Splunk for Agile BI

I was at the TDWI Agile BI summit in August, ’11 and heard a nice quote in a presentation that summarizes the message – “In Agile environments working software is the primary measure of progress.” Having worked with enterprise BI/DW software for over a decade I have seen organizations struggle with their BI deployments for years before reaching a steady state ROI. For those that do have it up and running, statistics show that analytics is based on about 1% of the organization’s data. Five months ago, when I first heard about Splunk, I was amazed at how easy it was to download, install, consume any kind of data, historical or real-time, and produce reports within minutes. Almost immediately I decided to drop my career at a big BI vendor and go work for Splunk. At the Agile BI summit industry experts and customers were echoing my frustrations with traditional BI tools, hence this blog post.

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