AWS Operational, Security and Cost Management Insights Starting at $3/day

LGO-Splunk-Light-CMYK-KThanksgiving is over and we now enter the gift-giving season and Splunk has something that you can both be thankful for as well as a little gift for you (just make sure you read to the end).  First, what you can be thankful for – you can now get full visibility into your AWS environments starting at just $3/day with the new combination of Splunk Light and the Splunk App for AWS 5.0.

Let’s face it, if you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) you use it for a few key reasons:

  • Ease of deployment and ongoing maintenance
  • On-demand flexibility
  • Lower total cost of ownership than an on-premise environment

With all of that you also get a ton of information …

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Splunk Light – Taking the Pulse of Healthcare Systems

analyticsMD_OnRamp-Blog-01As more and more of the healthcare industry goes online an interesting question arises. Who is monitoring the health of your healthcare system? Or to put it another way your health is increasingly dependent on the health of your healthcare system (say that three times fast and your lung function is just fine). Recently analyticsMD showed that Dr. Splunk Light is watching out for you (well indirectly at least). Stay with me, this will only hurt for a second and you’ll feel better after…

analyticsMD provides HIPAA-compliant SaaS software that empowers frontline teams at hospitals to make the right data-driven decisions regarding efficiency, patient safety and experience. In many ways analyticsMD is an “air traffic control” platform that boosts the …

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Splunk Light – Laguna College of Art and Design’s Log Masterpiece

LCAD_Logo_2008When I say “log masterpiece” I am not talking about totem poles although you might be surprised at how they factor into this story. Actually what I’m talking about is what you can do when you use the right tools to manage all of your logs, especially when you have a very small IT team. But humor me for a minute and let me to go back to totem poles to give a little relevant history. According to Wikipedia, “The word totem derives from the Algonquian (most likely Ojibwe) word odoodem , ‘his kinship group’.” In many respects an IT group, especially a small one, is a form of kinship (AKA, family or, more aptly, clan). The IT infrastructure support …

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Welcome to the Hotel Cloud-ifornia

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.26.58 AMAside from being a clumsily executed pun, the title does sound a bit ominous – especially if you are familiar with the 1976 Eagles classic (is it just me or is it getting old in here?). Well it should be ominous because checking into the cloud is like checking into a hotel and that is both good and bad.

The good is you’re getting out of your daily grind, turning over all the maintenance to someone else, and getting away from the screaming kids (or hardware alarms for the purposes of our analogy). That’s great!

The bad, however, is you are moving in with strangers, the maintenance people have the keys to your room and you pay by the night (or …

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Splunk Light – SMS Masterminds’ Proactive Cloud Based Insurance Policy

Let’s talk insurance (hey, wake up, seriously, this is interesting). No not insurance for your car, or your home or even your favorite body part (no kidding – Julia Roberts insured her smile for $30 million and Bruce Springsteen insured his voice for a measly $6million – now who’s boss!?) No, I’m talking business operations insurance. Oh, sure, you could take out an actual policy for that as well—but recently, a Splunk customer, SMS Masterminds, talked about how it actually insured its business operations using the Splunk Light cloud service.

As background: SMS Masterminds focuses on digital loyalty and text message marketing. Being consumer facing, the company has over five million subscribers and thousands of retailers on its …

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Log-i-ness

Technological democratization (say that 3 times fast – that’s one), the power of technology to allow the budget-constrained rest-of us to do things only well funded professionals could do before, is everywhere. And, if you give me a few minutes of your time, I’ll tell you how it’s even coming to the smallest of IT organizations.

So what got me thinking about technological democratization (that’s two) was that famous opening scene in Saving Private Ryan in which Stephen Spielberg showed an incredibly realistic re-enactment of D-Day and the Allied landing on Omaha Beach. Back in 1998 BD (“before Disney”) that scene cost $12 million to film (or 18% of the cost of the entire movie) and involved over 1,500 extras …

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Webinar Wrap Up – IT Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

It was a crazy idea to begin with, having a webinar for overworked IT professionals and having that webinar in the middle of that busy workday. Well, much to our surprise, a ton of people showed up! But, because of the nature of your jobs, a bunch of you couldn’t. DUH! What were we thinking? But the response was so positive that we wanted to give you other overworked souls a chance to learn how to make your lives a little better (at a price you can afford). So here are the highlights you can read while running from one IT fire to another,or during the only breaks you really get during the day. I think you know what I …

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Webinar: IT Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.31.05 AMYou’ve got a small IT team trying to address many problems across IT ops, web site system administration, and application development. The solution to that is a better way to manage and analyze all of your system logs. The issue is that many of the industry-leading tools are pricey and budgets are tight and only getting tighter. You’re not alone. Spiceworks’ market research in their State of IT Report for 2016 shows this to be the trend.

What if you could centralize all of your logs and then search, analyze, report, monitor and alert on them in real time and do it all for a price starting at $3 a day*? That’s pricing for either an on-prem or cloud solution. Would …

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The Hitchhikers’ Guide to Splunk for less than $3 per day

dont-panicUp until now it has been possible to hitchhike around the universe “for less than 30 Altairian dollars a day” but you could never Splunk for anything close to that (even at today’s rather favorable Altairian dollar/US dollar exchange rate) and that has proved, for many in small IT environments, to be a challenge.

You really want to use Splunk to understand and optimize your IT operations but you work in a small IT environment. What do I mean by small? Well first you have like no money to spend on log management (let’s say less than $100 per month) not to mention you have a small staff (let’s say, uhm, you and, in your wildest dreams, four other …

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Splunk Light as a Cloud Service: Get Splunk for Less Than a Cup of Coffee

LGO-Splunk-Light-CMYK-K I am very excited to announce the availability of the cloud service (SaaS) version of Splunk Light. This new Splunk Light deployment option – previously only available as downloadable software makes it easier, both financially and operationally, for small IT environments to benefit from the power of Splunk. Now you can get a jolt of cloud-based operational intelligence with Splunk for less than you can from your daily coffee.

No really – according to Forbes magazine, the average consumer spends $143 per month for that daily jolt of caffeine, but you can get amped up about gaining incredible Operational Intelligence for just $90 per month. Believe it or not, for $53 LESS per month (on annual plans) you …

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