Calling Mobile App Builders: Bugsense is for you

A few months ago, Splunk acquired a tiny, fast growing company, Bugsense and its talented team including the founders Panos and Jon. Over the last few months, this team has been acclimatizing to the San Francisco weather, our crazy obsession with ponies, ninjas and such..


So What Is Bugsense?

If you don’t know what Bugsense does – here’s a quick primer. You have a mobile app or many mobile apps. You want to know when your users are experiencing crashes. You want to know what’s causing those crashes. You want to know about handled and unhandled exceptions. You want to know this by app version, device version, OS version so you can see if your fixes worked.

Why? Because without …

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Unstoppable AWS and Irresistible Splunk

AWS Re-invent is here!  We, at Splunk, are excited to announce all the new  goodies we have been working on with AWS!

First, a lot of you might have seen the announcement around Amazon CloudTrail(beta). We see this as nothing but game-changing. Customers of every size, with deployments in AWS can achieve new levels of awareness about their security posture and adherence to compliance with the granular visibility provided by this new API. The richness of the API allows for considerable detail and for our customers who hankering for this type of visibility, we are releasing a new version of our Splunk App for AWS. The enhancements include integration with Amazon Cloudtrail to provide cool dashboards that surface up all …

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Server & Desktop Virtualization Admins: Binders Full of Apps!

Server and desktop virtualization professionals now have newly updated fantastic apps at their disposal – made available by our very own Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) –Brandon Shell and Jason Conger. The Splunk App for Server Virtualization (includes technology add-ons for Microsoft Hyper V and Citrix XenServer) is now generally available on Splunkbase. The app offers a common reporting and alerting framework over granular performance and event data collected from both those hypervisors.

The Splunk App for XenApp (formerly Citrix Presentation Server) is also newly updated to version 1.0 on Splunkbase. If you are a Citrix XenApp admin, it pretty much anticipates the views you might want to manage and monitor your XenApp environment, and has them pre-packaged inside the app. …

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Splunk 5: From Product To Platform

Splunk Enterprise 5.0 is possibly the most important Splunk release ever. It represents an important step in the evolution of Splunk into a full –fledged data platform.

Now “platform” is possibly the most overused term in the technology industry, and every vendor wants to be one.  According to the Wikipedia definition, a technology platform is a structural or technological form from which various products can emerge without the expense of a new process/technology introduction.

Shipping with Splunk Enterprise 5.0, is a fully versioned REST API with 170 endpoints, so you can integrate Splunk with your custom application and have the assurance of particular endpoint behavior. The REST API and the integrated JavaScript SDK contain the seeds of a broad …

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Why You Should Splunk Cisco UCS

About 350 people attended a webinar we did for the CiscoLive audience yesterday and it was a fantastic experience. Now, UCS is revolutionary hardware from Cisco that is taking datacenters by storm – about half a roomful of people at our users conf were in the process of purchasing a Cisco UCS or already had it deployed in their datacenter. However, managing a UCS presents interesting challenges with the limited tooling available.

We love that Cisco wrapped hardware around an API with the UCS, because we can Splunk the API. Hal Rottenberg, Solutions Architect @splunk, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, PowerShell MVP, VMware vExpert, (@halr9000), wrote this awesome app for UCS that grabs UCS faults, events, performance statistics like temperature, power and …

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How Was Your #Data Journey?

Splunk customers rocked the Cosmopolitan at .conf2012 and in great style!

Any journey is fun if you have the right companions and our partners this year were some really cool companies that used Splunk to solve some pretty interesting problems.

I will start with one of the most common requests from Splunk customers – an app for capturing and harnessing Weblogic data inside Splunk! Function 1 announced the beta of a Weblogic App for Splunk that solves some of the most difficult problems with managing large scale weblogic environments.  Function1 are experts in the Oracle middleware world and they utilized some of their key industry insights to provide central views of application status across all your Weblogic Server Domains as …

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Virtualization Intelligence Is A Big Data Problem

VMworld wrapped up last week and while it was a pleasure to showcase the upcoming version of the VMware app, it was perhaps even more gratifying to hear the acknowledgement across the board that virtualization creates a Big Data problem that traditional approaches find hard to solve.

We took the stage with CloudShare, a cloud computing provider, who shared their fantastic story of using Splunk for operational intelligence across the board. As a cloud provider who indexes over 50M events per day from the VMware layer alone in Splunk, they had looked high and low for something that would scale to handle their high churn environment. They evaluated Splunk for a narrow use case, but quickly realized that it …

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Introducing the Splunk App for VMware 1.0

The Splunk App for VMware is now here. To get a sense of all it can do, look no further than our customers, who put the App through its paces during the beta. Check out to read a few of the stories; our case study with CloudShare about end to end monitoring of cloud environments with Splunk & the app for VMware is here. We will also be at VMworld next week, see the details here.

One really interesting story is from one of the earliest evaluators of the Splunk App for VMware. They started with looking at Splunk as a way to understand and harness their ESX/ESXi logs – but when they realized everything that …

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Splunk App for VMware(beta) now supports vSphere 5

If you’re participating in our beta program for the Splunk App for VMware, and are upgrading to vSphere 5 shortly, we have good news for you. We’ve released an updated beta with support for vSphere 5!

You may be wondering—what have we heard from our beta customers so far?

The first thing we hear is, “Wow, this is a lot of data!”—and it is. One of the reasons for this, is that we pull metrics data directly from the ESX hosts and with a much deeper level of granularity than is available with vCenter.

“What’s the use of this deeper level of granularity? ”, you might ask

Well—have you had that experience as a user of VMware virtual machines, where …

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Splunk App for VMware (beta) – Good things come to those who wait..

The Splunk App for VMware is now in beta. It has been one of our most popular requests and a much-searched-for app. Why? Because virtualization, as much as it allows resources to be shared more efficiently, also leads to problems being shared! Splunk customers want to be able to tie user level or application level problems with the underlying server, storage, network or virtualization layers. They want a way to make those connections easily and at scale.
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