full bloom and crisp, clean air. And it is in sponsoring DevOpsDays Vancouver that brought us to this beautiful place.

Mining Machine Data for App Delivery

In my Ignite talk, I shared how using analytics for real-time insights into app delivery could help organizations have a measurable business impact. Mining machine data can help DevOps practitioners improve the velocity and quality of their applications across the entire build pipeline.

Gender in Organizations

In her captivating …

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Increase Visibility of Your DevOps Environments With New Puppet App For Splunk

Puppet-Logo-Amber-smOur DevOps partner ecosystem is growing rapidly with new integrations from leading DevOps solutions. I am happy to announce that Puppet just released the Puppet Enterprise App for Splunk, now available on Splunkbase.

The new app collects and analyzes performance data from Puppet Enterprise. Customers get instant visibility into critical services, such as PuppetDB, the Puppet Serve, and console services. The app also helps to reduce troubleshooting times and proactively fix health issues in the Puppet environment, and includes the following insights:

  • Console services response times to benchmark and actively plan console resources
  • The number of request errors by Puppet clients to help recognize potential code or infrastructure issues
  • Role-based access control dashboards to monitor user activity, including authentication
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Participate in the 2016 State of DevOps Survey

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 1.06.00 PMAs confirmed by leading research, the adoption of DevOps is helping IT organizations deploy applications faster, have fewer outages and recover from them quicker. We are excited to be a part of the latest DevOps research and sponsor this year’s State of DevOps survey. Our technology partner Puppet Labs, Inc., in cooperation with the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) group, founded by IT and development experts Gene Kim, Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren is conducting the 2016 State of DevOps survey.

This year’s survey explores the following areas:

  • The impact of quality and stability measures on the bottom line
  • The role of security and compliance in DevOps environments
  • The influence of DevOps practices on quality
  • The extent of containers’
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Is there a common DevOps language?

Enterprises big and small are realizing the value of adopting DevOps culture and achieving faster innovation, increased customer satisfaction and efficiency improvements. In reality, however, developers and operations often have “lost in translation” problems where developers have one set of tools and languages, and operations teams are utilizing entirely different toolsets and methods. Well, this one organization, found a common language between Dev and Ops, which helped them immensely in their DevOps adoption.


When NBC Universal started on their DevOps journey, they also had different processes and tools they used for development and IT Operations. They wanted to have more visibility into releases performance including understanding how many errors per release, how long is the installation length, and creating the …

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Splunk .conf 2015 Stream Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss!


Planning my agenda for the .conf2015 next week is really exciting this year. I am sure you feel the same – like a
kid in a candy store! If you are interested in learning about all the benefits Splunk App for Stream can bring you such as better applications visibility or improved security, then mark your calendars for the three sessions you don’t want to miss.

  1. The Splunk team will present “Splunk App for Stream Deployments in the Real World: Enhance Operational Intelligence Across Application Delivery, IT Ops, Security and More” on Wednesday, September 23, 2:15 PM. Here is a sneak peek into our session. First, we will go over how Stream can help you quickly achieve real-time applications intelligence and cloud visibility
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CanDeal Can Do with Splunk

I love listening to our customers talk about their passion for Splunk software. The stories they share about never-ending ways they can utilize our software are truly inspiring and there is typically a common thread: it usually starts with one use case in one department. As one customer put it: “Splunk spreads throughout the organization like wildfire.” The recent CanDeal success story we recently published is yet another confirmation of the phenomenal success our customers are having with Splunk software throughout the entire enterprise.


It all started with security…

At CanDeal, a Canadian financial services company, they take their security seriously—especially with tighter and rising financial regulatory requirements. CanDeal wanted to proactively tackle and alleviate advanced persistent threats, and thus …

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Introducing the Splunk App for Stream 6.3 Release!

We just improved our popular and free Splunk App for Stream! In the new Splunk App for Stream 6.3 release we’ve introduced Distributed Forwarder Management (DFM), a functionality that simplifies configuration while increasing administration flexibility. The new 6.3 release is available now on Splunkbase.

As a flexible software solution, you can deploy the Splunk App for Stream anywhere in the network—on-prem or cloud environments. Your implementation can be simple—collecting data from only a handful of SPAN ports, or very complex—with hundreds of different globally distributed Stream forwarders gathering data from endpoints. If your monitoring needs are more complex, you can target and customize how and where to deploy Stream to collect wire data to meet those needs more precisely.…

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Surf, Sun and Splunk Fun!!

ocean_beach_5_bg_062301San Diego, California, is one of my favorite cities in the world. With stunning beaches, everlasting sun, the amazing Coronado Bridge, restaurants, fantastic desert… it has so much to offer. And this year one more really BIG reason to visit – it is the home of Cisco Live! this week. Splunk will be there with tons of excitement. Ah…where to even begin? Let me start with a few questions.

  • Do you want to make your network and IT infrastructure more secure, better performing while minimizing troubleshooting times?
  • Do you know how your mobile apps are performing relative to your wireless networks?
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Splunk App for Stream 6.2 delivers a big bag of goodies!

The Splunk App for Stream just got better! In addition to support for Linux and Mac operating systems, I am pleased to announce that the app now supports Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7. This new 6.2 version is available now on Splunk Apps. You can use Splunk software with the Splunk App for Stream to correlate wire data with other machine data from any other technology.

In the past releases of Splunk App for Stream, we offered you various ways to work with your wire/network data, whether you wanted to observe all of the data or just a subset of protocols and defined fields. We are now adding even more options for data collection and extraction. The Splunk …

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