Mainframe machine data in Splunk – Made way easier!

In the past, IT professionals have had to maintain specialized and expensive tools to monitor their mainframes. Mainframe operational insights are important but even more so in the context of the rest of the infrastructure and application performance and operational data. Now getting these insights is only a few steps away – I am very excited to announce Syncsort’s Ironstream, the latest addition to our Splunk apps.

Ironstream enables our and Syncsort’s joint customers to collect, visualize and report on mainframe log data in Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. This rich source of mainframe machine data includes z/OS log files such as syslog, various SMF records, WebSphere Log4j and more.

There are many benefits of analyzing mainframe data …

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Test-drive our new Splunk App for NetApp Bundle!

Do you like solving user and applications problems and helping your customers, but lack adequate resources? We have made it super easy for you to accelerate your journey deep into storage space! Take our new Splunk App for NetApp Bundle for a spin and we will get you there. Download it for free here.

So what is it and where will it take you?

You are getting our free version of Splunk Enterprise packaged together with our free Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP. With this powerful combo you get an at-a-glance view of your entire NetApp Data ONTAP storage space. Quickly explore logs, storage performance and the system configuration of your NetApp environment. You also get both Cluster-Mode and …

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Can Big Data Predict and Prevent Your Next Outage or Breach? Discover the answer at Splunk Booth, CIsco Live San Francisco!

Can you guess what Internet of Things, big data, SDN, virtualization, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure and FlexPod have in common? No, it’s not that they’re all the latest industry buzzwords. Find the solution at our Splunk booth (#2011) at Cisco Live World of Solutions in San Francisco from May 19th through the 22nd. That’s four days, packed with brand new sessions and demos. Check out our theater sessions schedule here.

Yes, we are also known for our cool Splunk t-shirts. Come by and grab one, but also have fun learning all the new ways of getting Operational Intelligence from your machine data. Not to mention a chance to travel home peacefully with a new pair of Bose headphones. Or …

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New App: Arista Network Telemetry for Splunk Enterprise

Have you seen a cool new Network Telemetry App Arista Networks created for Splunk Enterprise? You can now analyze and visualize a wide range of network telemetry data from Arista switches in Splunk software. Just add a Splunk forwarder to your Arista switch for easy collection of these metrics. Since these switches are like having Linux boxes with a bunch of Ethernet ports, it is no different from installing your Splunk forwarder directly on any other Linux machine. Once it’s there you can take advantage of both real-time and historical switch statistics to make your networks more efficient.

Some might call this new breed of open switches and networks – SDN (and no it is not Splunk Defined Networking). No …

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Using Splunk Enterprise to Gain Visibility into Your NetApp Storage

How? Just download a new version of our Splunk App for NetApp Data ONTAP for free. We have updated our App with many new and exciting features. Now, you can centrally observe the health of your entire NetApp Data ONTAP environment in both Cluster-Mode and 7-Mode. We’ve made it easy for you to monitor the most important performance metrics such as latency or IOPS as well as log data from your NetApp storage systems.

Important Volume Performance Metrics

Combine our App’s storage log monitoring with Splunk software’s alerting capability to get notified of an issue the moment it arises.  Now, if you have a failed disk, you can immediately identify and remedy this critical impairment.

The fun does not stop there! We have added …

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New version of Splunk App for Unix and Linux for Splunk 6!

Splunk 6 is now here and you are probably wondering how your large-scale Unix and Linux deployment can benefit from it? I am happy to announce that a new version of one of our most popular apps, Splunk App for Unix and Linux (also called the *nix App) is now here. And you can deploy it with Splunk 6. Check it out at

This app has all the makings of a crowd-pleaser, we think! We heard from you that you do not want to spend hours looking for those few misbehaving hosts among all the thousands you manage. Check out our fancy new visualizations we created for you to easily find the operational status across large scale*nix environments.

We …

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Splunk for Networking and SDN: In Action in Vegas!

Have you registered for Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference .conf2013 in Vegas? If not, please hurry up and register here Time is running out!

Come to our session “Splunk for Networking and SDN” on October 1st, 1:45 PM to learn how Splunk can help you gain get deeper visibility into your existing networking infrastructure as well as your Software Defined Networking rollouts. We will discuss how to utilize Splunk to optimize your networking resources to cater to dynamically changing applications’ needs, reducing the number of monitoring solutions in your network, increasing security and of course, saving you money!

To see Splunk in action in the networking space, please stop by the booths and/or sessions of our technology partners Arista Networks …

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Are you going to Cisco Live 2013, Orlando?

Are you going to Cisco Live 2013, Orlando? Come and visit Splunk booth from June 24-June 27 to learn how Splunk can provide visibility into not only your network but to your complete IT infrastructure. Learn how Splunk brings unified visibility and enhance performance monitoring, capacity planning, trend analysis and much more with our solutions for your network and IT systems including Splunk for Cisco UCS, SDN, Security, Virtualization, etc. For more details about our theater schedule please see

Please come and attend our conference case study on Thursday, June 27, 10 AM, Room 104A to gain insight into how Cisco uses Splunk to secure its own network.

“Where Automation Ends and People Begin: One CSIRT’s Journey Replacing …

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