Splunk and VenueNext: A Winning Team

VenueNext_logoIt has been one of the busiest and most eventful NFL off seasons in recent memory with players finding new homes and fans given new hope for the pending season through key player acquisitions and trades. As with the product on the field, franchises are constantly enhancing and improving the fan experience off it. With the integration of technology into the live experience, event-going fans are now enjoying MVP-type services from beginning to end.

When the San Francisco 49ers started planning their new stadium, use of technology, particularly mobile technology, was at the core of delivering an amazing fan experience. By partnering with VenueNext, they have built one of the best mobile apps for providing a delightful fan experience …

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New Business Insights from Data Mashups

Over the past few months, I have been talking to a number of customer and prospects on how they use Splunk.  It is fascinating how customers that started with a use of Splunk to monitor website or application have expanded their use of Splunk for Business Analytics.  In this blog post, I wanted to share some ideas and customer examples for using Splunk for Business Analytics.


Many of the customers start using Splunk for monitoring their online properties – website, mobile apps or applications  for uptime, response time, speed etc. by indexing weblogs or application logs.  These logs contain critical information that can go beyond monitoring the online properties. User activity, application usage, e-commerce transactions leave digital breadcrumbs that …
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Digital Intelligence at .conf2013 – A Reflection

Last week, I had the opportunity to look at the proposed sessions for .conf2014 – Splunk’s annual user conference.  I was very impressed by the variety of topics and the interesting use cases that many of the customers have proposed. Well I can’t share details about the topics, however I can promise that it is going to be simply amazing!

While we are on it, let’s talk about some of the sessions that were focused on digital intelligence at .conf2013.  We had great use cases from ADP, Lincoln Financial Group, and in-depth discussion about data capture and tag management from the CTO of Tealium. Lincoln Financial Group shared how they are improving user experience by combining …

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How are we doing?

At Splunk, we are committed to providing the best product and customer service.  Feedback from our customers helps us identify areas that we are doing good and areas of opportunity. We love hearing from our customers and prospects on how we are doing as a company and from a product standpoint.  In addition to gathering feedback on an on-going basis, we run our annual Net Promoter Score Survey.

Starting today, we have initiated our third Customer Satisfaction Survey.  The two page survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.  The response is anonymous and will remain confidential.  A randomly selected set of customers should have received an email regarding the survey.

We truly appreciate your participation and look forward …

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Democratizing Digital Intelligence in Splunk 6.0

Earlier this week, we announced the general availability of Splunk 6.0  I am very excited about the release of Splunk 6.0.  Splunk 6.0 is a revolutionary product that will make analytics easy, fast and actionable across the organization . Splunk 6.0 makes analysis on machine data easy for everyone. To that end, I can speak for myself.  Having spent years doing digital analytics, I decided to give it a spin.  Over the last few days, I have been using the beta version of Splunk 6.0.  It has been nothing short of “wow…this is amazing”.

There are number of exciting features in the product.  From a Digital Intelligence and business analytics standpoint, I am very excited about the

  1. Data Model
  2. Pivot
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conf2013: What sessions am I attending?

I can feel the excitement for conf2013 in the air.  Many of the attendees are planning their trip and what sessions to attend.  With 100+ sessions and so many good sessions, it’s challenging to decide which sessions to attend….a good problem to have for sure!

I have been focused on the BeyondIT track and more specifically sessions for Business Analytics and Digital Intelligence.  I am leading three sessions:

More Comprehensive Digital Intelligence – Correlating Client and Server side Data: An exciting line up of speakers for this session.  Mike Anderson, CTO & Co-founder of Tealium and Sondra Russell Sr. Sales Engineer at Splunk are going to speak about client side capture, tag management and Allan Tomkinson, Sr. Developer at Lincoln Financial

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Introducing Weblog Add-on

Another exciting day at Splunk and another great product release!  I am thrilled to announce the release of Weblog Add-on.  During .conf2011, we announced beta release of Splunk App for Web Intelligence.  We learned quite a bit from this beta release. After over 7500 downloads of the Web Intelligence beta App, we decided to close the beta and work on a product that closely aligns to the customer needs.  Weblog Add-on has couple of key features:

1) Field Extraction: Easy to map fields from Apache or IIS weblogs.  This includes both standard fields and ability to create and map custom fields.  No need to write code in configuration files to map fields.

2) Event-Type Library: Making event-types from Web Intelligence …

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Get ready to be amazed at Conf2013!

It’s almost September!  Why am I excited?  Beginning of Fall or end of summer?  Of course that and much more…..  Splunkers around the world have been waiting to meet peers, hear all the cool  use cases from machine data and learn what makes Splunk one of the most innovative company in the world. Conf2013 is just around the corner.  For me, it is chance to interact with passionate users and learn about the innovate ways of how Splunk users have derived value from data for business and IT.  This year’s conference theme reflects the endless possibilities with data and Splunk –  “Your Data, No Limits”.

There are number of great tracks at the conference.  Couple of tracks that I am …

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Further Simplifying Big Data Analytics

In the past we’ve talked about simplifying big data analytics and the 80:20 rule for data analysis. Most organizations spend 80% of analytics efforts running and optimizing the business and 20% on advanced analytics, which includes advanced data mining, algorithm development and advanced predictive modeling.

Hadoop has seen very good adoption for big data analytics, specifically batch analytics for large datasets, and many organizations have initiatives to use it for advanced analytics and optimizing the business. Unfortunately, those organizations are struggling to derive value from their Hadoop implementations. They’re finding that analysis takes too long and requires specialized talent. Another issue is that getting data into Hadoop is difficult, getting meaningful analysis even more challenging.

In the past few months, …

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Simplifying Big Data Analytics

Most analytics and data projects have started thinking of investing in big data initiatives.  With so much buzz about big data, organizations have started investing or are thinking of investing in Hadoop While it is great to stay on top of trends, it often ends up being another investment where the full benefit and potential is simply not realized. The learning curve is too steep and the time to implement too high. Current analytics resources lack the strong programming skills required to conduct even simple analysis tasks and activities using Hadoop. In this post, I would like to focus on providing a better understanding of what types of analysis are better suited for Hadoop vs. non-Hadoop technologies in order to simplify …

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