Splunk at the Wall for DEF CON 23 – Part II

­­­­Splunk at the Wall for DEF CON 23 – Part II

Hello again. Since the initial post, we’ve released the app developed for the Wall of Sheep. I’m going to go over the functionality here.

To review, the WoS app is meant to be a proof of concept that shows the type of data that traverses the wire, in the clear. Some of the data is innocuous, but we try to highlight the data that could be used by adversaries targeting your data. In fact, you may not even know that you have software using insecure protocols, so it pays to dig in and find out.

Before we go through the various dashboards, I want to comment on …

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Splunk at the Wall for DEF CON 23

Every year since 1992, security geeks and nefarious hacker types have descended upon Las Vegas for DEF CON, a hacking conference that started with hackers and crackers phreaking AT&T payphones. Twenty-three years later, this pilgrimage has changed, it’s much bigger now and sadly plain old telephone systems (POTS) have taken somewhat of a back seat. Despite the fact that the rumors of cancellation flew around again this year (as it does every year) DEF CON 23 did indeed take place and Splunk was there. In this blog post and the next, I’ll describe what we (Splunk and the Security Practice) did at DEF CON, how we did it, and what is coming next!

Let me begin by describing a bit …

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