Splunk and AWS: Monitoring & Metrics in a Serverless World

Bill Bartlett (fellow Splunker) and I have recently had the distinct pleasure of moving some workloads from AWS EC2 over to a combo of AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. Between the dramatic cost savings, and wonderful experience of not managing a server, making this move was a no brainer (facilitated as well by great frameworks like Zappa). Both services are pretty robust, and while perhaps not perfect, to us they are a beautiful thing.

While we were using Splunk to monitor several EC2 servers with various bits of custom code via the Splunk App and Add-On for AWS, we realized (ex post facto) that while Lambda was supported out of the box by the Add-On, API Gateway was …

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Splunking Sensor Data with Arduino and HTTP Event Collector

It’s been (relatively) chilly in the SF office the last few weeks, but given “how I feel” is rather subjective I figured it would be an excellent chance to both gather some empirical evidence, and try out the new Splunk HTTP event collector! In this post I will walk you through setting up an Arduino with an ethernet shield and temperature sensor to log data directly to Splunk.




Arduino Duemilanove


Ethernet Shield (the older model but new should work too)


Arduino Sketch (code)


Splunk 6.3 (even the free one!)


Wiring It Up (Fritzing Diagram)


Setting Up Splunk HTTP Event Collector

First things first, lets set up the HTTP Event Collector to be able …

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