Data-driven insights into performance, availability and compliance of an FX service with ITSI

Running a Service in financial services is tough.  Not only is there the burden of ensuring your service is 100% available to avoid a financial meltdown but you also need to find ways of optimizing every available CPU clock or KB of memory to stay competitive (check out long-time Splunker Finnbar Cunningham’s Credit Suisse .conf Presentation). All whilst having regulators breathing down your neck ready to slap a multi-million (or billion) dollar fine on you.

Maybe you do deserve those bonuses.

What do I mean by a Service? A system or application that allows a business to operate or trade.  This could be an online retail site, an ERP platform and so on.  For financial services, and capital markets in …

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How caring about all IT errors, however small, can transform your revenue online

A couple of days ago I decided to do my grocery shopping online for the first time (living in central Paris next to plenty of markets and shops, I never previously felt the need). I selected the same quality brand where I do my regular shopping. They have great stores, clean, spacious. In some cases, palatial. So I was expecting a great online experience.

Everything went well initially until suddenly I noticed a rendering problem that didn’t allow me to select a few products that were essential to the order.

Do the people at this site know about this problem? (I know they don’t have Splunk). Do they care even? A few hours later, still the same problem. Huh. Maybe it’s just …

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