Splunk 2012 Revolution Awards—Winners!

When I was in Las Vegas last month for our Users’ Conference, I randomly threw twenty dollars into a pirate-themed penny slot machine. It was late at night, I might have had an adult beverage or two, and I was feeling lucky. Actually, I was resigned to losing my $20 and going to bed. To my surprise, after just a few minutes of randomly hitting buttons and playing all 30 lines like a Vegas VIP, I hit some kind of jackpot and walked away with $40. Vegas, I own you!

No doubt about it—everyone loves to feel like a winner! So, on Tuesday night during the Search Party, we distinguished the winners of this year’s Splunk Revolution Awards. The …

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Lights, Camera, Splunk!

To survive living in Los Angeles, I think you eventually have to develop an immunity to the weird glitziness of its everyday life—the movie premieres and the red carpets and the fact that the guy standing in line at Whole Foods who looks like Russell Brand probably is Russell Brand. When I still lived there, occasionally I’d still experience that initial thrill of recognition, that “OMG, isn’t that —…???” “aha!” moment. But, for the most part, I’m pretty much blasé about celebrity sightings.

So when I arrived at the Intercontinental in Century City the night before our recent SplunkLive! LA event on June 28, I wasn’t terribly shocked to see a flock of paparazzi and floodlights everywhere. Splunk is kind …

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