Meet the Splunkterns: Nathan Yeh

splunkterns-working-hardWelcome back to our “Meet the Splunktern” series. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the many opportunities for students at Splunk so far. The intern program at Splunk has many perks, including the events that the University Recruiting team organizes to help incorporate us [the Splunkterns] into Splunk, experience the culture and have an incredible summer. But from what I’ve heard, it seems that year after year the most eagerly awaited and favorite events of the Splunkterns is the lunch with our CEO, Godfrey Sullivan.

Earlier this summer, we had our lunch with Godfrey and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. I mean how often is it that as an intern you get to sit in the same …

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Meet the Splunkterns: Ryan Flynn

IMG_0935 Welcome back to our “Meet the Splunkterns” series. This week our featured Splunktern is Ryan Flynn, a Software Engineering Intern working in the Content/Applications (ITSI) Department. Ryan is from Dublin, CA and is majoring in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley.

We got the chance to speak with Ryan and here is what he had to say about his summer in The City as a Splunktern:

How did you find out about Splunk’s internship program?
I briefly spoke to a recruiter at a career fair on campus and dropped off my resume, but I learned more about it when one of my friends from school was given an offer to work for Splunk in Seattle.

What kind of

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Meet the Splunkterns: Anne-Marie Chun

CJlc7DXUYAAKzOIWelcome back to our Meet the Splunkterns series! To recap some of the fun we have been having, last Friday the Splunkterns got to spend a little more time getting to know one another during our day of community service. We started the day learning more about Splunk4Good and and the organization Meals on Wheels, which we had the opportunity to partner with for the day. After we had our orientation and signed away our lives (just kidding!) we headed out to 6th and Mission. We spent half of the day handing out around 200 Emergency Food Kits to home-bound seniors and talking to them about emergency preparedness. I thought it was awesome spending time helping some of the residents …

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Meet the Splunkterns: Aamir Goriawala

IMG_0463Thanks for joining us for the latest in our Splunktern highlight series! Before we get to the good stuff, here’s a little update on what’s happening in the Splunktern world. All of the Splunkterns have finally started (WOOHOO!), so Splunk’s summer intern program is officially in full swing meaning lots of fun and exciting stuff is in store for us. To celebrate everyone finally starting, we recently had an intern welcome lunch in SF HQ. We got a chance to mingle and meet our fellow Splunkterns from different departments and even a few from different offices.

Even more exciting was the kick off of the Splunk4Good Splunktern App contest. All the Splunkterns were invited to participate in the summer long …

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Meet the Splunkterns: Dillon Lew

DillonWelcome back to our Splunktern series! Maybe it’s just me but I feel like everyone always forgets about all the non-technical people at tech companies. Of course we have a large number of technical Splunkterns but we also have interns filling those vital but non-technical roles. With that in mind, I wanted to introduce you to Dillon Lew, a legal intern working out of our San Francisco HQ. Originally from Piedmont, CA, Dillon is an Economics major at Yale University. We asked Dillon a few questions and here is what he had to say:

What kind of experience do you hope to gain from your internship?
I’m interested in going to law school following the completion of my undergraduate …

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Meet the Splunkterns

IHSphoto5School is officially out, (unfortunately though UC students still have a few more days before they’re set free) and summer is in the air. Intern season is back. However, for most college students the arduous process of looking for a summer internship began last fall, almost a year ahead of any potential internship.

My name is Katrina Swarthout and I am a Splunktern. Now you may be wondering, what is a Splunktern? Well, it’s pretty simple: Splunk + Intern = Splunktern. I count myself extremely lucky to be a Splunktern working in the marketing department based here in SF HQ this summer.

When it comes to a great place to intern, I may be a little biased. However, we’ve been …

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