Streaming a new class of data into Splunk – Introducing the Splunk App for Stream

Last year in December, we announced the acquisition of Cloudmeter – a company with technology that captures data directly from the network traffic – a rapidly growing source of big data.

Today, I’m stoked to announce the general availability of the Splunk App for Stream v6.0, which stems from that acquisition.

So, why is wire data  (data from the network) important? Wire data has the benefit of capturing all data in real-time – it is the communication vehicle for applications and systems to talk to each other, making it a very authoritative source of critical information. It serves a broad range of analytics across different use cases; it is non-intrusive with no impact to workloads and it can be collected …

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Making service desk relevant within your organization

With Knowledge14 kicking off next week, it’s a good time to reminisce on your service desk, the face of your operations to both internal and external customers.

For external facing service desks supporting customers, the effectiveness has traditionally been measured on mean time to resolution, first level resolution rates, escalations and such. And for internal facing service desks that support employees, its effectiveness has been measured mostly around service delivery within acceptable internal SLOs/SLAs.

These days, service desks are expected to continuously improve end-user satisfaction by delivering high quality, timely customer/user support. How do you enable this?

Let’s look at each of the delivery models individually.

External Facing Service Desks:

The most important metrics to track the external service desk …

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Splunk App for VMware v3.1: Transforming operational visibility into virtualized datacenters with built-in storage correlation

Earlier today, we announced the general availability of the latest release version 3.1 of the Splunk App for VMware. This release is monumental providing radical cross-tier insights into your virtual infrastructure. In this latest release, we’ve focused on improving time-to-value with 3 important features – correlated insights, adaptable reporting and enhanced topology map. Let’s delve a little deeper into each area.

1. Built-in correlation between VMware and storage environments:

If you’re running a virtual datacenter, storage latency in virtual environments is one of the most common performance issues you are likely to deal with. Storage I/O latencies impact performance of VMs because read/write operations can cause performance issues to the shared resources in your datacenter; as VMs contend with each …

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Simplifying IT Operations data analytics with Splunk Enterprise 6 and the Common Information Model

At our annual user’s conference .conf 2013 this year, we announced the latest release of Splunk Enterprise – Splunk Enterprise 6. Splunk 6 introduces new analytics features that make it easy for anyone to gain the critical insights they need from Machine Data. One of the key analytics features is Data Models. Data Models create meaningful relationships with the raw data. In a way creating structure around your unstructured machine data. This means that you can easily create common unifying hierarchies across multiple data sources and data types. Once created Data Models are used and accessed via the Pivot interface to rapidly create visualizations and dashboards without needing to understand the underlying raw data. They provide an authoritative view of …

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Countdown to Vegas – Plan your .conf2013 experience

It’s going to be rad at .conf2013 next week at Vegas. There is so much going on at Splunk (all the time!) and you’re going to hear all about it at the conference.  Hear about our new products, services and solutions and how Splunk is changing the Big Data landscape.

The keynote is on Tuesday, Oct 1 at 9:00 am. Make sure you block that time off; you won’t want to miss that!!!

As you’re planning your days at the conference, here are some IT Operations and Application Management sessions that I expect will truly be worth your while (organized by day and time).

Date/Time Session Name Session Description Room
Tuesday @ 11:30 am Mobile Application Analytics with Splunk
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The Splunk App for VMware v3.0 has arrived

It seems like I just blogged about the general availability of the Splunk App for VMware 2.0. With typical Splunk speed, I’m here to introduce you to the latest and greatest of our now generally available 3.0 version of the App.

This release is all about making it fast, easy and efficient. Allow me to elaborate.

Easy to configure and manage:

The App now boasts of GUI-based configuration. Configure the collection nodes, data and log collection from one or more VCs and whitelist/blacklist hosts – all from the interface built into the App.

Installing the App is easy. In our beta cycles, the App took less than 60 minutes to get up and running across enterprise-class VMware deployments. …

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What’s New In The Splunk App for VMware

Since the launch of the Splunk App for VMware, we’ve received some great feedback on how to use the data collected by the App. Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of the Splunk App for VMware v2.0 and with your help we’ve introduced some fantastic reports and visualizations. Here are some highlights:

Health reports: These reports provide a real-time view of the health of your VMware environments. You can quickly identify which VMs and hosts have system resources that are in a critical state, datastores that are under- or over-utilized, alarms that have been triggered from your environments and more. You can then logically navigate from these summary pages to detailed pages. And to do that, …

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In the Cloud at .conf12

Attending .conf for the first time this year, I was reminded of the lyrics from Elvis’s song Viva Las Vegas

” How I wish that there were more
Than the twenty-four hours in the day
Cause even if there were forty more
I wouldn’t sleep a minute away”

I didn’t want .conf12 to end. Hearing our customers talk about their usage of Splunk, meeting some of you face-to-face and learning all that’s going on in Splunk put me in a high trance – one that I’ve not quite experienced in Vegas before.

Speaking specifically about virtualization – we had multiple sessions – for VMware, for Citrix solutions such as XenDesktop, XenApp, Server Virtualization and more. Here is quick …

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Splunk Meets Cloud and Virtualization

Less than a week left for .conf and so many exciting sessions to write about. I hope you had the chance to read my other posts about how one of our customers will be discussing their usage of Splunk to think beyond application monitoring and also about the varoius tracks and sessions on Cloud, Virtualization.  We have breakout sessions on our new and recently launched VMware App that discuss installation, configuration, usage, best practices and case studies. There is one more session I believe you just shouldn’t miss out on while you’re attending .conf.

Rick Yetter (@superdadaz), from Apollo Group, a leading provider in higher education programs, is presenting on automation of Splunk alerting within the Cloud. He discusses …

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Learn about Splunk for Cloud and Virtualization at .conf

Are you virtualizing your environment? Is your organization soaking in all the buzz around Cloud? Are you virtualizing your infrastructure or adopting cloud solutions? Want to gain efficiencies and learn how Splunk can help? Come join us in our various Cloud and Virtualization sessions at .conf.

We have a solution for VMware  (but of course!). Come join us to learn about how to best configure the App, a demo and various use cases discussed over 3 sessions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak directly to the experts who created this App. Learn why all our customers are excited about the solution that provides them unprecedented levels of granularity on their virtualization data with the ability to relate it with …

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