Their ain’t no such thing as a Free lunch

Free users, were the tips driving you crazy? Yeah, they were a little content lite. We know, and we’re sorry. Not My Friend It’s no secret that we’re trying to grow the Splunk community. To do that, we’re experimenting with new ways to reach out to our customers, give them new information, make them better and more productive Splunkers. One way we thought of to do that was to provide helpful tips. The Free product seemed like a good place to try that out. But it turns out writing good tips is hard. I got jibed that they were too much like our website, and not enough nuts and bolts. Not everyone was happy; many of you turned them off.
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SSO : Splunk without the mess

... all that end user attention has been exciting and all, it has only inflamed our conflict with the ancient enemy of user productivity: The Login Screen.
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Having trouble finding Splunk for Free?

Although Splunk Free shipped with 4.0.5, we’re getting a bunch of questions to support asking “where’s the Free?” Turns out actually turning Splunk Trial into Free-as-in-Beer Splunk may not be as obvious as we hoped.

When the trial expires, Splunk will automatically prompt you to get a trial extension, or convert to Free. However, if you’re ready to go to Splunk Free right away:

Go to Manager (from any app) -License

Down in the text area of the license page, you’ll see text for “switch to a Free Splunk at any time” When you click that, you’ll go to the license switcher that will turn your Splunk into a Free Splunk.

click here for the free license

Note however, …

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Euro Splunkers awesome (as usual)

Getting out the office to see successful Splunk customers is always a pleasure, and the presentations and conversations at SplunkLive in London were especially a treat. One of the most striking things about all three customers (Vodafone, Telenor and Accenture) is how Splunk has transitioned from a tool used by a couple of working teams into a cross-organization IT utility. Despite being from two different industry verticals, they also all approached the problem in a similar way, and that way suggests the new dynamic lookup feature is going to be very popular.

If you’re an existing Splunk user, you might be familiar with our transaction search-time command. It’s used to identify patterns that indicate a single, unified intention – such …

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Getting started with Splunk on Windows, a short subject documentary

Here in the Ivory Tower of Splunk, it’s easy to forget sometimes that people in the rest of the world are busy too. Despite our undying love for search software, there are plenty of people out there who are just doing a drive-by of our software. We should make it super – dead – simple to use.

That’s a neverending story, however. But today’s installment is a video on getting started with Splunk on Windows. If you’re confused or having trouble getting going, it’s our fault. But maybe this will help:

Enjoy, and merry Splunking.

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Splunking for a rogue exchange admin

Recently I was speaking with a customer who was concerned that one of the Windows admins was reading the email of regular users. Thought I’d share this tidbit as a simple example of the power of search. In this case, we didn’t even have to go to other data sources other than the relevant event log, though later analysis of netflow logs triangulated from where the admin was connecting to the Exchange server from.

Problem: Senior admin has reason to think another admin is abusing privileges and reading other people’s mail on Exchange.
Use Case: Splunk the Exchange event logs to check for insider threat.
Search 1: bad_admin_username “EventCode=1016”

Finds: User who has opened up a

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Boss! Boss! De-Boost! De-Boost!

Ever had a girlfriend that just wouldn’t … leave?

(or, for those that prefer boys, if you’ve known a Mission emo brat, you too know what I mean)

Maybe it was a hookup. Maybe a friend of a friend. But you were always just sorta biding time. Hanging out till something better comes along. Eventually, that better thing turned out to be, well, anything else. Like watching dust collect on the shriveled remains of your caring.

Remember the relief when one day, after months of items too conveniently “forgotten” at your house, ignored phone calls and awkward social gatherings when you suddenly realized…

They were gone?

Now crystallize and concatenate that relief you felt with the very real, inescapable fact …

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Time goes by. More slowly.

Did you know the earth, in addition to warming, is slowing? We, the early Global Slowing movement, are raising awareness of this issue here at Splunk.

So dire is the threat that time itself is being distorted by this world-wide phenomenon. To compensate, authorities have declared a Leap Second to protect us from slowing rotational patterns.

Therefore, the Global Slowing movement beseeches you to use this extra second wisely. Join us as we protest this travesty with a shot at exactly midnight GMT (16:00 PST) on the south side.

Remember, it’s like it never was. What happens on the leap second, stays on the leap second.

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Eat your fruit

What is this? Do you know how hard we in the morale department work to keep you happy? Our fingers bleed; have you seen a callous this big before? Only on that black pit you call a soul.

We paid good money for that tasty goodness rotting away in the kitchen. Don’t pretend like you didn’t seem them there. Lots of fresh, organic, artisanal local fruit. Grown by professionals. Armies mobilized from Central America to come a pick them, risking life and limb. Delivered to mere feet from your lazy desk by hipsters on the backs of biofueled, trendy little scooters.

And for what? So you can watch them attract flies. A vile waste that will not be tolerated!


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You can’t keep a good drink down

Sometimes you must be reminded by loss to appreciate what you have. Consider, for example, the tragic loss of liquor that afflicted us for 13 years. Makes the truancy of your Splunk bar staff seem like a mere bathroom break.

But all bad things come to an end.

Seventy five years ago the US repealed Prohibition, and tonight the South Side repeals ours. And rest assured, we’re doing it in style – Manhattan style. Ever wondered how to make the drink that self-describes as “perfect?” I’ll give you a hint: it gets more perfect the more you have.

South Side at 5. A toast to the 21st.

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