Splunk Challenge 2016 – Catch ’em all at Nanyang Polytechnic!

Splunk Challenge 2016, the annual Splunk challenge that many NYP students have been waiting for, is here! Today, the students will be pitting their analytics’ skills learned using Splunk, against each other as they compete for a chance to take home some great prizes.


Unlike past years where the students were tasked to look into business and IT operation data, this year the ideas of analyzing “Pokemon” data was suggested by the lecturer to be used for the challenge. As the market leader in the data analytics space, not only it is important, but it also addresses some of our core values to keep what we are doing fun and innovative so that we will not only be able to …

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Nanyang Polytechnic | Splunk Challenge 2015

It is once again the annual “Splunk Challenge” competition held at the School of IT in Nanyang Polytechnic today. This competition aims to promote awareness of data analytics using machine data and Splunk as a platform for Operational Intelligence. I saw a class filled with eager students waiting to display their “splunkfullness” skill in the competition to bring home a Macbook Air, iPad mini and iPod nano.


Taking on the tasks set in the questions paper is no easy feat. There are two parts to the competition. First they will need to understand and interpret the dashboard shown to them and also the datasource that is needed to populate the reports. The second part of the competition requires the student …

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Splunk Challenge 2014 – Bringing data to the next level.

It is just another day at Nanyang Polytechnic. But at one of the lab in this award winning school of IT, gathers a group of about 30 students who are competing in a splunk challenge. Yes, it is the annual Nanyang Polytechnic splunk challenge 2014.


Using data from the US mid term election 2014, the challenge comprises of 2 parts:

Part 1 – Standard Tasks assesses the students skill, speed and accuracy in developing dashboard
Part 2 – Challenge Tasks assesses the students proficiency, resourcefulness and creativity in producing dashboards with more advance features.
In the room, I see students who are awe of the power of data analytics and attracted by the unlimited possibility of transforming these machine data …

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