Drive your Business in Real-Time with Splunk – Part 2

Hello All !

You remember last week ? We were speaking about ESB and how you can leverage this central component to drive your business in real-time ! Simply by using Splunk Stream to capture ESB traffic on the fly without any modification…

splunk hotel

Today, I will focus on a potential use-case for this at the “Splunk
Hotel”! SplunkHotel is a company that owns a few hotels but also references other hotels on its booking website. Those independent hotels pay to be on the website. In exchange we guarantee additional revenue.

Splunk already collects the data in Stream and as we saw last week we collect the business payload so we can get inputs regarding the business, including revenues and trends.

Let’s play with the data! …

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Drive your Business in Real-Time with Splunk – Part 1

Why would you use Splunk to drive your Business in Real-Time ?

The answer is because Splunk brings you flexibility and reactivity.

Companies constantly look to build agile and flexible IT to support their evolving businesses, this is why they built micro-services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Splunk aligns to this flexibility at the data level to measure and drive your business performance.

We use the term flexibility not only because it is easy to capture all the required data but first and foremost because iteration is key when you build Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). I mean, KPIs start out as the things that business analysts think would be nice to measure your performance but they always end up changing several times. You need to iterate …

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One source, many use cases: How to deliver value right away by addressing different IT challenges with Splunk – Part 2

Do you remember this piece of raw data:


I hope so, it was on the blog only last week … 😉

Today, let’s focus on the value we can extract and how we’ll be able to address some of the IT challenges related to the company strategy.

IT Ops

What kind of information would be relevant for the application manager?

I am sure he would be interested by:

  • Number of transactions during the last X minutes and the trend
  • Number of transactions in errors during the last X minutes and if this number is growing compared to the last Y minutes
  • How long a transaction takes to complete for each customer
  • A geographic distribution of the transactions

“What? You said …

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One source, many use cases: How to deliver value right away by addressing different IT challenges with Splunk

At a recent #Splunk4Rookies event in Paris, we invited people to think about what kind of information they could get from a single piece of raw data to address different needs.

Here at Splunk we work hard to ensure you get the maximum value from your data.

We used the Prism example from (my blog hero) Matt Davies.  You can see his take on this issue here:


I would like to share with you some ideas on how to promote Splunk internally by getting lots of values from your machine data. First things first, you need to be aligned with the company strategy. So, let me introduce a scenario for this first blog post so we can identify quick wins that will …

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