Another Successful Year at EDUCAUSE

Last week, Splunk was at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Anaheim, California. The Splunk higher education team met with thousands of attendees and nearly 300 other exhibitors over the course of the week.

Educause_boothThe Splunk booth was packed at all times with people interested in learning more about Splunk solutions and how higher education institutions can use Splunk to ensure a safe, connected campus and a high-quality student experience.

Chris Kurtz from Arizona State University (ASU), who was selected as one of the …

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Splunk at EDUCAUSE 2016

EDUCAUSE-2016Last month, Splunk reaffirmed its commitment to higher education by announcing the global expansion of its Splunk Academic Program and introducing Splunk Pledge, a new initiative that will commit $100 million to invest in training, education and support to empower the future workforce. These initiatives will enable hundreds of universities and millions of students around the world to take free tutorials and hands-on exercises, learning skills that will make them highly attractive candidates for employers across industries that need expertise in analytics and operational intelligence. In fact, Splunk certifications have been shown to align with six-figure salaries and improve earnings potential in the workforce by as much as 14 percent. As you can tell, this is a very exciting …

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Using Splunk Solutions on Campus: EDUCAUSE 2015

educause2015In August, Splunk announced that more than 100 universities around the world are using Splunk software in their classrooms. Distinguished academic institutions including Georgetown University, Northwestern University, University of Colorado (UC) at Boulder and San Jose State University are teaching or researching with Splunk solutions to help build a foundation for the future of data analytics. Using big data analytics and cybersecurity tools enables faculty to better prepare undergraduate and graduate-level students with the crucial skills needed across private industry and public sector.

However, higher education institutions are not only teaching students with Splunk technologies, they are using Splunk solutions to support and strengthen their own networks too. Splunk’s data-driven analytics helps schools index, search and analyze machine data to …

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Getting Smarter with Splunk; Lessons Learned in Higher Education

university-of-adelaide-logoSplunk has a lot of smart people working to bring you the best product experience and return on investment that we can. I am always humbled, however, when customers come back to Splunk with ideas that are brilliant, creative, and valuable… and something that we as a company would probably have never thought of ourselves. Splunk a train? We got that. Splunk a plane? We got that. Splunk an automobile? We got that too.

Which is why the potential of working with the best universities on the planet is so exciting – once these folks understand and explore the power of Splunk, the ongoing transformation of the research and teaching institutions will accelerate in ways we can …

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