SplunkIt v2.0.2 Results & EC2 Storage Comparisons

With a new version of SplunkIt out the door, it was time to get new benchmark numbers, both for EC2 and the commodity hardware we tested in previous posts.  Now that SplunkIt is compatible with Windows and Splunk 5, we can get a good picture of how Splunk will perform across different operating systems and major Splunk versions.  Grab the new kit here.

All tests used a search user (splunkit-user) on a VMware ESX 4.1 instance with 1 Xeon 2.67GHz core, 2GB RAM, Linux 64bit, and Firefox 9.  All posted bonnie++ IOPS numbers were gathered by invoking bonnie++ in the following fashion, for those who are interested:

bonnie++ -d <PATH> -s <RAM*10> -qf -u root -n 50

In these …

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SplunkIt 2.0 Released

In August 2011, we created the SplunkIt performance test kit to evaluate Splunk’s index and search performance in a variety of environments.  We’ve since revisited the kit and made substantial improvements across the board to make it more flexible and easier to use.  You can find the new version of the kit – version 2.0 – on Splunkbase now.

Here’s a snapshot of the big changes:

Splunk 5, Windows & Firefox Compatibility

The new version of SplunkIt is now compatible with the following:

  • Splunk 5. Take advantage of the search & index performance improvements introduced in the latest version of Splunk.
  • Windows.  You can now run the server and user roles on any combination of Windows, Linux, or
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