Add an icon to your app or add-on

The “icon” has become a de-facto standard element of content description; it helps users to discover relevant content with just a quick look and helps your content to stand out from other apps. Until now, due to packaging limitations, only content hosted directly on Splunk Apps supported the display of  an icon.

As part of the user experience improvements we’ve made to Splunk Apps, we are introducing a new feature that allows you to attach an icon to externally hosted apps and add-ons.

To add an icon to your app: visit your app’s Edit page and look for the new option there.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 2.03.15 PM

Drag and drop your new icon into the box and click Update.

Based on my observations, apps …

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Welcome to the new Splunk Apps site!

Hi All –

Many of you are familiar with Splunkbase, the site that has been host to both Splunk Answers Q&A and Splunk Apps. To date, Splunkbase has been a very popular resource, serving thousands of visitors daily. However, we’ve heard your feedback — the combination of the two was somewhat confusing and suboptimal. We listened, and what we’re delivering today is the result of your feedback.

I’m proud to announce the release of the new Splunk Apps site — a place to discover new content to extend the power of your Splunk deployment!

Our redesign and relaunch of the Splunk Apps site has two major goals—to improve the new content discovery experience and to enable our developers to …

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Earn more Karma on Splunk Answers

You can now earn twice as many points for answering questions on Splunk Answers!

We’ve added a list of 20 questions, updated daily, that each pay double points (40!) when your answer is accepted. To check out the list of “double reward” questions, navigate to Splunk Answers and click “double points“, shown below:

You can also click this link to go directly to the list.

How it works:

You answer a question from the list. The person who asked the question accepts it. You get double points automatically.  Simple!

To help make sure the asker reviews your response (and accepts it if it’s right), we also follow up with the author of the question to remind them …

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Introducing the Splunk Community Weekly Newsletter

Many of you are dedicated members of the Splunk Answers and Splunkbase community—you spend a lot of time on the site asking questions and helping other users with Splunk.  Lately, we’ve received some repeated feedback from you – it’s becoming difficult to stay up to date with the most recent posts, interesting findings, or new apps. Of course you can still browse and click through the site and subscribe to tags and new posts, but as the community grows and more folks participate, it’s easier and easier to miss something interesting. That is why we decided to help you stay up to date with the most interesting posts and apps in our community:

Introducing the Splunk Community weekly newsletter!

The …

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New look for Splunkbase Apps

Our apps have got a new, distinctive look – check them out on Splunkbase!  Our goal was to made apps easy to browse and find, to make it clear what a given app’s purpose and value is, and to make it easier for you to contribute your feedback.  Take a look.

New clean listing page allows you to skim through it and find what you are looking for without missing important details, like number of downloads, recent updates and relevant tags.

App details are now looking more organized and clean.   Learn everything about an app and proceed to download with one click.

Love it? Hate it?

Please let me know – Olexandr Prokhorenko at  You feedback is …

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Looking for apps that support a specific version of Splunk? We’ve got you covered.

As the number of apps Splunkbase hosts continues to grow (260+ as of now), we’ve noticed that it has become common for people to search for apps that are compatible with a specific version of Splunk.  Sure, you could check the “Splunk compatibility” field on an app’s Details page and see whether a given app was compatible with your version of Splunk, but there was no easy way to look at all compatible apps.  As a result, we’ve decided to make our search smarter—we’ve improved it to support the Splunk version.

To try it out, type the Splunk version that you are looking for in the Search input box for apps (for example, 4.3) and hit Enter or click Search

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New Splunkbase feature: direct installs from an app’s Splunkbase page into Splunk

I am happy to announce a new feature on Splunkbase – direct installs from an app’s Splunkbase page into Splunk.  No more downloads and messing with files.  Just click “Install into Splunk” button and your Splunk instance will automatically pick up the App from Splunkbase and install it.

It’s pretty easy.  To enable this feature, go to Splunkbase, open your user’s profile, click on “Edit users settings” – “Edit profile“.  You will be able to see new input field there, ““. Note that the Splunk instance  that you specify in this field  can reside in a closed network, and it does not need to have Internet access, but your local …

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Splunkbase Feedback: What information do you want from your app downloaders?

Dear Splunk app developers,

We need your help to make Splunkbase better.

You want access to the people downloading your apps, and we want to give it to you. But first — we need your feedback to ensure we deliver the right set of download and lead statistics for your Splunkbase apps.

Our goal is to provide you with statistics that will help you to better understand and approach your target market, thus, it’s very important for us to clearly define the functionality that will be the most useful.

Please take 10 minutes (or less) to complete this survey:

We greatly appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, Olexandr Prokhorenko at

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New Feature on Splunkbase: Star Ratings for Apps

Splunkbase has a new feature:  Star Ratings for apps!

Splunkbase now has 229 apps and add-ons (and growing!), and it’s time for a better way for our users to see the quality of a given app at a glance. The solution? Rate your favorite apps by assigning them a star rating.

You don’t have to write a text review of an app to rate it (although we’d really appreciate your honest feedback). Just hover your mouse over the number of stars you want to give an app and click.  That’s it!

If you decide to also post a review, you will see your star rating next to the review.  If you change your mind later, you can always update your …

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Announcing Splunkbase Updates: Contact App Authors

I am happy to announce a new feature available on Splunkbase – “Contact Me” button.

Many of our users have questions related to apps. And while many common questions are being asked and answered in a timely manner on Splunk Answers, we see a solid demand from users to be able to contact app authors directly.

Now every app author can let his users to contact him (or her). In fact, you do not even need to be an app author (although, highly appreciated!). If you are an active user in our community and find it useful to allow users to contact you, you can encourage people to contact you directly.

To do this, please login to your user …

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