Mission Critical Analytics – Everywhere

You are so incredibly awesome.

That’s what I wanted to call the new release of Splunk Enterprise announced today, but instead we went with Splunk Enterprise 6.1. What this release represents is pretty remarkable. Why? Because it’s defined by what we see you do.

You’ve made machine data a valuable asset in your organization. Whether you’re in IT, on the applications team or on the security team, you’ve helped yield powerful results for the company you work for. So valuable that machine data insights are now more mission critical than ever.

You’re changing how you analyze data—you’re comfortable exploring and analyzing data, knowing that Splunk software will eat just about anything you throw at it and give you answers …

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Announcing Splunk ODBC Driver

Most people using Splunk Enterprise today would probably agree that they’re getting valuable insights from the machine data their applications, technology and devices continuously generate. Splunk helps thousands of organizations use their data to drive higher service uptime, prevent cyber-security attacks and drive completely new and valuable insights for their business.

IT teams know the value of machine data and leverage it every day, but what about the other users in your organization. How do you share that data with them, without always being the go-to guy? What about users in your organization that are already using an analytics tool such as Microsoft Excel or Tableau Desktop? How can they start leveraging the data in Splunk Enterprise, without asking IT …

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Announcing the Release of Splunk Enterprise 6

Earlier today at .conf2013, our 4th worldwide users’ conference, we announced the latest release of our flagship product—Splunk Enterprise 6. This is one of our biggest releases and represents the culmination of groundbreaking performance, usability and manageability features, plus a much richer developer platform.

Splunk Enterprise 6 introduces new analytics features to open up machine data analytics to literally anyone in your organization. The new Pivot interface allows business or non-technical users to easily manipulate, interact and visualize machine data without using the search language, easily allowing anyone to now use Splunk Enterprise as their analytics playground. Joris Vuffray, from Swisslos, called it “game changing”— a testament to the extensive beta program and the value customers are seeing.

The new Home …

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Live from MEC

Today marked the return of the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC). After a 10 year break, Microsoft revived the conference and team Splunk was onsite in Orlando supporting the revival. At Splunk we deliver multiple solutions that support Microsoft Technologies. At MEC we are showing the Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange, which delivers real-time operations data about your messaging infrastructure. Overall the experience on day 1 was amazing. The interest with the Exchange App had attendees lining up for demos as we showcased how we deliver insight about their messaging infrastructure.

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