#SplunkGovt Twitter Chat: A Sneak Peak at What We’ll Explore at SplunkLIVE! Washington, D.C.

If the White House’s recent Big Data Research and Development Initiative is any indication, big data is a big deal for government. However, collecting, analyzing and reacting to large amounts of machine-generated data can prove to be challenging for agencies

Yesterday we teamed up with Bob Gourley from CTO Vision to host a Twitter chat on how government can make sense of it all. From data analysis for operational intelligence to log management for cyber defense, we covered a number of ways agencies can make the most of their data. Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion

  • Determine how to deal with the data explosion. One of the most significant barriers to harnessing big data in government is
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Apparently everything hasn’t been invented

There’s a famous 1899 misquote attributed to Charles H. Duell, who was the Commissioner of the U.S. Patent office at the time. He famously [didn’t] say upon resigning from his post, “Everything that can be invented, has been invented”.

I’d like to believe that he didn’t say it because he knew Splunk was out there, lurking in the depths of the as yet discovered world of machine data, searching for a better way for organizations to monitor, report and analyze real-time and historical machine data.

This morning we announced the grant of our second patent that covers organizing, indexing, searching and presenting time-series data.

If you have some time for some light reading, you can read the details of patent …

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Introducing SplunkNews: The place to go for what you need to know about Splunk

On behalf of all of us at Splunk, I’d like to welcome you to SplunkNews, our direct channel to journalists and bloggers interested in knowing more about Splunk, our products, the issues we keep our eyes on and information we think you’ll be interested in.

Our aim at SplunkNews is to keep things as centralized as possible. Splunk has a wealth of content that we think you’ll find interesting. On a regular basis, we will bring you up date you on the latest news from Splunk and interesting vignettes that might not make it into a press release but might be worth talking about.

One item that is still very top of mind here at Splunk is last week’s rollout …

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The convergence of big data, baseball and pizza at Strata

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Strata Big Data Conference in New York. With the conference spanning four days, two hotels, and over 400 attendees one thing stood out… big data is a hot topic!

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