Women in Technology: Meet Comcast’s Kate Lawrence-Gupta

KateLawrence-Gupta_headshot2016[1]We’ve known about Kate’s technology leadership at Comcast, one of the world’s largest media companies, for some time now. Our team first learned about Kate’s accomplishments using Splunk software when she won a Revolution Award at .conf2013. Then, we got to hear more about her story when she sat on a Women in Technology (WiT) panel at .conf last year.

At .conf2016, Kate and her team at Comcast were honored to be included in CEO Doug Merritt’s keynote address, where he highlighted her team’s achievements with Splunk and the X1 Platform.

In this Women in Technology (#SplunkWiT) Q&A blog, Lawrence-Gupta shares some of what she has learned on her path to engineering leadership at Comcast and her …

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Women in Technology: Have a blast — do what you love in tech

LinkedIn-WIT-Banner-101When we recently kicked off our Women in Technology (#SplunkWiT) Q&A blog post series I knew that Cardinal Health’s Patty Morrison would be an exceptional woman to feature. We value her, both as a customer and as a member of Splunk’s board of directors. I’m grateful that Morrison took time to share some of what she has learned in her career dedicated to using technology to solve business problems.

Tell us about your role at Cardinal Health.
I’m executive vice president for customer support services and chief information officer (CIO). I have responsibility for our primary customer service, customer administration functions for our medical and pharmaceutical businesses and global IT.

What was your path to where you are

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Women in Technology: Meet Booz Allen’s Angie Messer

Angie Messer, EVP, Booz Allen

Angie Messer, EVP, Booz Allen

When we launched our Women in Technology (#SplunkWiT) Q&A blog post series recently, I knew Angie Messer would be an inspiring woman to feature. I met Angie for the first time at .conf 2015, Splunk’s annual users conference when I participated in a “war game” exercise led by Booz Allen. What an experience! I’m delighted to share our recent conversation highlighting Angie’s thoughts on the importance of getting more women involved in STEM and cyber and the related initiatives Booz Allen supports.

Tell us about your role at Booz Allen Hamilton.
I’ve been at Booz Allen close to 20 years and have had multiple roles. Today, I lead Cyber in multiple …

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Women in Technology: Meet Synchrony’s Jennifer Middleton

Jennifer Middleton Splunk Operations Manager Synchrony Financial

Jennifer Middleton
Splunk Operations Manager
Synchrony Financial

On the heels of Women’s History Month, it’s a great time to honor women’s contributions and launch our Women in Technology (#SplunkWiT) Q&A blog post series. I’m excited for our inaugural post, which features my conversation with Jennifer Middleton, Splunk Operations Manager at Synchrony Financial and a valued Splunk customer.

Middleton attended a Splunk Women In Technology panel at .conf2015, which included women leaders and Splunk customers from Comcast and Zappos. When we heard Middleton’s question to the panelists regarding women supporting other women, we knew we wanted to stay in touch.

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I sat down at a computer for …

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From the Locker Room to Silicon Valley: Career Advice for Women in Male-Dominated Workplaces

SherryThe following excerpt is from a contributed article to Fast Company:
Career Advice from one of the First-Ever Female Sportscasters

As one of the first female sportscasters in the country, it wasn’t unusual for me to be the only woman in the locker room. In fact, I’ve spent my entire career working in male-dominated fields, first as a broadcast journalist for FOX and ABC affiliates, and later working in, then running, marketing departments in Silicon Valley.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.23.07 AMWhile the U.S. has come a long way since passing the Equal Pay Act in 1963, gender equality in the workplace remains elusive. Particularly in male-dominated fields, women often face challenges that go far beyond the wage gap. Researchers from Indiana University, for instance, …

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