SF Muni Hacked. Learn How to Detect Ransomware in Your Environment

Join security expert James Brodsky for our How-to Webinar: Detection of Ransomware and Prevention Strategies on December 13.

SF Muni was hit with a Ransomware attack last week, just as the prime holiday shopping season was kicking off. For many, the free fares for the weekend while Muni assessed the damage probably seemed like a holiday gift or customer service bonus.

But the lost revenues and potential $73K ransom they were asked to pay was no bonus for the IT and security teams.

News of Ransomware attacks are becoming much more common these days, with a reported $209M paid to ransomware criminals in Q1 2016 and the FBI anticipating ransomware to be a $1B source of income for cybercriminals this year.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Ransomware attacks

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Introducing the Security Investigation Guided Online Experience

Are you looking to get started with Splunk for security? Or perhaps looking for how-to guides to help your Tier 1 analysts investigate security alerts?

Lots of our customers are, so we’re here to help.

Introducing the first in a series of guided online experiences that allow you to detect, validate and scope potential threats using Splunk.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 11.50.43 AM

Step-by-step guide accompanying the Security Investigation online experience.

Each experience in this series will include a video walk through, a step-by-step guide and an online Splunk instance, pre-loaded with data so you can jump right in and learn how to address security issues with Splunk. No download required. No login required. No need to add data. Just get in there and …

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SplunkLive! DC: Helping Government Make Sense of Machine Data

There are a select number of U.S. cities dominated by certain industries that ultimately help to define those cities. Detroit for cars, Nashville for country music, Pittsburgh for the Steelers and Primanti Brothers – and Washington, DC for government.

Considering there isn’t a single organization or entity in the world with more data than the U.S. government, Washington, DC has been home to annual SplunkLive! events for the past five years. Yesterday, we hosted our largest yet with nearly 750 attendees.

Our Chairman and CEO Godfrey Sullivan kicked off the event with an overview of Splunk’s capabilities in private and public sectors, touching on key points like the importance of machine data for verifying accuracy and how continuous monitoring is imperative …

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Getting Down to the Wire: How’s Your Karma Score Trending?

http://www.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAAG3BA few weeks ago we announced the: “Where Will Your Karma Take You Awards Contest.” The contest is your chance to ratchet up your participation in Splunk’s online community so you can earn a free pass to Splunk’s ultimate community and educational event: .conf2012.

Current standings for each of the categories:

Most up voted question:

  1. MahieuFinding events that have never happened before
  2. clyde772Slow search when evaluating a numeric value.
  3. aniketbupdating a lookup table by external means
  4. andrew_garvinSetup screen with credentials and multiple endpoints

Most points accumulated from answering questions (Whew! It’s close at the top!):

  1. dwaddle (640)
  2. ayn (630)
  3. sideview (450)–Don’t miss his session: Easier View Deployment with Sideview Utils
  4. mhibbin
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Will Your Karma Score Take You to .conf2012: Leader board report

http://www.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAAG3BA few weeks ago we announced the: “Where Will Your Karma Take You Awards Contest.” The contest is your chance to ratchet up your participation in Splunk’s online community so you can participate in Splunk’s ultimate community and educational event: .conf2012.

Current standings for each of the categories:

Most up voted question:

  1. clyde772Slow search when evaluating a numeric value.
  2. MahieuFinding events that have never happened before
  3. aniketbupdating a lookup table by external means

Most points accumulated from answering questions:

  1. dwaddle (380)
  2. ayn (250)
  3. sideview (220)
  4. mhibbin (90)
  5. lowell (40)

Most downloaded app from Splunkbase Apps:

  1. sideviewSideview Utils (822)
  2. josh 1Splunk License Usage (119)
  3. southeringtonpSplunk for OSSEC
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Where Will Your Karma Take You? (Maybe to .conf2012!)

http://www.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAAG3BContributors to Splunkbase Apps and Answers (and of course our IRC gurus) are invaluable to the Splunk community. We think it’s worth tossing a little recognition towards the ones who go above and beyond to keep content fresh and share the ways they’ve solved problems within their organizations. We recognized a few folks at .conf2011,and this year, we thought we’d expand the awards to recognize more folks. My friends, I give you: “Where Will Your Karma Take You Awards.”

Starting Tuesday, July 24 at 12:00:00 am PST, we’ll track karma points and award 1 free .conf2012 pass to folks earning the most points in each of the following categories:

  • Most up voted question
  • Most points accumulated from
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Can You Predict Which Blogs Someone Will Like?

Aside from Big data being the new big buzzword, we’re also seeing an uptick in mentions of Data Science and Data Scientist. As a recent Fortune article: The hot tech gig of 2022: Data scientist indicated, by the end of the decade 50 billion devices will be emitting information nonstop, and data scientists will help to manage–and make sense of–all that data.

As such we at Splunk are hoping to address at least part of the problem data scientists face–collecting, correlating and searching the data. Splunk can help data scientists spend less time on the up front data parsing, then they can get to the fun (and valuable part)–searching, asking questions of, modeling and trending their data.

Margit Zwemer (…

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APIs, 3D maps, your data up in lights…Where will your data take you?

Have you noticed all the blogs lately tagged with #datajourney or “Where will your data take you?” Since we last spoke, our partners and customers are finding all sorts of new ways to get greater business and operational value using Splunk to visualize and make more sense of their data. (And we’ve been inspired to turn these experiences into “How-to” sessions at the upcoming Splunk Users’ Conference, .conf2012–register by Friday to save $200 or buy 3 passes and get 1 free.)

Jens Ihnow in Hamburg Germany is monitoring the heating system in his house with Splunk. He also works at Otto, the world’s largest mail order company, where they use Splunk to ensure customer orders are processed and delivered in …

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Big Data, Big Fun: Splunk Sponsors the Data Science Hackathon this Weekend!

There’s still time to celebrate Big Data Week by participating in the Data Science Hackathon–and you can do so in style at Splunk’s HQ office at 250 Brannan St, in the SOMA district of San Francisco or at The Butter Factory in Melbourne, Australia. Other venues include: BerlinCanberraFinlandLondon and New York City.

The aim of the hackathon is to show the world what is possible through Data Science-a mission near and dear to our heart. In addition, the event’s aim is also to promote the sense of community, team work, and free spirit competition for the sake of Data Science.

Snarky Splunk shirts, Splunk Search Reference Guides and gallons of  energy …

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Get to Know Splunk: Coming Live to a City Near You

All the buzz these days is about managing big data. Splunk has been helping organizations around the globe manage massive streams of machine data for years now. And it’s not just the size of the data, but the variety and velocity. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Join us for an upcoming SplunkLive event to learn from our customers why they’ve selected Splunk to manage massive streams of machine data, improve service levels, reduce IT operations costs, mitigate security risks, and drive new levels of operational intelligence across IT and the business.

April 24: SplunkLive Singapore: Featuring Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Nanyang Polytechnic, and Mobile Operating Systems

April 27: SplunkLive Hong Kong: Featuring Hutchison Global Communications, The …

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