Head in the Cloud? Maximize your Operational Intelligence with Even Deeper Integration Between Splunk and AWS

Even more exciting news from re:invent!

In case you weren’t watching the live-stream of the event, you may have missed the keynote announcement this morning about the new service called AWS Personal Health.

Splunk’s integration with AWS Personal Health allows AWS customers to proactively monitor over 70 services and quickly act on personal service interruptions informing their users of things like reserved instance retirement, network issues, even instance failures. Before, if there was a network issue, your only way of knowing was based on regional or availability zone messaging. This integration brings an even more personalized experience to using Splunk for monitoring and managing your mission critical workloads in AWS.

The AWS Health API delivers critical data on AWS service quality and …

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#splunkconf16 preview: IT Operations Track – Choose your own adventure!

Does anyone else remember the ‘choose your own adventure books’ from the 90s? I do, and this year’s #splunkconf16 has me almost as excited as getting a brand spankin’ new pile of books. Just kidding, 2016 user conference is going to be much, much better!



(No, this is not an ITSI Glass Table)


Splunk .conf2016 is coming up fast, and everyone on the Splunk team is excited to head down to the happiest place on earth for this year’s user conference. Check out some key details below about the great sessions that will be featured in the Splunk IT Operations track this year at .conf 2016. This year, we’ve made it easy for you by parsing the sessions into …

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Downtime Got You Down? Webinar: Getting Started With Splunk for Application Management

Your applications are often the most important part of your business, and poor performing apps can be extremely detrimental to your bottom line as well as your company reputation. At Splunk, we help you provide the best end user experience to your customers. Whether it’s ensuring the availability of critical services, improving response time, or reducing MTTR, Splunk can help you monitor and measure the key inputs that affect customer experience (C/X).

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.57.48 AM

For instance, think about response time. At 1/10th of a second response time in application performance is nearly seamless to the end user. As response time creeps up to 1 second, or longer, that’s enough of a mental break for an end user to realize the lag …

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