Announcing Splunk Add-On for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) at GCPNEXT16!

This week Splunk is thrilled to be speaking and exhibiting at GCPNEXT16 to announce the availability of a Splunk Add-On for Google Cloud Platform.  This free add-on available on Splunkbase, provides IT Ops Teams with secure access to GCP Pub/Sub events that you can collect, search, analyze and monitor in Splunk to maintain the security and reliability of mission critical services.  This includes any logs from GCP Services such as App Engine, Compute Engine, Container Engine, BigQuery, etc. that have been exported to Pub/Sub through Stackdriver Logging. Splunk’s Add-On also includes secure access to GCP’s Stackdriver Monitoring API which allow you to collect time series performance metrics from App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, etc.  in Splunk.  

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There is a “LOG”! Introducing Splunk Logging Driver in Docker 1.10.0

Splunk is very excited to announce that the latest release of Docker now includes the Splunk logging driver for Docker. The driver lets you easily capture and unify all stdout from Docker containers to further diagnose, monitor and alert when problems are reported (e.g., HTTP 40x/50x errors,  NullPointerException, OOM, etc.).
Built on the HTTP Event Collector (HEC) available in Splunk 6.3,  log events are sent securely and efficiently. Minimal configuration is required…

  1. Enable HEC under  Settings->Data Inputs->HTTP Event Collector->Global Settings
  2. Create a New HEC Token
  3. Configure the Splunk logging driver parameters

RESULT: Logs are collected and can be analyzed real-time in Splunk by your DevOps teams!


Also included in Splunk’s logging driver is support for Docker labels in the …

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