Splunk and Moviri – driving Italian Operational Intelligence at UniCredit, Yoox/Net-A-Porter & Saipem

SplunkLiveMilanLast week we ran SplunkLive! Italy in Milan and Rome. I was lucky enough to be in Milan and spend some time with the Splunk team but also one of our key partners, Moviri. We’ve been working with Moviri for many years and together we have delivered some outstanding examples of Operational Intelligence using machine data. Moviri is a leader in IT optimization in Italy, focusing on security, analytics, and monitoring operations. The customer speakers in Milan were UniCredit, Yoox/Net-A-Porter and Saipem. UniCredit presented their excellent story on delivering IT Operational Analytics, Yoox presented real-time security intelligence and Saipem presented on how they use the platform for multiple use cases in Oil and Gas. All three customers have gained significant …

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GISEC 2016 in Dubai. Life’s a breach.


GISEC is here again. It doesn’t seem long since the last one and the security market seems to have gathered even more pace since this time last year. Splunk is delighted to be at GISEC again this year. It has been an exciting twelve months for Splunk in the security space, including being voted “Best SIEM Solution” at the 2016 SC Magazine Awards. Splunk Enterprise has also been named the Best Fraud Prevention Solution. Splunk is positioned as a leader in the Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant (a complimentary copy of the report can be found here). The Splunk Middle East team will be at the event to talk about how other leading organisations in the region are using …

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Operational Intelligence a ‘shoe-in’ at Kurt Geiger

KG_Shoe2Firstly, let’s get the apologies for the pun in the title out of the way. It was a choice of ‘shoe-in’, ‘perfect fit’ or ‘Kurt Geiger puts best foot forward with Operational Intelligence’. In EMEA, we’ve got a lot of online retailers (John Lewis, Tesco, Otto Group, IKEA to name a few) turning their machine data into Operational Intelligence. I’m delighted to announce that we can now add Kurt Geiger to the list of leading e-commerce companies benefitting from real-time answers to critical business questions around sales performance.

If you don’t know Kurt Geiger, they have been a global luxury footwear and fashion retailer for over 50 years. They have multiple stores and presence in many …

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What is Operational Intelligence? Real-World Examples

Having run through the four levels of Operational Intelligence (level 1, level 2level 3level 4) I thought it made sense to end this blog series with some customer examples. I’ve tried to pick an example from each industry and try to cover IT Operations, Security and Customer Experience. I’ve also included a link to a case study or press release where possible.


Financial Services

UniCredit uses Splunk Enterprise for real-time insights into multiple terabytes of operational data and to monitor key business metrics. Proactive incident management has resulted in about 40% of incidents managed before becoming evident to end users, while problem solving and troubleshooting time has been reduced by 70%. UniCredit has improved …

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What is Operational Intelligence? Level 4

We’re at level 4 of Operational Intelligence adoption (feel free to catch up level 1, level 2 or level 3) where data gives an organisation real-time insight in order to make key business and IT decisions.
OI Levels

At level 4, Operational Intelligence will be delivering value to many parts of a company and giving real-time analytics to support business decisions and planning. The amount of data may well be “big data” from potentially hundreds of different sources used for multiple use cases (IT operations, security and customer experience). The machine data generated by an organisation will be augmented with other data – relational sources, mobile devices and social network information. Operational Intelligence level 4 enables a data driven approach to transforming a business. 

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What is Operational Intelligence? Level 3

In part one of this blog series we spoke about Operational Intelligence adoption level 1 which is focused on searching and investigating your data. In part two we described Operational Intelligence adoption level 2 that enables organisations to become more proactive and be alerted to patterns in data in real-time.

OI Levels
Operational Intelligence adoption level 3 is where real-time analytics starts to play an important part in visualising your IT, security or customer focused operations. The amount and types of data that organisations analyse is typically larger and the intelligence will be accessed by a wider range of people. Let’s get into more detail on adoption level 3:


gears IT Ops

You’re likely to have delivered some form of real-time reporting and analytics from …

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What is Operational Intelligence? Level 2

In part one of this blog series we went through Operational Intelligence level 1 from the perspective of IT Operations, Security and Customer Experience.

OI Levels

As organisations discover the benefits of searching and investigating their data, they start to see how they can become more proactive and start to see issues before they arise. This typically means seeing a pattern of data that indicates something outside a “normal” baseline and setup notifications and alerts when unusual collections of events start to happen. This is Operational Intelligence adoption level 2:

gears IT Ops

You’ve moved beyond collecting data and reacting to issues by searching for the cause. You’re likely to be monitoring most, if not all of your IT and application estate, in …

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What is Operational Intelligence? Level 1

It is probably a bit late to say “Happy New Year” so maybe “Happy New Blogging Year” might be more appropriate. As part of last year’s research with analyst company Quocirca, we looked into the fastest growing concerns for European business and the role Operational Intelligence plays in addressing them. The three main concerns from the research were security threats, data chaos from IT systems and poor customer experience. The idea of this blog series was to explain the four levels of Operational Intelligence and how they map to each of the three main concerns. To give you an introduction to the four adoption levels of OI, it looks a little something like this:

OI Levels

Let’s get started with OI level …

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The twelve days of (Splunk) Christmas


‘Tis the season to be blogging. We’ve had “The twelve days of (IT) Christmas” and to end the year I thought it was time for “The twelve days of (Splunk) Christmas”. It has been a big year with the launch of IT Service Intelligence, User Behaviour Analytics and new versions of Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, Hunk, Enterprise Security and Splunk Light. I thought I’d try and incorporate something from each in a festive Operational Intelligence ditty. Enjoy!


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Glass tables for all of IT


On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Two breach attacks
and glass …

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Star Wars: The Data Awakens


The new Star Wars film is finally here. Last year I wrote about Splunking Star Wars Data with my 8 year old son (he’s pretty excited about the new Star Wars film but maybe not quite as much as me!). We used Splunk to investigate planets, lightsabers, Luke Skywalker etc.

To celebrate the new Star Wars film, I’ve been investigating what Star Wars would have been like if a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, they’d had Splunk and data analytics. The results are quite interesting and would have made a very different set of stories (I’m only talking about the original trilogy – let’s forget that the prequels were ever made).


R2D2 clearly was running Splunk software

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